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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Character Creator Lets You Create Hybrids, Humans, Dwarfs
Beyond Good and Evil 2

Story content director Gabrielle Shrager talked about some more of Beyond Good and Evil 2’s character creation system, revealing that…

Agents of Mayhem Trailer Focuses On Killer Scientists And Engineers
Agents of Mayhem - Joule

Deep Silver and Volition Software released the latest trailer for Agents of Mayhem, a rackous romp through Neo-Seoul featuring some…

Future Fragments, 18+ Metroidvania Puts Players In A Future Where Sex Is Outlawed
Future Fragments

A hentai-themed 2D Metroidvania with hand-painted visuals, extremely smooth animations, and action-oriented gameplay is currnetly in development called Future Fragments….

Star Citizen ATV Previews Nox; Will Take 15 Hours To Travel Around Moon
Star Citizen

The latest Around The Verse episode for RSI and CIG’s Star Citizen covers a large swathe of development progress across…

Tekken 7 Mods Enable Playable Young Heihachi, Ladyboy Leo Bikini
Tekken 7 Leo

There are some very interesting mods coming out for Tekken 7 on PC. Given that the game runs on the…

Elisa The Innkeeper: A New Customer Arrives, Adult Dating Sim Launches On Nutaku
Elisa The Innkeeper

Nutaku and Neoclassic Games announced that a brand new “intricate” dating simulator titled Elisa The Innkeeper: A New Customer Arrives…

E3 2017: Yakuza 6’s Takeshi Kitana Doesn’t Play Games, But Likes Trying New Things
Yakuza 6

I hope you didn’t forget about Yakuza 6: The Song of Life because apparently IGN surely didn’t forget about it….

Em-8ER: Mechs Vs Kaiju Wargame Seeks Funds On IndieGoGo

#GamerGate alum and shitlord extraordinaire, Mark Kern, graduated from Red 5 Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, and working on various other projects…

E3 2017: New Xbox Avatars Due Out This Fall, Focuses On Cultural Diversity
Xbox One Avatars

One of the lesser talked about news items that popped up during this past E3 was the new Xbox Avatars…

Drift Stage Is 95% Done, Will Include Full Livery Customization
Drift Stage

One of the retro-themed racing games to make its way to Kickstarter and find startling success is Drift Stage, from…

ARMA 3 Star Wars Mod Download Now Available; Rivals Star Wars: Battlefront
ARMA - Star Wars 3 Boba Fett

The Star Wars mod Imperial Assault for Arma 3 may have disappeared in an attempt to avoid being hit with…

E3 2017: Mount And Blade 2 Footage Previews Mongolian Archers, Cavalry Gameplay
Mount and Blade 2 E3

Some new footage for TaleWorlds Entertainment was one of those understated games that popped up during E3. It may not…

E3 2017: Kingdom Come Deliverance Video Previews Dice Mini-Game, Melee Combat
Kingdom Come Deliverance

During E3 there was a 13 minute demonstration for Warhorse Studios’ Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The E3 demonstration showcases some of…

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