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DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Adding SJW Muslim Super Hero To Fight Back Against Trump
DC's Legends of Tomorrow

CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow producers have decided to take an intended political stance and conspicuously include a more socially…

Transformers: Lost Light Comic Goes Full SJW, Adds Trans Autobots
Trans Transformers

Lugs and Anode, two Autobots, have been revealed to be trans characters in issue #8 of the Transformers: Lost Light…

Ready Player One’s Messy Trailer Features Duke Nukem, Kaneda’s Bike And Freddy Krueger
Ready Player One

A movie about video games called Ready Player One was showcased at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend….

Spawn, Low-Budget Horror Movie In The Works By Todd McFarlane
Spawn Movie

Todd MacFarlane has finally made it happen: he’s working on a new low-budget horror movie based on his comic book…

Bright’s Netflix Trailer Hammers Home That Blacks Can Be Racist… Against Elves
Bright Trailer

David Ayer could have another masterpiece on his hands or another disasterpiece on his hands come December 22nd later this…

Sonic Comics Will Continue, Despite Sega Severing Ties To Archie Comics
Sonic Comic

The official Sonic Twitter account sent out a message informing the audience that Sega has officially severed ties with Archie…

Dr. Who Becomes A Woman And SJWs Claim Victory Over Patriarchy
Dr Who SJW

The topic of Doctor Who becoming a woman has been brewing under the canopy for years, like yeast in a…

Spider-Man Homecoming Video Exposes SJW Elements
Spider-Man Homecoming

A lot of big-budget movies lately have been adopting the multiculturalism and diversity agenda being pushed heavily in Hollywood, and…

The Tick Trailer Underwhelms With Stilted Comedy, Uninteresting Action
The Tick

The old live-action show of The Tick, based on the 1990s cartoon that was based on the comic book, was…

Divided States Of Hysteria Comic Cover Censored Following SJW Complaints
Divided States of Hysteria

Image Comics censored the cover of issue number four of Divided States of Hysteria. The cover has been replaced with…

The Foreigner Sees Jackie Chan As An Intense Father Out For Revenge
The Foreigner (2017) Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is still making movies despite being quite up there in age. In fact he’s 63 years old, but…

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle Takes Place In A Game, And The Trailer Is Getting Crapped On

Sony Pictures released the first trailer for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, which stars The Rock and Jack Black. The…

Rakka Short Film Is Free To Watch On Steam And It’s A Gory Sci-Fi Thriller
Rakka - Sigourney Weaver

Neill Blomkamp is best known for the South African sci-fi flick District 9. He’s followed up that smash hit with…

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