Final Fantasy XV Ending Explained
Final Fantasy XV

After waiting a decade to play Final Fantasy XV, a lot of gamers have been pouring hours into the title. The highly anticipated JRPG is rich with story and complex character motivations, and some gamers curious about what all of it means and how it ties into the ending, well this article will help lay out the basics.

Final Fantasy XV starts before the tragic events that take place in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. Just before the signing of the peace treaty between King Regis and Niflheim’s Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt, Regis sends his son Noctis off to marry Lady Lunafreya.

The marriage has been planned years in advance and Noctis and Luna have known each other since childhood. Noctis is joined by his friend Prompto, his guardian Gladiolus and his mentor Ignis. The four make the journey to Altissia for the marriage but are stopped when when they receive news along the way that their capital city Insomnia was attacked by Niflheim forces and that King Regis was killed during the attack.

Kingsglaive (1)

The Niflheim forces used the peace treaty as a ruse in order to invade the Insomnia capital and steal the crystal that powered and protected the kingdom of Lucis.

One of the Kingsglaive elite guards named Nyx was able to ward off the attack on Insomnia after the Empire stole the crystal that protected the city from daemons. However, Nyx and three of the six magical guardians die in the process of bringing down an arch daemon that was wrecking havoc on Insomnia. Nyx also manages to take down the leader of the Kingsglaive, Titus Drautos, who betrayed King Regis.

Noctis meets up with another member of the Kingsglaive, Marshal Cor. He’s instructed by the Marshal to retrieve power from ancient tombs of Lucis in order to get strong enough to bring down the Empire and rid the land of daemons. Along the way they meet the mysterious Chancellor of the Empire named Ardyn, who helps them on multiple occasions.

Final Fantasy XV – Nilfheim

The Empire seeks to capture Noctis and his friends, forcing them to stay on the run whenever they encounter too many Imperial forces. Nevertheless, the boy band still attack their bases and wipe out small numbers of the Imperial troops whenever possible.

While continuing the mission to get stronger and reclaim his throne from the Empire, Noctis learns that he not only has to retrieve the power from the tombs of Lucis’ past kings, but he must also prove himself worthy of the power of the ancient beasts, which sees him having to “tame” a Titan, a Leviathan, the goddess Shiva and Ramuh. Noctis manages to complete the tests for Ramuh and the Titan, but upon venturing to Altissia to deal with the Leviathan, things go sour.

Noctis and Luna work together to tame Leviathan, but in doing so Noctis is knocked unconscious and and Ardyn flies his ship down and proceeds to stab Luna in the stomach.

Final Fantasy XV - Leviathan

Luna ends up dying but she gives Noctis the ring of power before doing so. The ring originally belonged to King Regis, but it was cut from his finger during the fight that broke out in the citadel at the capital during the Niflheim invasion. Previously, Luna’s brother Ravus attempted to take the ring during the attack against King Regis but the spirit guardians rejected Ravus’ request for power and took his arm instead. Before dying, Regis retrieved the ring from Ravus and gave it to Luna for safekeeping so that she could return to it Noct.

Final Fantasy XV - CG

After Luna dies, Noct and the others continue their journey to retrieve the rest of the power from the tombs. But more tragedy strikes as Ignis reveals that he’s completely lost his eyesight after the battle with the Leviathan. As the four boys reconcile their mission the Imperial forces attack the train they’re riding on and Ardyn uses the opportunity to trick Noct with a spell to get him to attack Prompto during the fight with the Empire, causing Prompto to fall off the train.

Ardyn captures Prompto while Noctis, a blind Ignis and Gladiolus reach Shiva and Noctis is given her blessings. However, Ardyn ends up taking away Noctis’ powers, forcing them to travel to Gralea, the capital of the Empire.

Final Fantasy XV - Shiva

Without any weapons, Noctis is forced to wear the ring given to him by Luna to destroy small nearby daemons. He eventually happens upon the body of Ravus, who had taken King Regis’ sword during the attack on Insomnia. Ravus, however, is killed by Ardyn and has his robotic arm severed. Noct recovers Regis’ sword from nearby Ravus’ body and proceeds to rescue Prompto and recover the crystal.

Things don’t go as planned, however, and Noctis is sucked inside the crystal where Bahamut explains that his lineage is supposed to protect the world from daemons. It turns out that Ardyn Izunia’s real name is Ardyn Lucis Caelum and thousands of years before he was supposed to be the proper heir to the throne and protect the world from daemons. However, Ardyn was used by the king to heal the people by exorcising the daemons and storing them in his own soul. Ardyn grew extremely powerful but was ostracized by the Lucis king and cast out.

Ardyn – due to the powers gifted to him – became immortal and was denied a right into the afterlife due to the amount of taint on his soul from the daemons he held within – the same daemons he saved the people from.

Unable to rest in peace and unable to die, Ardyn bid his time well, soothe saying the Emperor of Niflheim and becoming the Chancellor for the Empire. He plotted, meanwhile, to overthrow the Lucis King and take back his kingdom.

Final Fantasy XV - Ardyn Lucis Caelum

Ardyn wanted the world to be rid of the crystal and the Lucis lineage, and in order to do so he needed Noct to join and become one with the crystal, hence his plan to help Noctis along the way and to lure him to the crystal and get the ring to Noct (since the only way to absorb the crystal’s power would be through the ring). Only in joining with the crystal and emerging with its true power would Ardyn be able to destroy the champion of Lucis, the crystal’s power, and the ring for good.

Bahamut explains to Noctis, however, that it’s possible to kill Ardyn, but he has so many daemons trapped within that it would take a great deal of power and a great sacrifice to purge Ardyn’s soul from thousands of years of having daemons tainting his being. Thus, only the chosen champion who merges all the crystal’s power into the ring can defeat Ardyn, but must do so at the expense and sacrifice of his own life and with the help of the six guardians in the realm beyond.

King Regis knew that Noctis would have to give up his life to save the land, and Luna also knew since she was an oracle, and her job was actually to help aid the chosen one in securing enough power in order to complete the task of ridding the world of daemons. Both Regis and Luna never told Noctis about his true fate, leading him to believe that he was actually being groomed to be king over Lucis and that he was supposed to marry Luna and rule honorably. In reality, he was being groomed to die.

The process of Noctis combining with the crystal takes place over the course of a decade, and Noctis ends up on Angelgard. He manages to return to Galdin Quay and meets up with the rest of the boy band who are now ten years removed from their youth.

Final Fantasy XV - Ending

A decade on and Ardyn’s spread of darkness has taken over Lucis, with eternal night basking the land in a scourge of daemons. Noctis manages to reunite with the boy band and they make one final assault on the capital of Insomnia, where Ardyn has usurped the throne.

Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis presumably die while fending off the throne room from a horde of demons. In a one-on-one fight Noctis manages to defeat Ardyn with his newfound power from the crystal, but the only way to fully upend the daemon infestation is to purge the soul of Ardyn in the afterlife. Thus Noctis gives up his own life in order to use the power of the Lucean lineage from the realm beyond, and he’s aided by deceased loved ones such as Luna, Regis, Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis, so that he can purge Ardyn’s soul of daemons and cleanse Lucis of the forever night with which the land was cursed.

After cleansing Ardyn’s soul the credits roll.

A mid-credit scene reveals that Noctis had difficulty expressing his feelings to the rest of the boy band during their final night before attacking the capital of Insomnia. The four of them reconciled that it would be their final night together before they would have to give up their lives for the world.

Final Fantasy XV - Final Fantasy

A post-credit scene shows that in a dream-like sequence (possibly indicating a moment in the afterlife during the ascension) Luna and Noctis are happily married. The two lovingly rule over the land of Lucis. As the game finally ends, this post-credit scene shared between Luna and Noctis is their final fantasy.

TL;DR: Everybody dies trying to save Noctis because he’s the chosen one to restore light to the land and remove a growing daemon invasion from an immortal savior named Ardyn, who became tainted over time. The only way to remove the daemon threat for good requires Noctis to give up his own life and purge all the daemons from Ardyn’s soul in the afterlife. Thus even Noctis dies at the end in order to restore the kingdom of Lucis and remove all the daemons from the land.


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  • Miles

    Am I the only person who sees huge story similarities to FFX here?

    -Guy (Jecht) tries to stop a fiend but gets corrupted, loses control and becomes the enemy (Sin)
    -Protagonist has no idea until the end but learns from a spiritual revelation through a divine force that he is meant to sacrifice himself in order to defeat the corrupted good-turned-enemy guy

    I guess there’s going to be an awkard powerpuff girls sequel to this game in Which Novartis comes back to life?

  • Hanan Hj Mumin

    One question. Where did Luna’s body go? On the radio they said that they couldn’t find her body.

    • Naomi

      I read somewhere that the Astral energy (that bluish stuff disintegrating the surroundings as Luna says farewell to Noctis) consumed her.

  • Reinaldo Nomo Lopez

    Two questions. I still dont understand what is prompto, is he some sort of human experiment? And what was Gladiolus doing when he got separated from he party? (My guess is that that’s gonna be the Gladiolus episode on de DLC, or maybe I just didnt pay attention at some part of the game where it was explained)

    • Prompto originally was born outside of Lucis in the land of the enemy, but ended up in Lucis. It was a nationalists complex where he felt that his origin may have tainted his friendship, but the boy band shrug it off.

      Gladiolus went off to hunt some demons and ended up getting a scar when he finally meets back up with Noct when they have to clear out the power plant. But I think you’re right and that his particular part of the story will likely be explored in the DLC.

  • 林お姫様 ♡

    I feeel so depressed after the game because everyone dies. I was expecting so many things about the marriage, Noctis is going to be the new king. But NOOOOoooooo~!! The ending is just a dream that he got married with Luna. The game, I bonded with everyone of the members and enjoyed the trip I didn’t expect it was the last trip to enjoy his life with his friends and meeting his beloved one last time. It hurts so much thinking noct to die on his fate. The last Royal standing to save the world and his Kingdom. What will happen to Insomia after this? I want to know what happened to the people and everyone. Did they bury noct and his friends? It now became part of their History books. It’s just sad okay, just sad. But I have to say the game is good, I like the game but when you get to the point of everythiiing -_- It’s just sad and depressing.

  • Steven Newton

    I have to say this game really took a dump in my heart, the ending is just monumentally sad in comparison to the fun light-hearted road trip the beginning of the game was. It’s just the prince hanging out with his friends on a journey to go get his babe and get hitched, a sort of weekend-at-vegas approach that is really fun and rather memorable for just how pleasant it was.

    Then you get to the end and basically everyone is either dead or a dead-man-walking, especially Noctis who at this point has everyone he’s loved buried and is taking the metaphorical gallow’s walk. Not only that but he does so knowingly, he knows he is about to die and he can’t do shit about it unless he wants to doom the entire world to a nightmarish eternity of demons and unending night. Further he’s dragging his friends along with him and they all know it, there isn’t any confusion or chances of a way out, nope, it’s a suicide mission and the best they’ll get is in the afterlife.

    Talk about shitty, doesn’t help that his beloved and father have basically been leading him to his eventual death either, dude thought he was going to be king and instead he’s a sacrificial pig trotting to the slaughter.

    At least he gets a nap at the end.

    • dude thought he was going to be king and instead he’s a sacrificial pig trotting to the slaughter.

      Dang, when you put it like that… just makes me sad all over again.

      • C G Saturation

        So, um… what’s the general consensus on FF15? Is it good as an RPG game? Are people liking the story?

        There are a lot of things about the game, characters, setting, etc that I really don’t like, so I won’t be playing it, but what I find is interesting is that, although Western mainstream and user reviews seem to be enjoying FF15 immensely, I’m hearing that a lot of JP people seem to really don’t like it in general.

        I heard that Japanese Amazon customer reviews are apparently being flooded with negative reviews. The only two user reviews on 4Gamer are also very negative.

        Complaints included not being able to freely drive during the day time, travel in general being a huge pain up the ass, that Squenix didn’t learn anything from FF14’s mistakes, that the story sucks and requires watching the movie and stuff. I forget what else, but they sounded really upset.

        • It’s a tough game to gauge. I mean, the driving being a pain is definitely something most people complain about. It’s not like GTA or Mafia 2 where it requires skill to drive. It could almost be considered one long loading screen (and oh boy are those actual loading screens long).

          I don’t know if I would say that it’s short — I don’t think I’ve seen many complaints from Western gamers saying as much. But I would say that towards the end of the game the story seems rushed, if that makes sense.

          I would also say the scope of the story is a lot smaller than previous FF games. Ultimately it’s just a boy band trip to a place where Noctis can get married, except his bride-to-be dies. And then there’s a lot of sulking and then one of them gets captured, they go to the place where he gets captured and Noct disappears for a decade and then comes back to die while defeating the main bad guy. So yeah, I suppose you could say that the scope of the story is short, but it plays out over the course of 20 – 30 hours.

          I think this game has more of a mixed bag of reactions and results. It’s gripping in some parts, absolutely depressing in others, and it can get tedious/boring as well. The limited open world adventuring (a lot of invisible walls) limits the appeal of exploration, and the combat is kind of a love it or hate it design.

          It’s definitely better than FFXIII in my opinion (I couldn’t understand what was going on in that game and really just didn’t care, plus the gameplay was lousy). But it’s just really divisive.

          I can see why some people would love FFXV and I can definitely understand why some people hate it.

          • C G Saturation

            Thanks for the detailed rundown. That does sound short in comparison to previous FF games I played. Invisible walls? Wow.

            Does it generally feel like Squenix had too large of a scope and ended up watering it down to keep within their remaining budget? Because I sorta got that impression early on.

            I didn’t try FF13, only tried Lightning Returns briefly and didn’t think much of it, so I’m not sure how that’d compare. I heard FF13 is linear as nuts.

  • Lim Fun Siong

    Thank you for the wonderful explanation. Sorry, I am still confused by some aspects of the story.

    Could you explain what daemons are?

    If Ardyn is so powerful, why doesn’t he simply kill King Regis and rule by himself?

    During the times when Ardyn is banished, how does Lucis contain the daemon problem?

    Thank you.

    • Could you explain what daemons are?

      Basically demons, just by another name. Demonic entities from a netherrealm that terrorize humanity. Monsters, basically. In FFXV they only seem to have strength during the night time.

      If Ardyn is so powerful, why doesn’t he simply kill King Regis and rule by himself?

      Actually… he’s not that powerful. While he has the ability to bring forward the daemons and even reincarnate people as a daemon, he’s not one to truly embrace the daemons because he was once the savior who purged the land of daemons. He became full of spite and bitterness due to the way the previous rulers of Lucis cast him out.

      While he has some magical abilities, the light of the crystal limits his abilities. He couldn’t touch the crystal for the risk of being destroyed or losing his power, and he couldn’t battle King Regis because Regis (at the time) had the ring and the crystal in his possession. Thus, technically Regis could have purged Ardyn but he was unaware of Ardyn’s daemonic power. You could technically say that Ardyn was like a summoner class, where-as King Regis had the power of a mage, paladin and warrior. Ardyn was severely out-classed, hence why he wanted the much weaker and inexperienced Noctis to take Regis place, so that he could destroy the crystal, Noctis and the ring.

      During the times when Ardyn is banished, how does Lucis contain the daemon problem?

      Great question. They don’t actually contain the problem. Ardyn slowly gains power as the crystal grows weaker, and thus he allows the daemons to come out at night in the lands outside of Insomnia (if you remember, Ignis constantly reminds Noct that they shouldn’t venture out at night lest they get attacked by daemons).

      King Regis used the crystal to power up a forcefield over Insomnia to keep the daemons out.

  • I think the fact that it seems to be an all-for-one / one-for-all get up has disappointed me. The ending certainly has. And that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it. It merely wasn’t something I was expecting from the new addition to the Final Fantasy XV. However, seeing the post-cred scene changed my views, if only a minor change. It truly was a well constructed game. The twists and turns from one place to another, growing with Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto, Ignis, Lunafreya, Ravus(?). He’ll, Aranea changing her ways had me pulled in just that little bit more. And whilst I can comprehend the ending, it still is a huge blow to the heart when you realise that it was one of those game where you die at the end. It just doesn’t sit well with me. Ibe loved Noctis since he was first introduced and then the cancelled Final Fantasy Xiii Versus which was initially a sequel to Xiii before LR became a thing and thus Xiii became a whole series of its own. The concept designs for Noctis etc. I really clicked with him. But, all good things come to an end. Especially my precious King and Queen of Lucis. Still, I remain disappointed with the fact that everyone basically died at the end.. like 28 hours of gameplay for that? Tch. I’ll be swayed in time. Once I go back in time and y’know, get platinum trophies. Thanks for putting my mind to rest. I legit must have bawled my eyes out following that ending.

    • I legit must have bawled my eyes out following that ending.

      A lot of people are right there with you, dude.

      It was definitely shocking. When Bahamut explained to Noct what had to be done, I thought for sure some sort of deus ex machina would kick into play and restore his life at the end, or he would be resurrected somehow and both he and Luna could be together forever. But nope.

      I think what made it so heart wrenching was that players and Noctis found out at the same time that his journey was ultimately doomed. And this revelation only came near the very end of the game! That was the big shock… that after all of that he was never going to have a happy ending. It was a hard pill to swallow for sure.

      • I mean don’t get me wrong. Everything was well placed. But with a game like that it shouldn’t end with a “blink and you miss it” moment. It should end like an open world game. Where you can go back post-game. But doing that post game makes no sense anymore because yknow, Noctis is dead, Lunafreya is dead, Gladio, Prompto and Ignis areally dead. Ravus and Aranea are probably dead too. Like, the whole plot twist of Ravus becoming a living half-daemon was pretty predictable. That part wasn’t well paced at all. For being 10 years in the making. They better give us a sequel to 15. Where it’s kind of alternative universe esque. Why is it that FF always kills the protagonists at the end. I mean Tidus and Yuna? Lightning and Serah??? Noctis and Yuna?!?!? Like can u not please. I would like to keep my heart thank you.

        • To be fair, Lightning got to appear across three games, though.

          • Four games actually. Dissidia and World of Final Fantasy albeit in chiba form. But that’s what the purpose of Versus Xiii. It was supposed to be a sequel with Lightning and Noctis but for a game that had so much promise and potential, I feel they really let XV go.

  • Kaushal Pandya

    Thank you so much for writing this and putting it together.
    I greatly appreciate it, and it helped me understand fully with
    what is going on. I am just sad that all the main characters
    that you loved and spent time with all die at the end of the game!!!

    I sure wish the game and story had turned out differently
    than killing all the main characters off like this!!! It took
    10 years to make this game, and Square Enix still couldn’t
    find a way to keep all the characters alive!!! WTF?!?!?!
    These were not my expectations for Final Fantasy XV
    in my opinion!!!

    • These were not my expectations for Final Fantasy XV
      in my opinion!!!

      Right there with you. But you know… I’m okay with it. It’s a heartbreaking story for sure.

      The weight and drama and dread depicted in the final chapters betray the game’s glowing, boy band adventure promotional content. It seemed like it was going to be on the line of Final Fantasy XII or Final Fantasy X, but it was very different.

      One reason I think they may have taken this route, though, is because if FFXV failed it would likely be the end of the series for a long while. They have to sell millions, and millions and millions of copies to make bank on FFXV after 10 years of development, so I guess in Tabata’s eyes it was best to go all out with an ending that no one would ever forget if it really was going to be the Final Fantasy game for many years to come.

      • Kaushal Pandya

        Hey Billy,

        Thank you so much for reading and replying to my comment
        regarding the game. I really appreciate it, and I am glad
        you also feel the same way.

        I truly felt hurt after seeing them all die, and Final Fantasy
        games do this to their players where the characters in the
        game almost always die at the end. It is truly depressing!!!

        On top of that, I have been waiting for this game to come out
        for the past 10 years, and I had high expectations with the
        story. Since I recently lost my job, I had to hold off on buying
        the game…but after I saw the videos and read the post
        online, I have decided not to buy the game because it will
        only make me feel more depressed that I already am.
        Thank you again for reading, Billy. I appreciate it!

        • Sorry to hear about the employment predicament. I would say not to give up hope on the game, though. It’s a really great experience, and while the story may be depressing, there’s so still a ton to do and explore.

          I think it’s one of those bittersweet experiences… a little like The Last of Us. The open-world, plethora of quests and combat opportunities make it worthwhile if you’re willing to go through the pain to enjoy the pleasures that FFXV has to offer.

          • Kaushal Pandya

            Hey Billy,

            I appreciate it. You’re right about the exploration of
            Final Fantasy XV’s world and its gameplay. There is
            a lot to do in that world. I hope you enjoy playing the
            game. Thank you again and have a great week!

    • Fuyuppe Endou

      I totally agree…10 years and square enix still killed everyone off WTF ..what kind of fantasy is this

      10 years and this is the best ending they could come up with
      …It’s a slap in the face. Personally I prefer happy endings but I ve also watch ones where the sad ending has such an impact was so memorable it had me brawling my eyes out. This one just left me feeling so empty.

      Thank you for explaining the ending.

      • Kaushal Pandya

        Hey Fuyuppe,

        Thank you for agreeing with me. I really appreciate it!
        It is depressing that Square Enix made a Final Fantasy XV
        game like this where they kill off everyone that you had
        feelings and cared for. In 10 years, they still couldn’t come
        up with a better story than this!!! I also share your feelings
        of emptiness. Take care of yourself.

  • TypicalFan

    Hmm. I beg to differ for the post-credit scene. Although, Tabata is notoriously known for his hardcore take on the mc(s) like Type-0’s ending (pretty brutal and dark, imo), I still think the post-credit scene could have meant something else. From the reddit discussions and insights I have read so far, I think the throne room was actually rebuild in order to posthumously anoint the new king (Noct) and queen (Luna). However, the cutscene where Luna and Noct appeared seemed to be a portrayal of them ascending and become one with the starts in the afterlife or reincarnation into spirits/astrals. This can be strongly supported by the cover of a female being AND male being on the Final Fantasy XV cover (also square-enix didn’t allow recording of gameplay in the new addition of the male being on Final Fantasy XV cover for the purpose of massive spoiler). More or so, this might be far-sketch, but every time a spirit or a supernatural being appeared, there are crystal shards floating around. Anyway, there is so much more uncertainties that I wanted to confirm and discuss: Why didn’t Ardyn take the ring from Luna? Why did Ardyn helped Noctis and eventually lead to Ardyn’s demise? From what I have read so far from reddit, the story as a whole is rich, yet there are so many plot-holes and un-logical paths the story progressed into. So many things happened off screen and sidelined like the Niff. Empire Maybe this might be due to the time-constrain the devs. was pressured into? I don’t know. But these are my 2-cents.

    • It’s totally possible that the fantasy sequence at the end is Noct and Luna dreaming of reuniting while in the afterlife — being together in a way that their real lives didn’t allow for.

      Why didn’t Ardyn take the ring from Luna? Why did Ardyn helped Noctis and eventually lead to Ardyn’s demise?

      It’s a “blink and you missed it moment” in the plot. Ardyn didn’t want anyone else to come behind Noct. He wanted to be rid of the crystal and the ring for good. In order to do so he had to destroy all three as one entity, so he had to get Noct to connect with the crystal, but only after Noct put the ring on. This is why Ardyn insidiously helped Noct acquire the power from the tombs.

      So Ardyn had to get the ring to Noct first (and the only way of doing so without the Empire catching on was through Luna, which is what he did), but he also wanted to destroy them. Hence why he stabbed Luna during the ceremony in Altissia.

      He couldn’t destroy Noct until Noct embraced becoming the chosen, this way Ardyn would be rid of Noct, the ring and crystal for good. Once Noct joined with the crystal all its power was then transferred into the ring. However, when Noct embraced all that power he then had the ability to destroy Ardyn in the corporeal realm. Ardyn was willing to take the risk since Noct would then have to die and utilize even more power to purge him in the afterlife.

      I don’t know if I explained that part properly in the article, though.

      • TypicalFan

        Ah I see. It’s kinda funny because Ardyn planned this through for quite a while (I mean, 2000 years?) and end up playing a HUGE gamble at the end by fighting Noctis knowing it was 50/50 on winning. Thanks for the clarifications, though.

        • I think Ardyn — in some part — wanted to be free of the demon curse. He wasn’t actually a bad guy but he was forced to become one through the previous rulers of Lucis by purging (and absorbing) the daemons in the land.

          I think for Ardyn the 50/50 gamble was fine because he would win either way: the chosen would either purge him of the daemons so he could ascend, or he would destroy the chosen, the ring and the crystal and rule the land as a daemon emperor (even though he didn’t really like the daemons).

          • f thecatrock

            or maybe you could say, whether Ardyn lose or win, the king and his lineage still die in the end (see his quote before the battle with him).

            Thus from the start of the game you are already lost, lol.

          • Yep, this is true.

  • Naomi

    I thought the post creds scene was Luna and Noctis reuniting in the afterlife (hence regis being there to congratulate them)? It’s even more depressing to think that it’s just a dream sequence 🙁

  • kirbyfan64sos

    I think this is a bit wrong… The game doesn’t really say for sure whether or not the friends died. Although Ardyn “sees” them in the afterlife, when he looks back, it was actually just a hallucination. Seems weird, but makes sense if you think about it in the context of Kingdom Heart’s “My friends are my power!” magic moment.

    • It could be hallucination, but Regis, the Six and Luna are all there — the ones who died earlier — to give Noctis his power. If it were just the people who were mentors or friends to him being there as a hallucination, then Cid, Cor and Cidney should have been there as well.

      Also, since Noctis died at the throne and wasn’t coming back, it was unlikely the other three survived all those high-level demons on their own, which would make sense why they appeared in the final segment to help Noct purge Ardyn.

  • C G Saturation

    Sounds a lot like reality.

    • I don’t know… in the game at least Lucis’ establishment wanted to do right by the kingdom/people. In real life the establishment is just trying to screw everyone over.

      • C G Saturation

        I was thinking more along the lines of, people often think they’re gonna be a hero and stuff, when they’re really being groomed to die. That’s probably just me being a pessimist, though.

  • Irene De Lucas Egea

    Thank you for sharing this