Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Racist Game Designer No Longer Works For BioWare
Mass Effect Andromeda Manveer Heir
(Last Updated On: March 19, 2017)

One of the most controversial individuals who worked at BioWare on Mass Effect: Andromeda was Manveer Heir, a game designer on the project. He had mentioned recently on his Twitter profile that Mass Effect: Andromeda was one of his past projects, but now we have confirmation that Manveer Heir is no longer working at BioWare.

BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn responded to a comment on Twitter about Heir’s employment at BioWare, stating the following…

If you check Manveer Heir’s Twitter profile you can see that he does indeed mention that he “previously” worked on Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The significance of this news is that a lot of gamers had mentioned that they wouldn’t be purchasing Mass Effect: Andromeda due to Manveer’s tweets, as he made it blatantly known that he did not like white people. His Twitter feed is filled with many crude, insensitive and racist remarks about Caucasians.

Heir’s persistently racist tweets ended up spawning a petition, with some gamers asking for BioWare to fire him for racism.

Things continually escalated as the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda drew near, with the 10-hour free trial and the revelation of the game’s poor quality and the fact that fair-skinned whites couldn’t made in the character creator also made people quite angry. The lead game designer, Ian Soon Frazier, commented on Twitter that they would investigate possibly patching in the ability to make fair-skinned whites and light-skinned Asians in Mass Effect: Andromeda, leading many people to believe that Manveer Heir may have had something to do with it.

At the same time, there were also reports that BioWare may have been filling their ranks with “diversity hires”, which is why the quality of the animation, character models and facial rigging was so low compared to previous games, as revealed by Nick Monroe on Twitter.

This spawned additional reports from some other websites, as well as enthusiast games media, attacking gamers for allegedly attacking the developers at BioWare via social media. According to the Twitter search and archive of Allie Rose Marie’s profile, the claims of mass harassment don’t appear to be present.

This back and forth vitriol came about after BioWare’s Aaryn Flynn released a statement on Twitter, stating…

“Recently, a former EA employee was misidentified as a lead member of the Mass Effect: Andromeda development team. These reports are false.


“We respect the opinions of our players and community, and welcome feedback on our games. But attacking individuals, regardless of their involvement in the project, is never acceptable.”

Some people questioned if this was in relation to Manveer Heir, Courtney Woods, or Allie Rose Marie. BioWare didn’t clarify, but some websites jumped to the conclusion that it was about Allie Rose Marie, one of the individuals who claimed on her Twitter profile that she was the lead facial animator for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Regardless, it appears many of the people responsible for the game (the good and the bad) were only working on a contractual basis and are no longer on the BioWare team.

Mass Effect: Andromeda releases on March 21st for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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  • harold

    Its funny how white people are complaining about there isn’t enough white features a game when blacks are never portrayed that much in leading roles. You say the guy is racist when he is only speaking the truth. I haven’t read one thing where he something racist. I see him talking about white people getting upset about when they don’t get their way. And that he doesn’t care about your white tears.

  • Nik Stath

    Well i can think a number of reasons someone would hire someone like that Allie Rose Marie person……None of them has to do with the quality of her job…..Still she’s hot, need to give her that.

  • william ramos

    Well,I did my part showing all my friends and people I know that are fans of Mass Effect the ridiculous things said by Manveer Heir and all SJW bullshit implemented into the game.
    The good part is that I didn’t even had to,since the game sucks anyway XD

  • SigmundFraud

    The idiot twitter’s rant should be the least of Bioware’s worry. I was about to pull the trigger and purchase this game but cancelled after watching and reading the reviews. Not only is this game 10 times worse than ME3, the dialogue and plot line is horrendous! The question remains. What in blue hell have Bioware been doing in the past 5 years?

    Witcher 3, Uncharted Series, Zero Dawn and GTA 5 has set the bar and standard. Bioware is pooping all over it with their lazy and half hearted effort.

    You don’t deserve a penny from me!

  • brubble

    Whos this manveerheir loser anyway? Clearly he’s sh*t at his job. Cant blame “the whiteman” for that. Furthermore doesnt he have some women to gang rape or some pretty faces to throw acid at? What a waste of life to be a bitter old dick. Good luck with future employment f’ng Goof.

  • brubble

    This “LEAD” facial animation chick sure wasnt hired for her technical prowess. (push-up bra during interview?) Less time cosplaying, painting faces and pretending at being an “Artist” and more time learning how your f’ing software suite actually works. Inexcusable.

    Well played, Bioware hires up a pack of diversity losers and this POS is the end result.

    Way to shit the bed on this one Bioware. Bravo! (slow clap)

  • Billy Beefcaked

    Only one time in my entire life have I bought a game and returned it the very next day to Gamestop, took the financial hit selling it back….and felt good about the situation.

    The first was Madden 2007 and the second is Mass Effect Andromeda.

    As an enormous Mass Effect fan (own a jacket and several T-shirts) I am absolutely appalled by this heap of garbage that has been released.

    Forget the fact that Andromeda designer Manveer Heir has twittered for the last two years how much he hates white people & wants all of them to die, or how Sam Maggs one of the main writers for Andromeda who was an unknown blogger until she said she was virtually raped in GTA V can’t write worth a darn, or the fact that Frostbite could be one of the worst gaming engines of all-time…….there is nothing great about this game at all.

    1.) Unreal 4 blows Frostite absolutely out of the water and I would go as far as to say Unreal 3.5 does as well.

    I just played the original trilogy via PC and used texture packs to update the graphics and Mass Effect 3 looks way better than Andromeda. WAY better.

    2.) WTF Bioware you got rid of the pause feature that was synonymous with Mass Effect. I love holding the pause button, giving my squad orders, tell them what to shoot or launch powers-wise, and move back into the game. GONE!

    3.) The story is incredibly generic and is a retread of the original. Oooohh ancient race is doing bad things hiding their treasures and we have to find them. Been there done that. Oh….and Andromeda is a giant go do this fetch that game. After just 10 hours I couldn’t handle it anymore.

    This game is not a disappointment but an absolute travesty. I honestly feel like a family member has died, because I am convinced this game is going to bomb hard and there will be no monitary justification to try and make another one….and honestly that is probably a good thing.


    P.S. If you were hoping for a Mass Effect Trilogy re-master you can probably all but count on it at this point. Bioware is going to lose so much money from Andromeda, that they are going to not only need to recoup loses some how, but try and get the awful horrific taste out of everybody’s mouth from this fecal bomb of a game.

  • Voulke

    Didn’t buy Inquisition and won’t buy Andromeda. I’m done with Bioware.

  • Dark Doomer

    People must remember that racism works in both ways. there are racist whites, racist blacks, racist asians, racist arabs, etc. there’s even a racist sioux!

  • realdealbearsfan54

    this diversity crap is thanks to CANADAS pathetic PM TRUDUH who is also bringing in massive amounts of muslims from syria.This crap that CANADA was built on diversity is such a load of garbage!Yes we believe in accepting everyone,but not to the point where your country loses its true identity each and every day that passes.As far as this ANDROMEDA goes,it just goes to show that EA doesnt care a single bit about their gamers.They make billions off of stupid micro transactions and still sub contract game support to the third world.This POS is definately theee very last game from EA that i will ever buy!Absolute garbage,but what do you expect when the 3 top ME devs split before this BS was started!

  • Racist game designer maybe left the game right before release, but hist SJW Racist vision already screwed up whole game. You guys also forgot to mention writer feminst who was virtually raped in GTA V, lol.

    Have you see female characters in game? There is not a single nice looking or white female character preset in game. And all white females in games looks like radfem lesbians and ugly. Those SJWs influenced game in a bad way.
    Also whole team of BioWare in recent years was not select by talents, but was selected by polit correctness (because EA is controlled by freemasonyilluminat bankeersinvestors now and they turned their company and games into propaganda, they care no more about quality of games, they only care to deliver tolerant agenda of their overlords), all oldoriginal bioware talents left this sunking ship before it ended up in abyss. Androginmeda and Dragon Gayge made by SJWFeministLGBTmulticultural marxist amateurs for SJWFemistLGBTMulticultural marxists. THats it, Bioware we knew is dead.

  • Felipe Ribeiro

    it is expected to happen in Canada, which is a place full of liberals, to them what matter is diversity not skills or competence

  • Luboš Černý

    Ali rose and writer of the story they’ll soon lose her job too 🙂

  • ✪ Shamz ✪

    Umm not news. He did his job as hired help, which is not uncommon in this industry, and left.

    • I suppose it is news when 20k – 30k people a day are searching up whether or not he still works at BioWare, wouldn’t you say?

      • ✪ Shamz ✪


        • Well, several hundred thousand people seem to disagree with you.

  • SevTheBear

    I hope they have learned their lesson

  • Sparrowsong

    They may not be there anymore but you released the game without a thought. Real fans would of waited for you to fix this. I’d rather it be postponed. The mass effect crowd was burnt once already with the ending of 3 They are not going to take this lightly just watch the fallout..I have a feeling this will be the last Mass Effect.

    • Agreed. I think the damage control before launch will work against them as more people begin to see what’s really going on.

      From the racist staff to the conspicuous sociopolitical slants, to all of the technical issues, the game has a lot more going against it than going for it. Fans will really have to work hard to ignore many of these issues for 30 whole hours.

  • rushthezeppelin

    Yet another reason I’m happy I’m not using my BA in Game Design. Having to deal with this kind of bullshit at an employer sounds more nightmarish than any shit job I’ve had before.

  • Jdeluxo

    Most of the talent is gone, At least they’re more diverse!!!! cultural marxism folks.

  • Thanatos

    There is justice in the world. But really, what took so long?

  • Ioannis Polemarkhos

    We have to work hard enough so Mr. Diversity Hire would go back to working in sweatshops in his native Bangladesh. No, no- him getting fired is reasonable; When he has to beg for alms as a livelihood, then that is justice.

  • MPawesome-o

    God dammit. Glad I found out about this horse shit prior to buying the game.

  • Zeriel

    When genitalia and skin color are used as job qualifications, rather than talent and a good portfolio, it’s when you realize we fail as a rational species

  • NinjaMicWZ

    AAA game companies forsook consumers who would spend thousands a year on games without batting an eye, for people who either don’t exist, or would rather be doing anything else.

  • LeeSouthend

    Pre Ordered ME-A over a year ago and I’m kinda worried it wont be all that, with the dodgy animations and reports of racism by staffers and dodgy hiring practices it’s sounding alot like something I’d boycott.

  • Phasmatis75

    Bioware’s claims that we have misidentified her are entirely fabrications in an effort to do damage control to their reputation. Unfortunately for them Ralph has screencaps for everything he claimed and controversy like this makes the average consumer steer clear of a product.


  • Phasmatis75

    He still worked on the majority of the game and was only fired when his part was done. It’s still his work.

  • exposethebad

    The game is getting hammered pretty hard on game reviews at moment from groups that undoubtedly have connections through EA. It must be truly unfathomably bad if said groups are giving it a mere 6.

    • In movie terms 6 = mediocre.
      In game terms 6 = a landfill of putrid puke.

      • exposethebad

        It’s true, very true. A 6 in game terms truly is bad. Like game breaking bad in many cases.

  • Nier has no shame

  • Mikhail

    Does anyone want to have sex?

  • Matt Peters

    You know, I wanted to jump on the “let’s hate the racist” bandwagon, but seriously, the worst thing he did was calling white people honkies. Anything else said, would just be a normal person complaining about societal injustices. The only thing I gain from him not working on anymore bioware games is that I won’t have to hear people complain about him anymore.

    • SkankHunt42

      how cucked are you?!
      imagine a white developer calling blacks whatever the equivalent of honkies is…

      • Matt Peters

        And what is a honky? Do you know? Cuz I sure don’t. It’s a stupid fucking word to try and piss off white people, it hold no cultural significance, it doesn’t mean anything.

        • Mr.Towel

          Let just put it in this way then: What would you think of a white southern that posts a picture of himself drinking in a mug that is written “Black tears” and goes on about how he follows too many black people therefore need to unfollow them and etc?

          You don’t need explicitly swearing to know where the thoughts of someone more or less lies.

  • Đenan Hajrović

    CyberPunk 2077.. the end

  • twinspectre

    I think Bioware is Faking it, so they can’t be called Hypocrite

  • MindFever

    this is what happens when you hire people without looking at their curriculum …it’s like nepotism. It spawns shit .

  • Lucian Cote

    While I’m happy that they had actual consequences for his words, I’m uncomfortable with our side using the Lefts tactics that we were shaming not that long ago

  • Lucian Cote

    While I’m happy that they had actual consequences for his words, I’m uncomfortable with our side using the Lefts tactics that we were shaming not that long ago

    • I’m uncomfortable with our side using the Lefts tactics that we were shaming not that long ago

      Whose side? When did the facts and public opinion become a side?

      • Lucian Cote

        Unfortunately this started when the far left use emotions instead of facts

  • Rüdiger Thiede

    Well, looks like I’ll be replaying ME1.

  • Rüdiger Thiede

    Well, looks like I’ll be replaying ME1.

  • Not Here

    I seriously doubt that Manveer will be brought in on any AAA project after this. And Bioware is going to have an extremely hard time waving that diversity flag of theirs from now on.

    Also, I find the overtly sexist comments against the female devs just a wee bit too suspicious. Awfully convenient to start appearing after the shellacking ME:A is taking right now. Not saying that it can’t happen, but it just happens to be exactly what Bioware needs to deflect criticism.

    • Daniel Hayles

      Manveer now owns his own Indie studio. But he refuses to name what one it is.

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    How the mighty have fallen….

  • Rando Numba Nine

    If they wouldve fired him in the early development stages, the game probably would look a bit better

  • Vandergrift01

    I’ve been a mass effect fan since the first one. I’ll not be spending my cash on this piece of trash, or supporting anything bioware does from here on out. Screw em.

  • CazzT

    is, he wasn’t terminated/fired, he left on his own, after the project
    was completed. So it doesn’t matter if he works there or not, BioWare
    still advocates and supports racism against white people, as proven by
    them not ditching this racist immediately after his racist tweets.

  • Gorgon

    Yeah, I used to think EA was a bad influence on Bioware, but it seems they don’t really need any help with shooting themselves in the feet. They really need to stop and think on what they are doing as a company. At this point it’s their survival at stake. I kinda hope this rot is more of their Montreal studio problem, and whatever new IP Edmonton is working on turns out better, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • gush

    Honestly, it could be really worst than this people…
    But yeah, the facial animation sucks.

  • Jason Mounce

    Now we just have to wait for the ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ overhaul-patch in 6-12 months that ‘fixes it all’. It’s either Bioware uncucks themselves, or they become like Ubisoft and screwing everything up, or they get sold off after a while of numerous other future-failures.

  • Keyser Söze

    I’m curious as to understand the inner workings of creating facial animations and animations in general. Motion Capture seems to be more of a long-term win when it comes to projecting an in-game experience that doesn’t disrupt the general immersion of being IN the game. As these are computer-generated, and one has to know that just like CGI in movies, it is to eliminate the artificial nature of the experience, and to perpetuate a realism to it. Or did they just go create templates from scratch here?

    Sigh. It seems any triple A title with NVIDIA/Gameworks on it is soley:
    DX11 and below-focused.
    Buggy AF

    But that’s just me. What do I know.

    • Motion Capture seems to be more of a long-term win when it comes to projecting an in-game experience that doesn’t disrupt the general immersion of being IN the game.

      Yes, this is called performance motion scanning. Where an actor’s face is marked and the in-game model is rigged to the dimensions of the actor’s face so they get a 1:1 performance capture, similar to games like Beyond: Two Souls, or Call of Duty. Team Bondi’s MotionScan middleware was literally designed for this purpose, and a cheaper more cost-effective version made in collaboration with Cubic Motion is in the works from Ninja Theory for the Unreal Engine 4, which was custom made for their game Hellblade.

      This technology means actors’ performances are translated 1:1 in real-time (or for pre-rendered CG) to give the game a realistic look and bypass the uncanny valley.

      Or did they just go create templates from scratch here?

      Partially right. There’s a two-fold problem with Andromeda’s characters:
      1) They didn’t rig up their faces properly, so a lot of their muscles and bone structures weren’t attached to the proper animation rig and don’t capture the movements that the mesh is capable of expressing.

      2) They hand-animated some of the characters and let the lip-synch middleware do the rest for attaching phonetic sounds to the appropriate mouth movements.

      In result, the characters are stilted and poorly animated in the dialogue sequences, or don’t properly emote as they should. Some of the characters are rigged up properly, like the Ryder twins and papa Ryder, but many other characters are not.

      There are middleware tools available to also attach face expressions to intonation tags, so when a certain voice sample is played the in-game character automatically displays an emotion that reflects that sample. CD Projekt Red used this for the Red Engine, which powers The Witcher games.

      • Keyser Söze

        Excellent insight there, Billy. Although as a game requires more NPCs for up-close dialogue cutscenes, is MoCap still viable in terms of production and cost as opposed to, let’s assume – improvisational/standard animations? I thought Witcher 3 was excellent in this regard, although you would run into two or three of the facially-duplicated NPCs that were entirely different “persons” via cutscene dialogue.

        With some of the physics & animation bugs outside the face in this game, I recalled some early news regarding DICE’s Frostbite 3 Engine optimized for AMD, and now that NVIDIA’s heavy hand rearing up into this current game (not sure if DX11 Gameworks saturates this title, as it’s DX11 only, my guess is…) makes for quite the software chopsuey that results in Triple A game optimization issues.

        I remember Bethesda’s engines (e.g. Fallout 4) being picky with 60+ FPS metrics, as the game physics would glitch out if you went beyond (that was a Gameworks game as well), but surprisingly, with AMD Radeons coming out, they’re going for full collaboration w/ engine optimizations for AMD hardware (focusing on the Vulkan API, as well)

        • Although as a game requires more NPCs for up-close dialogue cutscenes, is MoCap still viable in terms of production and cost as opposed to, let’s assume – improvisational/standard animations?

          That’s a good question. I would say it depends on the project. Mo-cap quality obviously stands out in a game like Hellblade, but that’s a 15 person team on a tiny budget with a small cast of characters.

          It would definitely make the production a lot better if there was mo-cap for all the NPCs, and it would be easier on the animators to just slap the pre-animated sequences onto a rigged model as opposed to hand-animating it. But then there’s the cost factor, and another issue… one you brought up…

          I thought Witcher 3 was excellent in this regard, although you would run into two or three of the facially-duplicated NPCs that were entirely different “persons” via cutscene dialogue.

          Yeah this is sometimes an issue with some NPCs who are mo-capped or use specific animation sequencing for their rigging to look more natural and smooth. Recycling high-quality animation sets can be just as jarring and immersion breaking as poorly animated hand-animation sequences.

          Some studios will mix-and-match hand animation with mo-cap; oftentimes using mo-cap for important NPCs and cut-scenes and the hand-animation for generic NPCs, like the GTA games.

          I don’t know if there’s a 100% guaranteed way to do it right and make it cost effective. I think middleware would have to improve a bit more and issues involving adaptive facial rigs that use mo-cap animation sets that aren’t motion scanned — or directly modeled after the actor — would also need to improve. But companies like 3Lateral are definitely making headway in standardizing this practice and bringing down 3D scanning and rigging costs.

          As for optimization for engine performance… various companies are experimenting with Vulkan. I can’t say for certain how this will turn out. You’re definitely right that Nvidia really did bungle the bed with GameWorks, though.

          • Keyser Söze

            A definite work-in-progress for an integral part of RPGs! I remember Neverwinter Nights 2 & Dragon Age: Origins where you “voiced” your characters, then being jarred to hear my character voiced for me on DA2 (all Bioware Titles) – you can notice it all the time – watching online streamers choosing their dialogue in the selection & reading them out loud (or sounding off) w/their own inflections in-game (which I sometimes did as well). In a way, that severely crippled your ability to give diversity/variety to your custom character – & these additional audio dialogue & facial animations adds a lot to installation sizes, not to mention textures.

            I noticed in the past, NVIDIA’s middleware GameWorks tend to be deeply embedded in game engines to the point that you couldn’t disable them (sans .ini file modifications), like how Witcher 3’s HairWorks was so hardware specific it was crippling even to NVIDIA’s low-end hardware, they patched in additional options for the user to disable/tweak them properly. Even back then there was a game I remember that wouldn’t run without installing an earlier version (Ageia?) of PhysX to run a game on ATI/AMD GPUs.

            Considering GameWorks was more detrimental to performance and an optional “enhancement” to a game experience, it is always better to have the ability to disable it completely in any game, for it not to get in the way of the game developer’s intent to deliver an out-of-the-box experience. Unless you are going for a, you know, an NVIDIA-only game.

            Even AMD’s open source counterpart have the same issues, but seems to be less intrusive (and wasn’t a proprietary money-making element like GameWorks).

      • ExhaustedSquid

        So….Foodfight the Game basically?

  • Erwin Rommeow

    Probably time to stop gaming and start lifting and reading. Gaming is just as jewed as Holyrood anymore.

  • Alistair

    Time 00:00 Monday 20th march, it is i who drinking tears from a cup.

    And another one bite the dust. 😎

  • Matthew D Cleaveland Jr.

    Well, just hold off for about two years. That way, we can have some quality mods out there that fix what Bioware should have done in the first place.

  • Marigold

    Good! Manveer is a cunt, and I hope he gets raped by a pack of wolves.

    • If he’s a furry that would be like a dream come true for him.

  • Daehawk

    Hope it fails. Bioware hasn’t been since EA reamed them out in the backseat.

  • Tevya Smolka

    how the hell did this asshole get a job at bioware and not the writer of this article no no i am talking about the racist egotistical jerk who designed Andromeda

  • AlecJ

    Having played a bunch of the free trial period, I have to say, the animation is not only janky at times, but its just plain weird. On close ups of a conversation with a Turian, their is an odd focus on their big purple tongue during speech. Its almost as if you arent supposed to really see it but there it is flappin’ around like a flag in the wind.

    All close ups look pretty bad, actually. Dead eyes and amateur looking hair just make the animation substandard for a 2017 game with EA’s budget and Bioware’s track record.

    Whatever the reason, having worked on this game as an animator, or artist will not be good for your resume.

    That said, i have enjoyed the story so far. It surprised me in multiple ways. Now, im only 5ish hours in and it could go off the rails, but so far, it aint bad.

    The combat is fine. I think the MP is a step backwards from ME3, just in map and enemy design. The weapons feel punchless and i preferred the combat roll to the jump jet stuff. Those things arent really an issue in single player, though.

    Overall, i think ME:A is going to hurt a lot of reputations and cause some serious backlash at Bioware, but i think it will sell good enough to keep the franchise going.

    I do expect a ton of Mea Culpas and big pronouncements of hard work on improvements for the next game, though. Whoever they hire to run the next Mass Effect will spend their first months on the job reassuring everyone that Mass Effect will once again be the groundbreaking game it was in the first trilogy.

    Oh to be a fly on the wall at Bioware as all the reviews are released this week.

  • Generic

    Do not forget the same people who for the past few years have constantly kept publicly shitting on and defaming individuals of development teams from Eastern European countries for being ‘stale, pale and male’ are now demanding some kind of extra-exclusive protection and anonymity for the Mass Effect: Andromeda developers.

  • CH Punk

    This industry hates its fans, why do you guys put up with this bullarkey?

  • Blake

    As a designer, that part of the game would be done for him unless they moved him over to work on expansions. It’s possible that he just had a contract for this game and now his times up

    Good riddance regardless but wanting someone fired for saying things on twitter seems a bit hypocritical as both this and doxing are standard SJW tactics

    • Mr.Towel

      It’s not so much if he’s allowed to say or not, he’s allowed to say whatever he wants.

      But what he says shows that he is no way competent enough to make a fair judgement over the game that so many people love.

  • Keystone

    Funny how they stood by him when it first came out how racist he was instead of immediately canning him. We gave them complaints and petitions to deal with this guy and what did we hear from Bioware in return? Total silence. Only now a few days before the game’s release do they bother mentioning how he isn’t working for them anymore. Almost like they realize this open racist they had working for them might actually negatively affect their game. Only took the entire internet making fun of their game to realize not firing such a toxic, openly racist person like Manveer Heir was a bad idea.

    It doesn’t matter much that he left the company a few months ago, he did his damage by then; the lack of being able to make a white character is proof enough. And no, that *one* white male preset isn’t good enough, because you can’t make a white character outside of that preset. Gamers should be able to make any character of any color they want in character customization, not be forced to pick one because one of the developers was a spiteful racist.

    I guess Bioware figures people will say “Oh Manveer’s gone now, we’ll ignore both everything he said and our inaction to deal with him and buy the game now!” Not gonna happen.

    Oh, and it’s also amusing how Manveer has his own indie studio now, but refuses to name it. I wonder why he doesn’t want people knowing its name or why he’s in charge of it. I wonder.

    • Daniel Hayles

      That Indie studio you mentioned he owns. I wonder how diverse his team is. How much do you want to bet he refused several applications because they are from white people, which would be refusing to hire due to racism and is illegal.

      • Ursh

        If he wants investors, he’ll have to hire competent devs with some kind of name behind them. I doubt he made enough money in his last position to personally fund his indie studio, and judging by his tweets I doubt he has the intelligence or sophistication to do most of the work himself to build a game.

        • Daniel Hayles

          The moment you get a investor you’re no longer a indie studio and from my understanding he wants to remain indie, at least for now. We don’t know how much money he earned from his high ranking position on the Andromeda team. He also might of lived with family and spent next to none of his wages the entire time he worked there. We also don’t know how much money he had before getting that position. We can’t just assume he is going to get a investor based on nothing.

          • Ursh

            Fair point. I still have doubts about his ability to attract talent to his team though, even if he has the personal funds.

      • brubble

        His first game is about wandering the streets of “Any-town”, gathering a strong posse of like greasy creeps and ultimately gang raping as many young white women as possible. Your team possibly lands in court where ALL charges are dismissed because said “whore” was wearing a skirt. Next mission is to search out the “lying whore”, rape and murder her little sister in front of her, followed by a nice splash of acid to the “whore’s” face. Achievement unlocked!

    • Ursh

      I was considering buying it, but now I’m not going to. That’s $60 they lost. Not much, but that adds up.

    • ExhaustedSquid

      Possibly because it doesn’t exist?

  • Sæglópur

    I just had a gander at Manveer’s page and the guy makes a lot of racist and sexist comments.

    I used to be a huge Bioware fan, as they were once a very respected studio. However, it appears that once their old brass left, they’ve continued to make questionable hires more interested in identity politics and hating white people than actually making good role-playing games.

    Sadly, I won’t be buying their games going forward. And by sadly, I don’t mean that it’s sad that I will miss out on something, because their quality has gone downhill over a good period of time now and that’s very sad. The fact that they hire people who contribute to the toxic political climate is also sad. Liberals blame Trump, however present day liberals with their intolerance, their hate, their riots, their divisive identity politics, etc., are the most toxic thing in today’s politics. The rejection of that also helped Trump. We’re done being called names, being shamed for our beliefs, for the skin color we were born into, etc. You can call us every ism and phobia and you won’t shame us into coming to your side or giving up our beliefs. That game is over.

    • Fear Me I Am Free

      Likewise. Dragon Age Origins is one of my favorite RPGs of all time.

    • Daniel Hayles

      Dragon Age Inquisition is not a drop in quality. Also stop with the whole liberal vs conservative bullshit because that is what you see in the media and internet. Most liberals aren’t how you described them at all.

      P.S. Trump is a cunt.

      • Jeffrey Hickey

        You’re right, it’s not liberals versus conservatives. It’s The Left versus the entire rest of society. These people are the furthest thing from liberal as you can possibly get. And on a side note, Trump isn’t a cunt. Leftists are cunts.

        • Jay Tea

          You clearly have no idea what leftist ideology is about.

  • Dre Mosley

    We all know damn well that if Manveer was a white guy pulling the stuff he pulled, he’d have been out on his ass quickly and Bioware would have denounced any and everything he said.

    Diversity is all well and good, but let’s not have it just for the sake of having it.

    • Metatron

      Well its simple. replace white with black on his tweets and watch the shitstorm happen.

    • ExhaustedSquid

      It’s not even diversity at this point, it’s just political circle-jerking.

      Imagine it; he’s the same race but he DOES NOT AGREE with the politics of the team. He would have never been hired at all because he’s not the ‘right’ minority.

      Groups like this (as in SJW groups) have never cared about diversity. They only care about finding more bitter-ass chucklefucks like them to take over something and to cover that they aren’t racist, they find PoC chuckle fucks as shields to say ‘We’re diverse! This angry Black chick who screams about how she hates Whitey is on our team so we’re better than you!’

  • JRyan72

    I was really conflicted about buying the game after reading that guy’s twitter feed. He was extremely racist and why would I support a company who kept people like that employed? Now that I know he is gone I’ll consider buying the game depending on how the full reviews pan out. I won’t write the game off based on the negative reviews of the first few hours, but I don’t feel like shelling out the money if it turns out the whole game was just one big money grab with poor writing and animations. People should not have attacked that woman based on her gender. Actually they should not have attacked her at all since she doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the animations. The person who is responsible for animations really should be fired though, because their quality of work is quite weak for a AAA title.

    • Mr.Towel

      I’m curious, why do you think people attacked that woman because she was a woman?

      • Rüdiger Thiede

        Because any time you criticize a woman, it’s because you hate women. Even if you are a woman.

        Welcome to [current year], my dude.

  • MusouTensei

    Doesn’t makes the company any better tbh, they are all garbage, talentless hacks.

  • Krommer1000

    Who cares? So his contract ended and they let didn’t renew it, and that’s supposed to make it okay that this ass hat helped make this piece of shit game? Why did they do nothing about it while his contract was still in place? Why did they hire him to begin with? Why did they not let him go as soon as it became clear what a douche bag he was? Screw this POS game. Hoping it goes down in flames.

    • JRyan72

      Why did they release the game knowing that it was subpar? That is my biggest question. I guess profit is more important than their reputation.

      • Cabius

        Have you played it yet? Is your opinion of it being subpar based off of first hand experience, or are you just riding the band wagon? Obviously racism is not ok, but crucifying an entire game studio because they made one bad hire is stupid. It isn’t like when he applied he checked a box that said “I hate white people”.

        • Jose Sanchez

          Giving a fair shake of the stick, delaying a game for too long can have massive repercussions for a company, especially a AAA one. They may’ve figured they could skip through some stuff with patches and DLC down the road and suffer a bit just so they could recoup potential losses. As for the developer in question; he’s been ‘sharing’ his racists views for quite a long time already, it’s not new. Bioware is a public company and their employees represent the company. By letting it go on for as long as it did, Bioware has sent two possible messages, they condone it, or they’re incompetent at managing their employees. Neither is a good reflection on the company.

        • Rioplats

          I trust ACG. His critiques are always valid concerns, as about as objective as something like a review can get. There seems to be a persistent lack of polish that permeates animation, writing and graphics which would impact my enjoyment of the character development. Hence it does seem to be a subpar product, if he can’t recommend the title to even the most diehard of fans, suggesting waiting for a sale.

          Also, the entire Bioware Montreal team, mostly responsible for development of this title, have come under fire for being too “SJW” in general. I’m not going to weigh in on this judgement, but the fact that their work has been called amateur and “fan-fiction” level speaks volumes. Perhaps they weren’t hired on merit.

      • Nathaniel Dingess

        Why do you think it’s subpar? Honestly it’s getting bandwagoner hate for subjective reasons, with the only objective problem being the animations being a bit wonky. Thing is, not everyone has seen those bad animations and not everyone…cares about that kind of thing. Beyond that, people seem to be enjoying it…but okay let’s pick it apart with only a small snippet of the game having been played early. That sounds logical and fair…lmao

      • LurkerJK

        SJWs dont care about reputations, they shed the skin and put on another one, they never own mistakes either, it was always somebody’s else fault

        Seems journos have already decided that ME:A is beyond saving and to burn it on the stake, Expect a lot of “EA meddling caused this!”, tales about series of unfortunate events and maybe mentions of incompetent developers while they completely ignore the racist aspect of the problems, they will most likely not talk about the character creation and if they are forced to do so they will say that a bug prevents you from making white ppl and/or take the single example that maybe looks somewhat white in certain lighting as proof of the contrary

    • HaloEliteLegend

      I would question all their hiring decisions across the board. Who hired someone to make these utterly unacceptable animations? Who hired these writers to produce utterly cruddy dialogue? It seems whoever was in charge of hiring fucked up big time.

      • James Brand

        There were multiple fuckups on multiple levels:

        1)Hiring people who clearly can’t animate or write a creative fresh story to meet some “Diversity Quota” so they can yell “Hey look how Diverse we are”.

        2)Allowing said employees to continually express in the case of Manveer racist remarks without any punishment.

        3)Lead Animators/Writers and their respective department heads signing off on this clusterfuck as “acceptable”

        4)And lets not forget the Elephant in the room EA specifically Peter Moore and those in the company who share the same anti consumer mindset of charging for a game which they ship broken or unfinished thinking that “patching it later” is acceptable.Along with MP shoehorned in whether it makes sense or not and loaded with MT’s

        • ExhaustedSquid

          I want to make a note in something that I’ve noticed about all these diversity quotas; it’s no so much of diversity as it is ‘you go along with out politics so you’re in and you have a following on Tumblr so you MUST be a good writer/artist!’

          Most of the time, whenever I see people talking about diversity quotas I see the same WHITE SJWs fucks with a small sprinkling of non-Whites here and there so it’s not like these companies are making a stretch to be as inclusive as they say they are. It’s more about being politically correct in terms of displaying what’s cool and topical at the moment than gathering more ‘diverse’ employees and creators but they AREN’T diverse, either in people as well as IDEAS.

          As I said before, if these companies were so hard-set on being as diverse as possible they would hold some sort of talent fairs for minority artists to break the stereotype but they don’t. They only hire within their incredibly shallow ‘talent’ pool of like-minded friends and give them positions they have not even the smallest of experience in or give them massive projects rather than giving them something to dip their feet into first.

          If this whole thing about the LA just being a cosplayer with the correct politics and no experience in animation then it just proves they hire based on being buddies and with the mindset that their genitals prove something.

          It’s disheartening and depressing to me and other artists/writers who struggle to get noticed and can’t get in either because of skin color or not knowing anyone within the circle. Why even try when those massive things hold you back?

          • Perfectly said. I couldn’t agree more. If I weren’t lazy I would add a gif of someone clapping approvingly.

  • Dr Dub

    The game will still sell well I am sure as fans will be fans.

    I can’t pretend I’m boycotting as I never had any intention of buying another Bioware RPG after DA:I was so mediocre.

    If this happened with a series that I was a fan of, I’d have just waited 6 months and got a cheap grey key rather than paying full price at launch. The added bonus of this strategy with any large RPG is that a lot of the bugs would have been fixed. Good way of kicking them where it hurts whilst not depriving yourself.

    But as I say, fans will be fans and stupid is, as stupid does.

    • JRyan72

      yea DA:I was a let down after a game like origins.It isn’t the worst game in the world but it was kinda meh.

      • iruta

        DAI was slow paced, but I think it opened a great potential for the next game.

  • Golden Cobra

    I will not be purchasing or playing it. Companies who kowtow to social justice or embrace identity politics to feign morality, or virtue signal do not deserve my time or money. You lost a customer AGAIN bioware…keep it up.

  • LurkerJK

    Oh boy, if you look into the Courtney Woods picture youll notice all she has done before becoming a writer was Intern, Assistant and Community manager, its Dina all over again

    I bet her face is tired, i also noticed that she is a grey warden, spectre, imperial agent, pirate mage princess and an inquisitor but not a pathfinder, i suppose you are not a pathfinder until you “pathfound” something, right ?

  • Bamf

    So he helps ruin the game and leaves…that doesn’t make me want to buy it.

  • durka durka

    “male model”

    has this mofo looked at his face lately?

    “previously worked on wolfenstein”

    Shit, which one? Oh let me guess wolfenstein 2009.

  • Michael P

    Interesting that PC Gamer’s kinda tepid on it, wouldn’t say they’ve been outright hostile to gamers but there was some anti-gamer/SoJus rhetoric there on occasion that would suggest even if they weren’t fond of it, they’d slap an 8 on it and go quietly into the night to help their friends.

    Their concerns are basically in line with everything that’s being said by the rest of us with an ounce of impartiality, that convo reads like a 6 at best.

    • Disqusted

      That’s what I thought. I guess their elitism for purdy graphics/immersion outweighs their elitism for political correctness?

      • Michael P

        I didn’t even consider that but whatever gets them to see it for the amateur hour game that it is and causes some fucking honest game journalism for a change is acceptable imo.

        • Disqusted

          The stupidest thing is we knew this was gonna happen: hiring people based on their vagina/beliefs instead of skill. Of course the result is going to be shit.

          It’s frustrating that white knight/SJW/political correct dumbasses need to have stuff they like turned to shit before they understand that. Zero empathy, zero foresight.

    • LurkerJK

      I don’t think it’s going to be like that, the fact rock paper shotgun is bashing the game tells me the sjw community tied bioware on the train tracks and consider them a lost cause

      Ppl are going to compete with each other to rip the game a new asshole

      I’ve been wondering why I haven’t heard a Ghostbusters style defense for the game, they are probably very afraid of the precedent, this is what SJWism does to game design

      • Disqusted

        Ironic considering how many of them bent over as hard as they could to let SJWs rip them a new asshole.

        • LurkerJK

          I’m suspecting they are going to try to steer the bashing away from socjus and try to make just about a bunch of incompetent devs

          The Rps article talks about everything you could think of… Except manveer & co and the character creation problems, they don’t want to touch that

          • The Rps article talks about everything you could think of… Except manveer & co and the character creation problems, they don’t want to touch that

            The thing is, by not informing (warning) people about the character customization (or lack thereof) they’re just going to fan the flames more. People found out you couldn’t make whites because of gamers asking the devs after they tried and failed to make fair-skinned people. So the reviewers ignoring this will result in a lot of YouTube videos popping up of people talking about not being able to make whites.

            I suspect they’ll only make it worse by not talking about it.

      • Jesse Baker

        Because after what happened with ME3, they don’t have that luxury anymore. They already played that card and they can’t do it again, especially since they barely got away with doing it last time.

        They probably know it’s going to be fail and AIDS and at this point. Ironically, it would be in their best interest to pull the game from ever seeing the light of day release-wise and eat the loss and rebuild it from scratch with competent people who are not anti-white racists and SJW cum guzzlers making it.

  • LurkerJK

    The Purge is starting earlier than expected, I guess the preorders went to shit and now they are just gritting their teeth and waiting for the blow

    Oh well, I was hoping for more fireworks

    • Disqusted

      Insert smarmy comment about “fireworks” at the end of ME3 when everyone DIES.

    • I doubt it’s a purge.

      The fact remains that these SJW parasites need to be caught doing something really out-of-line and controversial (beyond any doubt) in order for them to be criticised and be fired/removed/resign from the companies they work for.

      Bioware are infested with and are controlled by SJW cucks. If a progressive runs out the contract, resigns or gets fired, they’ll just hire another progressive to replace him/her. And so forth.

      The cycle will continue unless the tumor is killed.

      • Blake

        The tumor is San Francisco

        • Mr.Towel

          Vancouver is Canada’s San Francisco.

          I can see that many of their developers are from that place.

  • Disqusted

    Manveer probably got promoted to God Chief of Electronic Arts, for sake of “diversity”.

    If they didn’t want people to get attacked for being sociopathic bigots and hijacking a popular franchise to poop out unqualified political trash, they should have hired skilled professionals instead.

    They chose to hire people who they knew would alienate everyone, because they seem to want the backlash. Now they’re probably going to play the victim for sympathy points. “Buy our game or else you must hate women! *sob sob*”

    By the way, something I wanted to point out. A guy once said to me that it’s easy to make monsters and stuff, but it’s much more difficult to make something beautiful/attractive. I think that kinda applies to Mass Effect Androgyna. Not excusing the ugly faces, and the shitty animation, but every pic I’ve seen of female Ryder has really awful lighting. That’s the fault of whoever lighted the scene. Either they suck ass, or they did it on purpose.

  • anopolis

    his contract was up and he walked….thats not good enough, bioware. were I an employer, and one of my people said one third the shit that man spewed out. I would have had security toss him on his ass. but no, he rode out the contract…fuck that. those people just said “its ok” and its not…racism/sexism/respect all of em, are two way streets and every single person on this little ball of dirt we call earth, are plenty capable of being a douchecanoe..color never had shit to do with it.

    • Bamf

      Thank you 🙂

    • Fear Me I Am Free

      The thing I hate is the massive double standard. SJWs supposedly hate racism, but allow it as long as its against the right people. Do you think a white guy spewing racism like Manveer was spewing would have had the position as long as he had? I seriously fucking doubt it. I mean, I’m all for free speech, but from a company standpoint, your employee having racist rants can affect the image of the company.

      • anopolis

        if he were white he would’ve been crucified the first time he opened his mouth. hell yes! theres a double standard….And, frankly he or anyone else who tweets out stuff like that should be attacked. Color doesn’t matter one bit. I’m the boss, and some white guy is going crazy saying he …I dunno hates jews or some crap..I’m firing his ass quick fast, and in a hurry.

      • Daniel Hayles

        I want to quickly point out that a lot of SJWs I know do not like him and they disagree with that he posted and believe him to be racist. Don’t do a auto “Those pesky SJWs!” Makes you look one sided.

        • Come on, though, you gotta be fair here. BioWare came out as clear leftist/SJWs and completely stood by him and his comments. He blasted those remarks far and wide and when people asked BioWare to condemn it, they didn’t. So likewise, no one in the media and hardly any notable voices on social media condemned his remarks.

          Anyone from the outside looking in wouldn’t see some no-name SJW in the backwoods of Twitter (behind a blockbot no less) solemnly condemning Heir. A lot of them even popped into various articles on sites like this to defend him. Just go check that one article about the petition that popped up… various people in the comment there defending him while waving the social justice banner.

        • Fear Me I Am Free

          Except there are a lot of SJWs who allow racism against white people because they don’t think you can be racist against whites because of that retarded math problem they like to throw around. So no, I’m not being “one sided”.

        • CheeseGraterToForehead

          Oh please. go to Salon or Huffpo and read the comments. These people are like lemmings. Very stupid and very numerous.

      • ExhaustedSquid

        Think about the personal environment as well. Imagine coming to work and having someone like this spewing things like this CONSTANTLY, making the work place uncomfortable. In a normal work setting,reporting racist like that would get an instant reprimanding and if the actions were especially heinous they would have been fired.

        I seriously don’t know why this sudden upswing of this type of behavior is seen as empowering and this is coming from someone who is Black. It’s creepy as shit because if someone were to call him out, they’d start a mob against you. It’s just the same basic office bullying but dressed in a new shitty package to pretend that it’s justice. IT’S NOT.

    • Ursh

      Many of his tweets were from 2012-2016, with some of the worst ones in 2014. Him being a racist asshole isn’t a new thing. They had to have known about it.

  • Mr Snow

    Ralph Retort runs an article
    “Girl whose only credentials are cosplaying and being pretty is the lead facial animator for Mass Effect Andromeda – implies her -physical- skills may have got her the job.”


    Remember X-Men 3? Remember who directed it? Brett Ratner. His previous credits certainly didn’t have people thinking he was qualified to take over where Bryan Singer left off. It was the Rush Hour films, some other low grossing films, and Mariah Carey music videos.

    People trash talked him for, well, they still do it now.

    People say the same shit about Milla Jovavich or Kate Beckinsale. That they only get Resident Evil / Underworld movies because they are banging directors / producers!

    FFS, Jovovich married Luc Besson (5th Element) and then Paul Anderson (Resident Evil) You could just fucking say she’s sleeping with the director to get the job. Is that fucking harassment if you post that on your blog?


    • KowalskiTG

      but andromeda’s facial animations are legit terrible tho. whoever did them is obviously not qualified…

      • Cabius

        They really aren’t as bad as everyone is making out. Yes there are some wonky ones here and there, but I can say after playing the 10 hour trial they really aren’t any worse than the wonky animations in Horizon Zero Dawn, yet that game is being praised. (rightly so)

        • but I can say after playing the 10 hour trial they really aren’t any worse than the wonky animations in Horizon Zero Dawn,

          Ehh, I wouldn’t say that. Some of Horizon’s facial animations are stiff and Aloy clearly looks like she’s speaking through a retainer that glued her teeth shut, but they have better direct line of eyesight in Horizon (for some reason in Andromeda their eyes shift and move and don’t always look at the character they’re talking to). There’s also some really stiff facial ranges and the lip-synching is more miss than hit compared to Horizon.

          I’ve had a lot of my fair share of criticisms for Horizon, but it’s leagues above Andromeda in the visual art and animation department.

    • Disqusted

      Maybe it’s because those people seem to actually have some talent/skill and that speaks for them, regardless of criticism.

      When SJWs get criticized, they often/always have little/no redeeming values, so the only excuse/defense they can use is “misogyny”.

    • Bamf

      Please don’t remind me of X-Men 3. Thankfully, DOFP erased that. Cyclops was right 🙂

    • Metatron

      I mean when it came down to it she wasn’t what her twitter said she was. So the criticism of ME:A for her is unwarranted. The criticism for her not updating/removing her past credits is completely valid though.

  • Muten

    There is quite a fixation of terms here (racist, diversity, attacking or cyberbullying)

    None of those words are that bad, adults should be able to navigate situations where that manifest.

    As far as accusing devs of being racist or just adding diversity because, just look at the end result and take it apart, too much looking behind the curtain going in on sometimes.

    • Mr.Towel

      Well, the end result is pretty shitty. It’s shitty because they were incompetent. We’re trying to reason why such level of incompetence went all the way through such a big project, with high budget, made by a company with past prestige.

      Sheer incompetence normally would be weeded out in such projects.

      • Muten

        Yeah, it seems the only interesting parts of ME:A is the shit behind the curtain. Reviews are comming in, not so great…

  • Олександр Баб`як

    Good riddance! Hope he enjoys his next job at Starbucks counter, serving all those pesky white people!

  • Олександр Баб`як

    Good riddance! Hope he enjoys his next job at Starbucks counter, serving all those pesky white people!

    • Bamf

      I can only imagine the comments he writes on their cups 🙂

      • I wouldn’t be worried about what he writes on them… but what he puts in them.

        • Benjamin Peters

          Jokes on him. Bleach only makes white people white-er, thus growing their power.

    • Chuddox

      Probably more like the 7-11

      • CH Punk

        No dude, other Indians think he’s an asshole too. Seriously, he’s the only uncool Sikh that I’ve ever seen.

        • HaloEliteLegend

          I would be one of those Indians. He’s a racist asswipe.

          • HaythamNomis

            Fellow Indian chiming in! Manveer Heir is a racist asshole. I was flabbergasted when I saw his tweets. How was he able to hold his job for this long?

          • Rüdiger Thiede

            One word: connections.

          • Well, you see…


            In the land of SocJus, the progressive stack allows you to cash in oppression points.

            The more oppressed you are, the more you are allowed to indulge in social degeneracy, such as sexism, racism, and pedophilia.


            So… you see, Manveer had enough oppression points to make racially charged remarks without being criticized by fellow SJWs.

          • Well, you see…


            In the land of SocJus, the progressive stack allows you to cash in oppression points.

            The more oppressed you are, the more you are allowed to indulge in social degeneracy, such as sexism, racism, and pedophilia.


            So… you see, Manveer had enough oppression points to make racially charged remarks without being criticized by fellow SJWs.

          • HaythamNomis

            Hahaha 😀

            It’s sad, really. Apparently racism is okay if you’re only racist towards white people.

            Sigh, what is the world coming to?

    • ExhaustedSquid

      Think Starbucks will live up to THEIR diversity quota?

  • “This spawned additional reports from some other websites, as well as enthusiast games media, attacking gamers for allegedly attacking the developers at BioWare via social media.”

    It should probably be mentioned that the corrupt media is actually using Ethan Ralph’s and his fans’ shitty behaviour as a way to falsely attribute GamerGate to some of the messages this facial animator received:

    Here’s a Twitter search directed towards her account (which she actually hardly uses): (Most of the messages she got are actually supporting her – thought I should mention that.)

    We’re seeing the media repeat history, the same narrative. Therefore, it’s important to do what we did back in 2014 and publicly state that, no, we do not like Ralph nor his actions, and we never supported harassment nor ever will.

    • LurkerJK

      Don’t bother, without Ralph they would find someone else or make something up, you are just becoming a tool in THEIR harassment campaign against someone who wronged them

      They always do the victim thing to rally a echo chamber around them

      • Well, denouncing Ralph isn’t supposed to be for the mainstream press. It’s for the fence-sitters. If they see one side denounce shitty people, while the other tries to play the guilt by association card, chances are likely the former will be seen more positively in the long run.

        I like to think so, anyway.

    • I knew I should have added in the Twitter search into the article. Thanks for the reminder.

    • HaloEliteLegend

      Let them run themselves into oblivion. We dealt with GamerGate years ago, that’s behind us. They can try to revive it, but we’ve collected so much ammunition, it will be an impossible battle.

      • I would argue that GamerGate only comes back when it needs to, as a media watchdog. Something like what Kotaku and Polygon are doing warrants dissecting their articles and calling them out on their shit.

        • ExhaustedSquid

          You are correct. GG is only brought up when cuck sites want to think that the addition of a female character or character of color means anything and it turns out that gamers as a whole (who they shove under the GG rug) DON’T hate said character, proving that the name is just something they want to pretend they’re standing up against.

          It’s PATHETICALLY sad at this point; they made fun of GG when it was fresh but now that most of us have moved on they need it as much as ever because it’s the only thing they can use to act as if they’re fighting against anything when in reality, most of these writers and devs have NOTHING to fight against. They have a position where they can say and do whatever they want and be praised for it without a single repercussion from it.

          Meanwhile, artist, devs, and writers who aren’t as toxic are always mocked for being things they aren’t because they don’t go out of their way to instigate people and brag about their jobs that they’re shit at.

  • Migi

    Still hoping the game tanks hard. And people should be hired on their skills/talents not diversity.

    • Disqusted

      ^ So much this. There’s nothing more bigoted than treating people like shit solely because they were born white, or male, or whatever. It’s not something people get to choose.

      People who work hard to improve their skill deserve to be hired. Prioritizing nobodies based on their vagina or raving bigotry is essentially telling artists like me “Why bother improving? Nobody cares how good you are, because you have a penis,. and the skin you were born with isn’t the right color. You will never get a job in the industry.”

      Being an SJW, on the other hand… that’s something people actively choose to be. Of course, you can argue that they were brainwashed, but anyone good-hearted, intelligent and open-minded enough should be able to see outside of the hugbox. SJWs usually don’t because they enjoy having an excuse to bully others and receive benefits for it.

      • Ursh

        Crybullies, is the term that is being used for SJWs who constantly attack people but then retreat behind their privilege when people counterattack.

        • NullJeager

          “The plan is to strike at them where it hurts the most, their identities! We’ll force them out of games and attack them personally”

          2 hours later, after /pol/…


        • NullJeager

          It is funny when it’s places like 4chan and others that are championing personal liberty, while the ones “championing” it are attacking a large demographics liberties.

          Hypocrisy of the highest order.

          • Not the subdivisions of /a/, /pol/, and Kek. It’s quite the opposite there.

      • David

        Taking things way too personally? Classic Gamergater bullshit.

      • Jose DelMadre

        Wow, this is an argument that can make you feel filthy no matter which side you choose to stand with.
        I can’t tell which side is worse, the group that panders for diversity or the group the whines they’re being excluded because of the pandering. Did EA or Bioware fire you because you have a white penis? Then you probably need to STFU about it. Just don’t buy the game. That’s how it works. Just don’t buy it and let them figure it out the hard way.
        When you get the obvious racism coming from Manveer w/e, call it out. When you get poor animation, call it out. Don’t blame her because she has a vagina. Blame the entire team because the product is poor quality.
        Seriously, I have no intention of buying this game for many reasons but apparently although they might overlap with some of the complaints on here, I”m certainly not going to be cutting holes in my pillow case and join you at your next rally to decry them.

        • harold

          What did Manveer say that racist? Im still trying to figure that out. Its white people complaining about how they are?

    • LurkerJK

      It would leave a nice precedent, something we can point at and say “you are gonna end up like mass effect Andromeda”

    • Harald

      welcome to a political correct world!

    • JRyan72

      Yea no kidding. You want the best person for the job to produce the best possible product. Video games are an art. This isn’t some delivery service where anyone can do it. Too bad Bioware is getting its reputation wrecked, but they lost too much talent and now it looks like they have their jv team in there.

    • its like hiring fire fighters who cant pass their rigorous tests…oh wait

      • Reinhold

        As long as the fire department is “diverse”…

        • Ursh

          Excuse me, I can speak to wood and that structure identifies as a bonfire, not a house, so we don’t need to put out the fire.

      • Jason Moyer

        The army did the same thing when I was in. Lowered the standards so everyone could get a trophy. It’s not like people won’t die if u can’t perform

      • Shinku

        Meanwhile in Sweden.

    • Deus Solaris

      it’s not gonna tank, I have 4 friends who are blindly going to buy this shit game and one of them literally says he doesn’t want to even see news or reviews about it. They are not SJWs but when I bash SJW they either stay silent or give me half-hearted “yeah that sucks”

      • Migi

        Those are kinda the simpletons I always refer to when calling out ppl that will just blindly buy things without a sense of integrity. Sorry to say that about your friends but those are the facts.
        IF ppl want better games they gotta vote for with their wallets, Cause that’s how we got Japanese publishers to include Japanese dub in their games.

        • MG_Salad

          I have/had several friends who would do the same. Sometimes hype blinds us, so I can’t blame them completely, but this instance is pretty glaring in terms of the flaws the game clearly has.

        • SonOfConstantDiligence

          I’m inclined to agree with you to an extent. However, if there was a game that you were really looking forward to playing and it started to get bad reviews and negative comments. You’d probably still want to try it out for yourself to see if it really is as bad as everyone has been saying online.

          I’ve been on both sides of this argument. There have been games I really wanted to play and try for myself regardless of the reviews and criticism it got. There’s also been games that I was interested in, but the reviews and negative criticism kept me from getting it.

          So, if someone really wants to play a game there’s nothing that will deter them from playing it until they see and decide for themselves how good or bad it really is.

          • Migi

            I always feel if there is a game i really wanna try i wait till its cheap before i buy it so they can’t profit of me. as long as you buy it Day1 and the game is bad for Andromeda kinda reason its a easy choice not to buy.

        • They never heard of fucking PB? Shit.

      • Jay Tea

        Yeah, how dare your friends not want to join in while you “bash” people?! /s

        To me, it sounds like your friends are just more mature than you. Maybe try hanging out with 15 year old kids then.

        Also, it’s not going to tank because it’s a fun game. Some of us have actually played it and use our own brains to come to conclusions instead of just relying on reviewers to do the thinking for us.

        • Caput Lupinum

          ROFL I love how superior you think you are.

          • Jay Tea

            I love how you think you know what I think.

            I think all humans are trash, no exceptions. Try again.

          • 2 edgy 4 me bro. You off da charts, fam.


          • Jay Tea

            Nowhere near as high up as you though, so I guess I have something to work towards, eh?

          • Jay Tea

            Clearly, I’ll need it, considering who I’m up against for top spot.

            You write for a site called “” with a tag “Tear Slurper”. If that doesn’t scream edgy teenager, I don’t know what does.

          • If that doesn’t scream edgy teenager, I don’t know what does.

            *Thinks I’m a teenager*


          • Jay Tea

            I don’t necessarily think you are one when it comes to age, just mentality.

          • Better to be old with a young heart, than young and listen to Justin Bieber music.


          • Jay Tea

            So 25 is old now?

          • Kevin B. Venable Carranza

            That Ifunny watermark

          • Caput Lupinum

            I just want you to re-read our exchange, for the record this is how it went:

            Me: ROFL I love how superior you think you are.

            You: I love how you think you know what I think.

            I think all humans are trash, no exceptions. Try again.

            So I basically pegged you dead on balls as a stuck up elitist prick, and you confirmed it.

            Thank you, my mind reading app is properly calibrated.

            No need to “try again.”

          • Jay Tea

            Apparently you can’t read.

            I said no exceptions.

            Unless you’re insinuating that I don’t think I’m human?

            Enjoy your circle jerk.

          • Caput Lupinum

            You must think you are exceptional in some way if you believe that you posses the ability to judge the entire human race.

            You are shallow, trashy (admittedly so) and continue to stick your own foot in your mouth.

            We are just having fun watching you light yourself on fire and run around like you burned us.

          • Jay Tea

            Do you think you’re hurting my feelings?

            This is no different than when a person of one political leaning goes somewhere with different views and says something those people don’t like. The majority in said place thinks they’ve made some big accomplishment, get their confirmation bias and continue on with their circle jerk of ideology.

            Again, I love that you think you know what I think.

          • Caput Lupinum

            I didn’t think trash had feelings so, no…

            Like I said, we are having fun watching you light yourself on fire and run around acting like you burned us.

          • Jay Tea

            And here you are thinking you’re superior.

            The irony is lost on you, I’m sure.

          • Caput Lupinum

            LOL, It’s not about superiority, it’s lulz.

          • Jay Tea

            Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

          • Caput Lupinum

            Well I mean we all know I’m superior to you, so in that sense you are right.

            But I’m not here to prove it.

            I’m here because you amuse me.

          • Jay Tea

            Hahaha what a good joke. So you’re a comedian I take it?

          • Caput Lupinum

            Nah. I suppose your not really trash then either?

          • Jay Tea

            A literal bag of trash? No. But I am human…

          • Caput Lupinum

            Then don’t waste your life arguing with trolls, unless you are having fun of course.

            Don’t choose to be a fanboy and die on the hill defending a soulless corporation.

            Let the haters hate.

            You just go out and procreate.

            You have no chill…

            Relax, and roll with it bro. 🙂

            Good luck now.

          • Jay Tea

            I am having fun. It’s like a game. My sentiments were serious, but when people try to get under my skin in response to anything I say…that’s when the real fun starts.

            I’m also not a fanboy. I didn’t give a shit about Mass Effect until I saw the Andromeda trailer(to the point that I didn’t even know it was a sci-fi series until last month…). I’m one of the most anti-corporate people you could possibly meet, by the way. I like the game Mass Effect Andromeda, that’s all there is to it(though before the release I did go back and start on the trilogy and realized I like those too).

            The haters will hate, and I will give them shit for it.

            As for having no chill…I’m not young enough to totally understand what that means :V

          • David

            Dude, I’m liberal and super anti-GG and holy shit did this sound like shilling. You didn’t know Mass Effect was sci fi… what?

          • Chainer

            Seriously, what is going on with this guy? Every message was at ends with the last, and the first comment doesn’t even seem to be written by the same person. My only guess is a serious coke/meth comedown

          • CheeseGraterToForehead

            Total fanboy.

          • DudeLove

            The hypocrisy and irony behind all of your comments are quite unfortunate unless your goal here was to poorly troll.

            Regardless Jay Tea’s first comment was correct. It’s not a matter of superiority which by the way was a terrible counter argument on your part with no substance. Claiming such a thing shows a lack of a proper argument. Mature people generally don’t go about “bashing” other groups of people unless it’s over a pretty serious subject matter. “SJW” is not such a matter. So it is quite fair to assume that the original commenters friends are probably more mature since they didn’t partake in the bashings.

            And you really didn’t prove any intellectual points with your comments. All you did was flaunt your immaturity and make really flawed counters. If you were trolling then it wasn’t very impressive. If you were serious then it turns out that you were in fact the one setting yourself on fire, acting like you’re burning others. Take the foot out of your mouth.

          • DudeLove

            The hypocrisy and irony behind all of your comments are quite unfortunate unless your goal here was to poorly troll.

            Regardless Jay Tea’s first comment was correct. It’s not a matter of superiority which by the way was a terrible counter argument on your part with no substance. Claiming such a thing shows a lack of a proper argument. Mature people generally don’t go about “bashing” other groups of people unless it’s over a pretty serious subject matter. “SJW” is not such a matter. So it is quite fair to assume that the original commenters friends are probably more mature since they didn’t partake in the bashings.

            And you really didn’t prove any intellectual points with your comments. All you did was flaunt your immaturity and make really flawed counters. If you were trolling then it wasn’t very impressive. If you were serious then it turns out that you were in fact the one setting yourself on fire, acting like you’re burning others.

          • Chainer

            Jesus, guy.

            I was totally onboard with your first comment and thought, “Yeah, a lot of these guys are probably 15 year old circlejerking. I’ve loved the game besides the janky animations, but Bioware always had that.”

            Then one comment later, here I am thinking you’re a edgy 15 year old with the ‘all humans are trash’ idiocy. What? Where did the guy who made the first comment go? This isn’t even a good troll if that’s the attempt being made – if you’re not, you’re delivering a very confusing message

          • SonOfConstantDiligence

            Why would anyone take you seriously if you think all people are trash regardless of the good things they’ve done?

            You think you yourself are trash, you think your family is trash, you think your friends are trash, you think everyone on the internet is trash, you think the people who make your food is trash, you think the people who create your entertainment are trash.

            So your statement that all people are trash, no exceptions, is very weak and is extremely cynical/pessimistic. What’s the point in living then if there’s nobody to share your positive experiences with? You basically are saying there’s no hope or no point because we all are bad.

          • Jay Tea

            I’m married, I have people to share my positive experiences with, I just accept the fact that humanity is garbage.

            I really don’t care if anybody takes me seriously. Nobody will remember me, this, you or any of us, in due time.

          • SonOfConstantDiligence

            That’s the cynicism talking.

          • Jay Tea

            Reality is pretty cynical.

          • SonOfConstantDiligence

            It’s only cynical if you make it cynical. I’m not saying life is puppies and rainbows but it’s also not the apocalypse either. Where people hate everyone, only care for themselves and don’t try to help each other out ever.

          • SonOfConstantDiligence

            You said everyone is trash, so I assumed you meant all people. To me, that’s wrong and false.

            Also, even though you might not think that people will remember you or what you say surely the people who spend the time reading these comments will remember that there was a guy who was posting stuff about Mass effect: Andromeda that they agree with or don’t agree with. They might not remember the exact details but there will be people who do remember.

          • CheeseGraterToForehead

            Sounds like you’re just garbage.

          • I realize some people where dropped on their heads as kids, but your parents must have thrown you against the fucking wall.

            You set yourself up for that one right there.

            Also, people can spend their money as they want. If they do not want to support racist developers that hate on their customer base, or want to try and stick it to developers that think it’s okay to sell a broken, buggy ass game, then they can. They have every right to try and encourage people to join them, too.

            Fucking free market, bitch.

          • Jay Tea

            Lmao what the actual fuck are you going on about?

            And you think I’M the one with a defective brain. Adorable.

            Have fun being so miserable that you have to spew hatred every chance you get 🙂

        • CH Punk

          What’s so mature about wanting your favorite video games to be messed up over shallow political nonsense?

          • Jay Tea

            There’s nothing politically correct about this game. If you actually played it and formed your own opinion instead of believing everything spoon fed to you over the internet you would know this.

          • Jay Tea

            Oh, and next time you want to put something in my mouth, use a cock instead of words.

    • Kastrenzo

      I just cut myself on that edge.

    • A Lyukastorkú
      • Migi

        I just hope ppl stick to their guns considering a lot of ppl are all talk, And i personally hope that ppl keep to their believes instead of selling out.

    • Nathaniel Dingess

      I agree with the second sentence, but honestly hoping a game like this tanks hard is…pretty shitty of you. I hope it does well, because I love Mass Effect and would say I’m a true fan. Dunno about you.

      • Migi

        You do know that buying the game and supporting it in this form will just encourage them with doing it again in the future installments. Sorry but sometimes you just gotta make a stand.

        There are a lot of anime games that have been released English dub only but I still refuse to buy em on the principle that they are of a lower grade in my eyes. we wanted change on that point, and it worked, by standing our ground and demand it or we won’t buy it concept.

      • Dibella

        Yeah, sorry/not sorry to the other Bioware/EA employees affected by their peers’ bad behavior, but I won’t feel a lick of guilt if they are; they chose the line of work, they chose the company to work for. Personal accountability extends into the choices the corporation you work for makes. That’s not me trying to be unfair, that’s just how economics works.

        • CH Punk

          Don’t be on a team if you don’t want to share the success and the blame. They all deserve to be out of the industry forever. Oh well, that’s showbiz. There’s plenty of others to take their place.

          • darkdragonty

            That logic is actually the most broken fucking logic that I have ever seen. Your saying that someone should quit their job, the thing that is helping them support themselves and their family, because their boss is racist and posting some shit on twitter? In this day and age you don’t quit a job over something like that. If it is bringing in money, and not causing you stress and health issues you stick with it. Period.

      • Caput Lupinum

        When you go to a restaurant and the waiter brings you out a burnt ass overly salted hockey puck and calls it a rare slab of prime rib, do you just act like a typical Cuck and tell the chef how much you love it as you force yourself to eat it, then pay the 60$ price tag while telling people who complain about it to shut up and support the chef?

        Of fucking course not.

      • CH Punk

        If it tanks, you wait a few years for it to freshen up, or find something better.

      • ExhaustedSquid


      • Migi

        Got the game, Been staring at her beautiful animated behind non-stop.

      • Oldenheimer1913

        2B -> Tooby -> Booty.

      • snakesandfrogs

        I could watch that all day.

        • harold

          Yes I can

    • fred

      That’s the dumest shit I heard…..put a gun in your mouth

    • Adam S.

      that really is a good point, so much of “we celebrate diversity in our company” so you mean to tell me you denied someone a job even though they had a better skill because of the color of his/her skin?

    • Jason Moyer

      Not in the world of left wing politics. They see everything through the prism of race. Content of a person’s character, skills, or talents mean nothing to them. Oh, don’t be wealthy either

    • Shinku

      SJW is against meritocracy. The only thing that has merit to them is the skin and the gender in their heads.

    • harold

      Clearly the guy has talent. It seems that you have a problem with diversity from what I am reading.

  • der_ketzer

    Good. That means there is a chance that their NEXT game MAY be good. If they survive the Andromeda launch.

    • Michael P

      They’ll survive Andromeda, it was developed by BioWare’s secondary team. I’m thinking this may have been a trial run, “Lets fill it with SJW’s and dial the diversity up to 11, let them make a AAA game with their vision and see how it pans out.”

      How this plays out is too early to tell but the mediocre technical aspects and fanfic writing haven’t gone unnoticed so maybe there is a chance…

      • LurkerJK

        Give up, Bioware has no talent left, it’s a hollow shell, they are most likely going to end up bankrupt and selling their ips

        Meanwhile EA is definitely going to put their greasy hands over them after this, it will be interesting to watch them squirm

        • Disqusted


          EA is probably going to run off to Sarquasar for more advice, so they can make the next Mirror’s Edge even worse.

        • Michael P

          Dude…don’t ruin muh optimism, it only happens a handful of times a year! I spend the other 360 days neck deep in cynical misanthropy and bemusement.

          The thought of EA giving ’em one to the skull like so many other teams they acquired, is a conflicting but happy one I suppose.

          • Mr.Towel

            Cosplaying as the devil’s advocate here.

            I don’t believe BioWare is entirely, or solely, at fault.

            The most kind thing you can say about Andromeda is that it seems the game was not polished enough for release. The animations are crappy, the features are lacking, the content is amateur and low quality. It’s clearly unfinished. Who can you blame for that?

            The incompetence of the developer, of course.

            But I have to say… EA has a history of rushing releases. They’re pretty rock hard on deadlines, they prefer to release their games as non-polished and incomplete mess than to have to delay them for polishing. This behavior is not recent, I remember seeing this pattern in their games 10 years ago, in games like NFS: Carbon (2006), which begins with very long, high budget cutscenes to end with a 15 second cinematic and “thanks for playing” vignette. Mass Effect 3 was also clearly rushed to release. I would dare to say the same of many of their other games. They usually begin with an epic introduction and goes downhill from that. Probably because while at the beginning of the project and the pitching of ideas the confidence was running high and as it progressed it went low and the executives got tired of delays, so they just tell the devs to patch things up quickly and release it as it is. Which is always an incomplete mess.

            *puts sensible hat on*

            Either way, it’s very clear that BioWare has a serious problem of ideological brainwashing in their high ranks.

          • Cosplaying as the devil’s advocate here.

            I don’t believe BioWare is entirely, or solely, at fault.

            Even as a devil’s advocate… I don’t know man.

            I was willing to toss pitchforks into the ring at EA, but they gave them a heck of a lot of leeway with what, $50 million? Five years? All-access to the Frostbite engine? Like… that’s the wet dream for a lot of dev studios, and obviously they didn’t have much oversight of the project given the quality of the final product.

            It’s just hard for me to put the blame on EA this time around. But you’re definitely right about a lot of other past NFS games, and especially Mass Effect 3.

          • Mr.Towel

            You’re probably being more sensible than me.

            Still kind of shock to me how much the mighty have fallen. ME2 was of one the jewels of the last generation for me.

            But you’re more likely right. Games that are rushed to release usually have inconsistent quality through out the game. ME Andromeda seems shitty from minute 1. Just imagine the atrocity that awaits us at the end.

          • LurkerJK

            They obviously did not have the marketing budget Mass Effect 3 had (i remember when that came out, all gaming sites had a mass effect ad theme) so that leads me to think that they knew not to keep investing on a turd

            But on the other side, like Billy said when he ninja’d me a second ago, they got a decent budget to make the game, they spent it on a game of thrones actress nobody is going to identify by voice, a dude that is openly on a twitter jihad, a bunch of women that put that they hate men on their resumes, fighting for diversity by fucking up a character creator and making the characters unappealing on purpose

            There have been times when you can see EA’s hands messing with the developers, but in this case, outside of unnecessary multiplayer tacked on, Bioware dug their own grave

          • Mr.Towel

            I have to agree on that with both of you.

          • CH Punk

            EA will say, “Don’t take the job if you can’t meet the demands.”, EA execs probably don’t care about video games, and the creative execs are most likely Hollywood producers and screen writers. They don’t not care who or why there was a fuck up.

        • Daniel Hayles

          Inquisition was a great game. Inquisition was their latest game released to date. To say they have no talent left and will go bankrupt is a idiotic thing to say.

      • CH Punk

        EA is going to be up Bioware’s ass from now on though. BioWare pissed away their creative control probably.

    • Disqusted

      Not going to give them the benefit of the doubt, especially after ME3 and now this awful mess. Let them disband or whatever. A better group will probably fill the void. People need to let the industry know that this bullshit is not acceptable. Just like they did to Marvel’s SJW comics.

      I miss when people used to make stuff that customers want to buy, not force shit down people’s throats or act like SJWs are the only audience in the entire galaxy.

      • Daniel Hayles

        What was wrong with ME3? The last few minutes? Get a grip.

    • Bamf

      Quite frankly, the fact that douchebags like Aaryn Flynn supported this bigot makes me hope that they continue to fail.