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CNN Producer John Bonifield Admits The Russia/Trump Story Is Mostly Fake News
CNN Fake News

There hasn’t been any certifiable or substantial evidence about Russia “hacking” the elections. The media and even American politicians have…

Ys Origin PS Vita Review: An Old Classic For New Hardware
Ys Origin

[Disclosure: A review copy was provided for the contents of this article] DotEmu’s re-release of the 2006 PC outing of…

Observer Gameplay Demo Puts You In The Shoes Of A Mind-Rapist

Bloober Team unveiled some new gameplay footage for their upcoming game, Observer. The new gameplay footage covers seven minutes of…

E3 2017: Genesis Alpha One Lets You Create Space Habitats And Fight Aliens
Genesis Alpha One

Genesis Alpha One is the upcoming roguelike, first-person shooter, base-building space sim for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC….

ARMS Update 1.1.0 Adds Spectator Mode, LAN Play
ARMS Update

The Nintendo Switch fighting game, ARMS, was updated just before June rounded out, as promised by producer Mr. Yabuki. The…

Twilight Spirits, Action-Oriented MMORPG Launches June 29th On Steam
Twilight Spirits Online

Arriving during the midst of Steam’s Summer Sale, NetEase’s Chinese MMORPG, Twilight Spirits Online, will make its debut in the…

Sega Defends Sega Forever Initiative, Despite Criticisms Of Lag And Poor Performance
Sega Forever

A majority of people seem to be a-okay with the Sega Forever initiative, a compilation of games that Sega has…

Exzore: The Rising Relies On Dynamic RPG Choices That Actually Affect The Game
Exzore The Rising

Oftentimes in RPGs we’re told by publishers and developers that the game feature multiple choices and that each choice throughout…

GORN Announced For VR Headsets And Gore-Porn Enthusiasts

Devolver Digital and Free Lives announced that GORN is coming. It’s a virtual reality gladiatorial game where players will duke…

Agents of Mayhem Trailer Focuses On Killer Scientists And Engineers
Agents of Mayhem - Joule

Deep Silver and Volition Software released the latest trailer for Agents of Mayhem, a rackous romp through Neo-Seoul featuring some…

Dragon Ball FighterZ Will Be 60fps; Uses Anime FPS For Cutscene Sequences
Dragon Ball FighterZ

There’s a new half hour gameplay video featuring Bandai Namco and Arc System Works’ Dragon Ball FighterZ. The developers talked…

Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro Tournament Edition Gaming Headset Coming To PC In July
Elite Pro PC

Turtle Beach announced that they’ve partnered up with Astralis to release the new Elite Pro Tournament Edition Gaming Headset for…

SteamVR’s Knuckles Video Demonstrates Precision VR Handling
Knuckles VR

Zulubo Productions released a video featuring the Steam VR Knuckles, the new wireless motion controllers for the HTC Vive featuring…

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