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Sega Defends Sega Forever Initiative, Despite Criticisms Of Lag And Poor Performance
Sega Forever

A majority of people seem to be a-okay with the Sega Forever initiative, a compilation of games that Sega has…

Best Of E3 2017: A Way Out – A Real Game For Real Gamers
A Way Out - Best of E3

There was only one game at E3 that stuck out, stuck with me, and wasn’t just a marketing ploy with…

CNET Publishes Misinformation About #GamerGate, Staff Defends Falsehoods
Donald Trump GamerGate

CNET published a screed against the gaming community and against #GamerGate, a 2014 revolt against unethical journalistic practices in the…

SJWs Attack The Last Night Developer Tim Soret
The Last Night

Odd Tales is working on a cool cyberpunk game called The Last Night for home consoles and PC. It was…

Daily Telegraph Fearmongers Over Sexy Female Game Characters Harming Kids

“Lock your doors. Hide your kids. Close your windows. Big boobs are out to get you and yours.” That’s pretty…

BioWare Devs Blame Everyone Else For Mass Effect: Andromeda Failings
Mass Effect Andromeda

There’s an in-depth, post-mortem look into the development cycle of Mass Effect: Andromeda over on Kotaku. It’s a collection of…

Sony Exec Ignorantly Says PlayStation Backwards Compatibility Wasn’t Used Much
Gran Turismo 2

Sony’s global sales chief, Jim Ryan, was one of the individuals interviewed by Time to talk about the PlayStation brand,…

Fox News Misrepresents Venezuelan Protests Amid Increasing Tensions
Venezuela Protest - Carlos Becerra Amnesty International

Fox News recently published an article detailing the protests taking place in Venezuela at the moment. The article is titled…

Nex Machina Dev Laments Lack Of Coverage From Politically Biased Gaming Media
Nex Machina

Last generation — before Anita Sarkeesian, Jonathan McIntosh, and other pseudo-academics attempted to co-op the gaming industry by turning the…

Mic Publishes SJW Tirade Against #GamerGate To Defend Mass Effect Andromeda
Mass Effect Andromeda

Mic writer Alex Borkowski recently published a tirade against #GamerGate. The article was recently published on May 17th, 2017, featuring…

Feminist-Themed Report Shows How Selective #GamerGate Citations Can Spread Misinformation

The Data & Society network published a report recently by Alice Marwick and Rebecca Lewis on May 15th, 2017 entitled…

Kotaku Apologizes For Publishing Fake News About Trans Troll Hoax
Vivian James Pissed Off

Activism in place of journalism has been a cornerstone in the continuing decline of news media over the past years….

Huffington Post’s Ian Buckingham Posts Factually Inaccurate Article About #GamerGate
Huffington Post GamerGate

Ian P. Buckingham recently published a piece on the Huffington Post boasting a number of claims with no citations, and…

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