Marvel’s SJW Comic Book Propaganda Will Soon Cease, States Report
Marvel SJWs
(Last Updated On: February 14, 2017)

Following the release of what’s being pegged as an ultra-political comic book tale under the Secret Empire run, Marvel will reportedly scale back on Social Justice Warrior propaganda in their mainline comic book series starting later in the autumn.

The report comes from Bleeding Cool, who noted that retailers and comic book fans have not been happy with the regressive left-leaning topical matter pushed hard and heavy in Marvel’s comics as of late. They write…

“I am told, as Marvel brings back the X-Men line with a bang, to expect a return to more of a status quo for titles such as Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and more. A more familiar looking Marvel Universe by the autumn – although, just as with Captain America, as classic-look-characters return, expect new characters to keep a number of their books.


“I am told to expect that Secret Empire will be a bit of a last hurrah for this kind of storytelling from Marvel for a while. A little how Marvel writers were told to get the use of the Marvel 616 dimensional nomenclature out of their system before it was done away with for good…”

The move came after various comic book store owners penned open (and closed) letters to publishers about how divisive comic books have become thanks to the infiltration of SJWs into the writing teams of the big comic book makers. Even artists like Frank Cho and Milo Manara have been caught in the cross-hairs of Social Justice Warrior brigades over their imagery being “too sexualized”, even though it’s all been par the course for the last 25 or so years of comic book art-styles.

One store owner in particular shared his letter to Bleeding Cool on February 3rd, 2017, where Phil Boyle of Coliseum of Comics in Florida wrote…

“To be crystal clear, we provide entertainment. We are not mouthpieces for any polarizing cause nor is our shelf space for rent to any organization, left, right, or center. If you want to support fighting cancer or bullying, all good. No one is fighting for worse cancers or more bullying. If you want to put Planned Parenthood or the NRA on my stands, you’re getting no traction in my stores. We are not for sale and we’re not going to undermine our store’s tranquility for your cause-of-the-month.


“Get your politics off my stands. Get political figures off the covers. Get poorly disguised villains out of your books. Get back to telling stories that don’t remind people of the vitriol and bile being spewed from every direction; we have enough outlets for that.”

Couldn’t agree more.

Previously, comic books used to have social commentary without the preaching. These days, it’s all preaching without the commentary.

A lot of people who aren’t hard left-wing Liberal nuts have expressed disenfranchisement from that side of the partisan table. Moderate-Liberals, moderates and bipartisan Libertarians have been cast out of the social order of the hard-left’s Social Justice regime, and sadly that regime has taken a strong foothold in comic books, movies and video games… especially comic books, though.

In the gaming industry, SJWs learned that gamers are a lot more vocal about protecting their industry. While sites like Polygon, Vice, The Verge, Kotaku and everyone from the GameJournoPros continue their anti-gaming crusades against their own audience, the publishers and industry organizers have decided to bypass journalists by doing things like opening up E3 to the general public. Such a move caused various game journalists to whine and cry online about real gamers having access to the E3 trade show for the first time in many years, signaling a move away from publishers relying on SJW media outlets to cover their games. Comic books haven’t been so lucky.

Many top name super heroes were co-opted with third-wave feminist propaganda, like Thor; or bogged down in Democratic talking points like Captain America; or overrun with open-border advocacy like X-Men.

If you agreed with the politics then you’re right at home… if you didn’t? Well, it was basically take it or leave it.

The problem was that it has become a staple in almost all of Marvel’s top name brands to push far-left SJW propaganda. Instead of making new pro-Social Justice Warrior heroes, they decided to co-op the heroes who were already popular, since reboots of heroes like Mockingbird failed to garner an audience when it full feminist.

Maybe they’ll continue to make new heroes spouting the SJW propaganda, and maybe they’ll eventually garner an audience, but fans of the old heroes shouldn’t have to give up their favorites so people who don’t read comic books can virtue signal SJW inculcation as some kind of societal victory.


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  • ExhaustedSquid

    When your comic reads like a fucking argument on Tumblr, you need to get your priorities together.

  • Banana Jim’s Final Form!

    Beautifully said! #thumbsUp

  • Ebalosus

    [Unsolicited opinions on comic books]

  • If they do, good. Maybe that way, I won’t just stick to reading Frank Miller’s Daredevil and a few other books that don’t preach social justice claptrap to me.

  • MisterGoldiloxx

    I hadn’t read a comic book for years until I started watching The Walking Dead, and after the Season 4 mid-year finale I decided to read the source material. I suspect Kirkman is left of center, but it really doesn’t bleed into THAT book. I know DC and Marvel (especially Marvel) have veered hard-left, so I won’t touch their books again. I don’t trust them to TRULY change.

    The same thing happened in Tech & FOSS (Free Open Source Software). I closed my account at cnet because of their leftist views. That was about a year ago, and they JUST sent me an e-mail saying they missed me and would I consider coming back to their site. WOW. And NO! In addition I switched to Linux about 14 months ago. Several of the sites assume that everyone using FOSS is a leftist. WRONG. I use Linux because unlike Windows it doesn’t install stuff behind my back (note the many people who had Windows 10 put on their systems when they didn’t want it).

  • LurkerJK

    So they are turning SWJism off like flipping as switch ? is that even possible ? unless heads are rolling i cant see this happening

  • Mr Snow

    The damage has been done. My brother was a long time Iron Man reader for 15 years, and when the “Superior” line launched and social justice started infecting the story lines he stopped.

    That’s the kind of person they alienated. The guy who went to his local comic shop, had a box reserved for him, and picked up the new issues monthly.

    The people they courted did not read their products, they merely wanted them to cater to their sensibilities so they could virtue signal. And even then most of them couldn’t be satisfied.

    My brother still reads comics, but he’s never going back to Marvel, he’s spending his cash on Invincible and other lines that have yet to disappoint him.

    • Good.

      I still can’t believe internal market analysts thought that would be a good idea. They must be SJW themselves because anyone looking at the metrics would have said that’s a bad idea.

      • Mr Snow

        That wouldn’t surprise me. These are the same people that thought Hillary Clinton had a 99% chance of winning I bet.

        • ExhaustedSquid

          ‘TO THE POLLS!’

          ‘Donald Trump is President’

          *Insert bleeding heart Picture of Miss Marvel crying because her battering down people didn’t get Hilary elected*

      • Banana Jim’s Final Form!

        It’s the “feels before facts”, they probably concluded that since it “feels” like they’re on the right side of history that it wouldn’t matter if the market analytics showed otherwise. Normal people would call such thinking “delusional”….

  • Keystone

    I don’t read comics but it’s nice to hear they’re trying to turn away from the SJW iceberg their “progressive” writers and artists were steering the industry into.

    Now they just need to kick every last one of these talentless social justice propagandists to the curb, and get the real talented writers and artists back.

  • I’ll believe it when I see it.

    This is actually DC Comics and not Marvel but I thought I would leave this here anyway:

  • SevTheBear

    I really hope this SJW BS crash and burns ASAP. They refuse to make they own entertaiment matirial because they are lazy and instead are hijack (or trying to) other peoples platform and source for joy and escape from reality.

    • ExhaustedSquid

      I’m waiting for the moment when we have more shows and comics calling out just how imbalanced everything was with this shit. Like Marvel’s intentions had always been to expand stories beyond dudes hitting each other and the SJW added nothing to it but Tumblr-style yelling than actual fighting. Like shit, can you imagine the actual crimes they could have stopped if they stopped bitching at each other about fucking pronouns.

  • Alistair

    Well it ended well that marvel did a U-turn however they playing a dangerous game.

    As they not out of the woods yet, by still having pro SJWs characters will remind people what they did and any hint of them along side the old characters that we loved.

    Would still turn people away, because the damage is done but im just guessing at this point. It be intreasting to see how this play out.

  • Well i’m still not reading any Marvel (with the exception of monsters unleashed that’s the last one for now) i won’t be canary for this

  • Hawk Hopper

    This is the question I’ve had since last year since I haven’t read many comics in the past decade:

    Have they turned The Punisher or Jonah Hex into SJWs with tumblr accounts?

    • I don’t think so, but I haven’t been keeping up. Once a lot of heroes went “Progressive” I’ve tried tuning that nonsense out. Same thing with game companies. I just don’t feel like engaging in material where I have to be preached to about someone else’s political leanings. A braver soul might be able to give you a more definitive answer.

      (To be fair, I love how they’ve treated the character on the Daredevil show, though).

      • Hawk Hopper

        The Punisher stuff is the first clips of Daredevil I saw and I was blown away. The Punisher series is one of the few Marvel things I’m really looking forward to.

  • Disqusted

    Yeah, YouTube has been recommending me videos of people complaining about how pathetic Marvel has become. Sad as hell.

    Also sounds like Bob Chipmunk has yet to cease being a mindless SJW cuck with a fetish for Sasquatch.

    • SevTheBear

      He will go on until he dies. He is in to deep now to turn around.


    Good. I’ll believe it when I see it. When they actually start telling stories again, I’ll start reading again.

  • giygas