Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer Won’t Have Face Customization
Mass Effect Character Customization
(Last Updated On: March 5, 2017)

The single-player portion of Mass Effect: Andromeda will feature the ability to shape and mold the Play-Doh faces of the Ryder twins so that players can make the heroes of the galaxy look like whatever they want. However, when it comes time to taking your character online, there will be no facial customization present in the multiplayer portion of the game.

As reported by DualShockers, the multiplayer will instead allow you to choose your face from a number of male or female characters from a variety of races, including humans, Asari, Salarians, and Krogans. Although, obviously, Asari will have no male option… but I’m sure given BioWare’s new direction in character depiction there will be plenty of manly-looking Asari to choose from.

Essentially, if the preset character faces they have end up looking like mashed potatoes then you won’t have much of a choice in who you play. There won’t be any options to alter the head mush sitting atop your avatar’s neck in the multiplayer portion of Mass Effect: Andromeda. You’ll just have to slap a helmet on their head and hope for the best.

Images revealed by producer Fernando Melo showcase that you can modify the character’s armor livery and their patterns, as indicated in the screenshot below.

Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Apperance Edit

As the image reveals, the higher in level you become the more customization options you can unlock when it comes to colors and patterns.

It states…

“Change the color and apply patterns to the currently selected character. Higher character ranks unlock more colors and patterns. Gain higher ranks of characters by purchasing packs in the store.”

Weird how they don’t hide that you can basically pay to win, but it’s all PvE anyway so I don’t think it’ll matter all that much.

Another image reveals the character classes you can choose from, ranging from different races, genders and class types.

Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Customization

You’ll be able to upgrade characters either by playing and getting good or by paying for your progress through the cash shop.

The game is set to release on March 21st at the end of the month. However, some gamers are a little turned off by Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s racist game designer who made it very clear he doesn’t like certain members of his own audience.

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  • logat890

    forced multiplayer again.

  • Alistair

    As you know billy, I’m a cis white gamer Dude, that “does play kingdom hearts”

    But I’m also balance gamer, I play other games, that are attended for adults too. I would buy ME:A it got nudity and sexy as I love sexy in games. Hence the adult games.

    so the question is it not because the game is censored but because they forced social justice in those games.

    It like, “hey you can have sex and nudity but on our terms, the terms are ugly like to mimic real life.

    Where you do that, you just did a social justice in a game by stealth.

    Putting in sex and nudity in a game doesn’t change the fact that people would buy it.

    sex and nudity is one thing, but a well drawn character is another.

    • It like, “hey you can have sex and nudity but on our terms, the terms are ugly like to mimic real life.

      Heh, but not everyone is ugly in real life. But for SJWs since they only surround themselves with ugly people (both inside and out) they feel that’s what should be represented in games.

      But you’re right… it’s stealth SJWism. We’re going to be seeing it a lot in games if that GDC talk was anything to go by.

      • Alistair

        Then we gonna see another video games crash.

        Just like the 1st one, if they still whinging.

  • Disqusted

    Sounds shitty.

  • Олександр Баб`як

    Who else comes to ME:A articles and videos only for the comments about how much this game is gonna blow?

  • Can’t have those sexist misogynist straight male gamers making the female Ryder faces sexy and enjoying it online can we?

    • Alistair

      Can’t show online players that you got good taste of woman (strong sexy and kick some arse) but “Most of all and this is important Your gaming skills”

      When a game does offer you to custom a character, a car etc etc you try to make the best possible outcome,

      Example getting that face right, getting the car balance right etc etc, that what is important in a game.

      It doesn’t matter if it a sexy guy, gal or sexy car but you get these cunts that treat games that needs games to mimic real life, it not gonna work.

  • Laytonaster

    Can’t say I’m surprised MA:A’s multiplayer also doesn’t feature face customization. They didn’t have it in ME3, but then again it had the excuse of most humanoid characters wearing helmets.

    • Patrick Chester

      At most you could change the skin tone of various races that did show their faces. Salarians, asari, krogan, turians and, IIRC, batarians.

      Though there were a LOT of color options for the armor. Leading to the Hot Pink Krogan Sentinel parody song from the MP forums. [“It compliments my tech armor!”]

    • Myron

      Exactly, with helmets, a small dose of imagination is all you need; but in MEA, race and level of ugliness is predetermined; no control on your part.


    I’ve beyond stopped giving a shit about Mass Effect Andromeda at this point. I simply do not fucking care.

    • LurkerJK

      ah, come on, you clicked here, you have at least some schadenfreude for it, its fine, i click for the same reason :p

  • Keystone

    Considering how they outright cancelled Andromeda’s multiplayer beta, something tells me that aesthetics are the least of the mode’s problems.

  • LurkerJK

    Lol, i cant wait to hear the justification for this

    (its probably is to sell face dlc packs or because EA did not want freaky faces hidden behind the irremovable helmets, either that or they were deadly afraid of ppl making mass effect pepes)

  • Reven

    I won’t be buying MA:A, for two reasons, 1: Because I haven’t even started ME3 yet, and two, I’m kinda with Razorfist on this one, I can’t in good honesty buy a game where one of the guys on the project is a vocal racist against white people.

    • Keystone

      Also keep in mind how you feel about the ending of 3 when you get there.

      If you like it that’s fine. If not, know that Bioware (and the game “journalist” clique) consider you entitled and an ignorant rube who can’t appreciate their genius “artistic” ending. Because both of them had no problem telling us gamers that to our faces back in 2012.

      • Reven

        I was actually part of the whole ME3 ending stuff, I kept close tabs on it and while I never posted anything about it, I was quite vocal over the whole thing and how the press treated people on it. It’s why I waited until I could get the digital deluxe version for a whopping 12 dollars. Because ME has great music and I will shell out a little extra money when a soundtrack is included when able. I own none of the DLC beyond ME1’s that came free with the pc version, and won’t buy any. Heck the last game I got and will get from them is Inquisition because it was a gift.

    • Myron

      In ME3, ALL human MP characters have helmets on, so it’s 100% incognito. You can imagine for yourself what of face is underneath.