Former BioWare Devs Revamp Failed Project Mooncrest
(Last Updated On: April 19, 2017)

Bioware today is not the same Bioware that it was way back in the day. During the early days and somewhat mid-part, the company managed to put out some decent titles that gamers enjoyed. Well, whatever happened to the people that made Bioware decent? A game from 2015 sort of carries the story of what some of the talent that left the company have been up to in recent years.

Back on July 23rd, 2015, we covered a game called Mooncrest by former BioWare devs now known as Knightmayor, and to my surprise quite a bit of people were looking forward to it. The game followed two travelers on an adventure. This game was all about revitalizing classic story-adventure tales set in an open-world environment with real time combat.

Images of Mooncrest sit below.

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Well, not too long afterwards on August 4th, the devs put the game through Kickstarter… and the project was doing rather well during the beginning moments. Skip to August 21st, and well, sadly the project did not meet its Kickstarter goal. On October 7th, the developers announced that they had to end the project.

On May 24th, 2016, one of the developers took to Mooncrest’s main site to announce that…

“While not as glorious as Mooncrest, smaller projects can establish KnightMayor as a trustworthy developer while it grows to handle larger projects. And more importantly, keep the Mooncrest dream alive. I have a new project mostly planned out and will start to share details and start some early prototyping soon.”

As of recent, the developers announced that the game will take up an RTS form until they can build up to make the real Mooncrest. As promised in the quote, the prototype build showing the Beta demo is available to watch below.

Yes, the game has changed drastically, but the devs explained that…

“Smaller projects can establish KnightMayor as a trustworthy developer while it grows to handle larger projects”

The devs should have put “good” smaller projects. Anyways, the artwork will change like other graphical elements, but if you want to help give feedback the devs are looking for insight as noted below.

“Just finished what may be the final Phase 2 build.  All content is in the game. Only a few minor polish aspects left. Still would love to have more testers, so speak up if you are interested.”

This brings us to the current day situation of KnightMayor and the progress made so far. The devs are looking to enter Kickstarter and Greenlight, and will post up a demo for folks to play.

Hopefully the devs that broke away from BioWare will not create titles similar to a certain glitched-up game with bad facial animations. If the devs created KnightMayor to channel the older BioWare titles and create fun games for gamers to indulge, without the current day BioWare stuff, hopefully this iteration of the game will succeed and turn into what it was originally planned to be: Mooncrest.

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  • Raging Papist

    Its not that having 2 female protagonists is inherently bad, its that when games are made with a specific intention of pushing a political agenda, we all lose. I swear, I HATE the self-righteous attitudes of people that say “no chainmail-bikini” Thats become lingo for SJW perversion.

    I hate that I’m not allowed to enjoy it. Women in full plate armor is just another fantasy. This game smacked of it. Frankly, if these SJW devs worked at old Bioware, Im amazed they achieved what they did.

    • fnd

      Women in full plate is even more unrealistic. At least chainmail bikini focused on the actual womanly power: seduction, and while a game centered about feminine activities will be boring for most guys, scantily clad women warriors can bring some sexyness fun to a game about adventure, combat etc…

  • Gorgon

    Mooncrest… Wasn’t the Kickstarter pitch all about how toxicly masculine video games are and how THIS game will have two female protagonists, and that is the most important thing about it and that’s why we should fund it? I mean, it had no other option but to fail.