Twitter Admits To Shadowbanning Users
(Last Updated On: February 17, 2017)

If you’re okay with a company arbitrarily designating what it considers to be harassment, previously had an actual organization on its Trusted Partners list called Crash Override Network that partook in literal harassment, and can shadowban and silence users depending on what it deems “offensive” or “harassing” tweets, then you’ll love Twitters new methods for curbing a “toxic” social atmosphere.

According to Mashable Twitter has instituted notifications for when users end up on a list for any reason, so others can check when someone is on the naughty list.

In addition to being added to the list, Twitter also shadowbans users for a limited amount of time, as reported by Fortune.

In fact, Fortune features a warning that former #GamerGate supporter, Drybones, received. He’s now somewhat famous and no longer in charge of #GamerGate ops, so he’s probably got plenty of time on his hands. In fact, fellas, I think Drybones is still single so don’t hesitate to hit him up. And feel free to ask him about the routine workout for his pecs.

Other users also began posting notices they received from Twitter about their account being limited, resulting in the reach of their tweets being limited. In the case of Drybones, he was restricted for using the word “retard” in a tweet.

The Twitter notice reads…

“Creating a safe environment for people to freely express themselves is critical to the Twitter community, so if behavior that may violate the Twitter Rules is detected, certain account features become limited. We’ve detected some potentially abusive behavior from your account, so only your followers can see your activity on twitter for the amount of time shown below.”

Drybones was given a 12 hour timeout where his tweets were shadowbanned, a method of censorship that was famously (and still is) employed by Reddit.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey didn’t hide behind any euphemisms or weasel words, he simply came out and said that they’re taking a more “open” approach to how they censor people.

Many suspected that Twitter had been shadowbanning people long before this new, more “open” method had been employed. In fact, we covered the shadowbaning and potential antitrust violations Twitter may have been committing by silencing certain institutions and voices back in the summer of 2016.

Earlier in the month on February 4th, the artist formerly known as the Internet Aristocrat published a video on YouTube actually pointing out that throttling was taking place well before Twitter admitted to it and ahead of the notices being sent out to users.

In the past, various users accused Twitter of specifically targeting Conservatives, like when they banned Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos on the grounds of harassment even though he didn’t partake in any harassment, as reported by Breitbart.

Some people see this as Twitter attempting to limit free speech, others claim that it’s combating abuse and harassment on the platform, a few more are simply angry that the rules aren’t always applied equally, especially after several high profile Conservatives were suspended or shadowbanned for nebulous reasons.

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  • William Shatner managed to get on the shitlist too, check him out sometime in the next 24 hours or so, replies to and from him look like he’s replying to suspended account peeps. Haha I can’t believe they’d even hit celebs!

    • Alistair

      Unbelievable Twatter got the gall to target Captain Kirk as well.

      They have a hard time target mr Spock.

    • Phasmatis75

      What is so hard to believe? This is what they’ve done in every country for the last 200 years.

  • You wonder why I never made an account there… Glad to have never been a part of that shithole. Or FarceBook, or Plebbit.

    All those sites can burn, for all I care.

    • All the sites full of ‘male feminists’ with many male feminists in leadership positions are suffering this problem. Interestingly even though they have two radfems on staff and are used by 68% women, Pinterest I’ve heard nothing of relating to these sorts of issues.
      I am coming to realise social justice is only laying the groundwork for the real cancer to take hold. Insane levels of betalord numale THIRST.
      Oh and don’t forget Son-Of-Plebbit imgur. For a time it was a little better than plebbit, even after the Apaocalypse. But since the election they’ve gone as full-bore hot pocketeer as all the other major SJ-infested sites.
      I had uploaded both pro-bern and pro-trump stuff back in the primaries, and I got shut down for those instead of any comments made since.

      • But since the election they’ve gone as full-bore hot pocketeer as all the other major SJ-infested sites.

        That’s why I refuse to believe the Donald Trump MAGA stuff until I actually see SJWs kicked out of the major organizations, institutions, companies, academia, MSM and politics to the point where they are no longer influential.

        Many people on the right with their MAGA hats and Pepe memes keep saying that Trump will do this, do that and end political correctness, but all I can see him doing is controlling immigration and changing the economy.

        I would love Trump to prove me wrong on this of course.

        • chiefchiefer

          or u could check out his website. im little suspicious that youre just spreading disinfo lol.
          i got shadow banned in twitter for just correcting everyones disinfo. most of my tweets were just replying to soneone proving them wrong. like aehile ago when everyone was saying jeff sessions was racist, id reply with a pic if his NAACP award just to shut em up. im pretty sure thats what got me banned

  • LurkerJK

    Seems they are taking this step for more than just covering their asses, ppl are reporting being locked out for the tiniest of things, they shut down banter, they shut down sarcastic questions, they shut down mockery, etc. they have just turned the dial up to 11

    An internet where you cannot mock ppl doing stupid things is not even worth it

  • Disqusted

    Yeah, I heard they finally admitted it, and spun it as a “to keep Twitter safe” bullshit. Listened to feedback? Misstep? Bullshit. It was intended all along. They’re only reacting because they got caught.

    The fact is if people didn’t notice, they would have kept manipulating everyone quietly, because nothing is stopping them from doing so, and they have no obligation to disclose such. And regardless of the reason or excuse, they’re still actively censoring anyone they personally don’t like.

    It’s abuse of power, plain and simple.

    Twitter can’t die soon enough. Sadly, most people are so gullible and masochistic, they will just accept Twitter’s bullshit explanation and bend over so they can take it up the ass even harder.

    • “Conspiracy theory” seems to mean more truth than fiction these days. I’ve given up being needlessly skeptical. I find that most conspiracy theories are true once you start picking up a trail of evidence.

      Anyway, I’ll take a look into the thing. I hadn’t heard much about it, but then again why would Twitter want that broadcast? Heh.

      • Keystone

        If anything, 2016 and 2017 have given eternal credence to the saying, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.” Especially if you lean to the right.

        Gab has potential I think. All it needs is one or two serious benefactors and it’ll easily take Twitter’s place.

        • LurkerJK

          All that needs to happen is Trump moving to some other service, everyone would make an user in that service and visit it every 5 minutes to shit on whatever he says, Twitter’s stock will freefall that day

        • Gab has potential I think. All it needs is one or two serious benefactors and it’ll easily take Twitter’s place.

          Even if that were to happen, what makes you think that Gab won’t eventually turn into yet another leftist SJW pile of shit?

          We’ve all seen what happens to organisations, companies and institutions that are popular, mainstream and make money.

          If Gab are to get investors, they better make damn sure that they’re not SJWs and feminists. The majority of the world’s richest people tend to be left-leaning, examples being Bill Gates and George Soros.

        • EroBotan

          it will be hard to pull major migration if the big names in gaming world don’t migrate to .. at least for us gamers ..

      • Not sure if you’ve seen it but there’s a hilarious ad roaming around twitter bashing facebook now too. I can’t remember exactly what it was titled, something like “5 things you can’t do on facebook.” It’s a legit promoted ad, came up while I was trying to figure out what was going on with Shatner.

        Correction: he is also blockbotted now too. Seems they just couldn’t stand before the high tier shitlording from Starfleet’s highest tier captain!

      • EroBotan

        i’ve read somewhere that’s twitter account is banned by twitter lol .. even though the account’s is pretty inactive.

      • Phasmatis75

        Truth of the matter is conspiracy theories have always had a large degree of fact over fiction. As someone who has enjoyed reading about them, at the heart I can say most of them either have a nugget of truth or were outright true. Of course not all of them, many were either intentionally bad information or just people barking up the wrong tree. The problem was before the media just focused on the laughably bad ones and mocked the idea of conspiracies happening and it was enough to persaude people from even looking at the information.

        Then Gamergate happened, and Trump’s campaign shortly after. This did more to break people from their stupper than presenting leaked documents talking about the shadow government ever did. Hell it’s funny now watching the very same news people who called people insane for believing in a shadow government, now proclaim the shadow or Deep State will save us from Trump.

        As for what I was saying earlier there is generally a nugget of truth in a lot of theories. For instance the Moon Landing didn’t happen (obviously bs) was originated by the US government itself, but the nugget of truth is surprisingly that there is 50 minutes of missing footage, and NASA had the footage on delay that they showed and were scrubbing out items. NASA surprisingly has a very long history of doing outright lying like this and it is a fascinating topic in its own right, even if everything is taken with a grain of salt there is so much against them it is undeniable.

        Of course what I’ve found is peoples ignorance was the greatest issue. You had people running around screeching about this and that, but if you went to look into the topics you’d find out there is something there, but just not what these people think. For instance after one to many Muh MK ULTRA spews I decided to look into the subject myself. Found some reputable sources and it is a very fascinating subject of drug experimentation, profiling science, and psychiatry, but not mind control. Mind control was later conducted under other departments and is still classified. (I can tell you how to make an Manchurian candidate, no joke, but it was not done under MK Ultra. Even video games screw this up like Outlast siting their program was MK Ultra when it would have been under Project Often (and you can read declassified files in the CIA’s library about psychic warfare, while denialists claim no successes the documents read entirely differently and that is just the stuff they’ve declassified.) So popular misconception more often than not gave an aura of incorrectness.

        Now the majority of people are on the outside watching it play out so obviously it’s undeniable, but the truth is people mocked conspiracy theories about the NSA and then acted shocked when Snowden leaked what was already leaked and previously discussed. People don’t learn, Ron Paul had his campaign ruined in 2012 in the same way they tried to do it to Trump. Illegal’s were allowed to vote enmass in 2012 and newpapers even bragged this is what allowed Obama to win some key victories, but Trump is insane for claiming Hillary got a lot of votes. It’s like watching a series that basically repeats the same events, but with a slightly new and unique twist each time, but really you’ve grown bored of it a long time ago.

        • Definitely agreed that a lot conspiracy theories have nuggets of truth tucked away behind either wilful misrepresentation or disinformation agents.

          It’s also really sad about the whole voting thing, because actual vote rigging did happen across multiple counties in multiple states. The fact that there are facts to back this up and the MSM has gone out of their way to just lie and say vote rigging didn’t happen is the sort of thing that will make you tear your hair out. Some stuff will be recorded/documented here on this site even if it’s not gaming related just for posterity’s sake. MSM has gone full blown retard and it’s just astounding how so many people have been willing to be duped by them (even still to this day. Although it’s sad when PewDiePie’s subscribers are more red-pilled than generation x.)

          • Phasmatis75

            I used to write and blog (before someone stole my scoop and it killed my interest in doing so), so yeah cover what you want on your site. It’s become one of my must stop locations when looking for gaming news, and I like your style.

            Rather surprised you know about disinformation agents, so it’s rather awesome how redpilled you are.

    • Youtube’s appears connected to Google+, so it’s more on that side.
      I never moved accounts, treated them as separate forever until they forced the issue, so a lot of those issues aren’t affecting me.
      I do notice that those so-called “Youtube Heroes” seem to be tracking people based on your actual favourites, whether or not you have them viewable. I had a lot of small channels I’d fav’d unlisted videos from that were banned during September to November after I engaged with Correct the Record and Shareblue spreading misinfo under MSM clips.
      So over the next few months I started to see my favourites turning into a graveyard and endlessly annoying me with “you should remove some videos from your favs because they’d been deleted” messages.
      I currently have 70% between three of my playlists that are deleted videos, usually either political-related or “iffy levels of lewd” that were specifically unlisted by those uploaders BECAUSE they didn’t know if they were rule-breaking or not.

      They also banned the channel that was hosting Exo-squad episodes for copyright violations, except the channel was run by THREE OF THE PEOPLE THAT WROTE THE DAMN SHOW.
      It’s 5 months since and they’ve still not been reinstated/unbanned.

      • Oh no… not the Exo-Squad channels!

        I was meaning to go back and rewatch the series because I don’t know where else to watch it. I bookmarked those channels. Now I’ll have to see if those are the same ones that are gone.