Ethics Policies

The Ethics Policy page refers to the standards and practices employed by One Angry Gamer and applied to writing staff, guest posts, editorials, news articles and other content published or distributed through the site. The Ethics Policy for the site is subject to change, but otherwise what’s stated applies to content made viewable on the site.

Relationships and disclosure

Some articles may be written by guests or staff that may have close personal ties to the subjects they cover. If this turns out to be the case, simple disclosure clauses will be added to the articles.

If there is a potential appearance of a conflict of interest with a staff writer and a subject being covered in an article, a disclosure clause will be added to the article.

If there is an undeniable conflict of interest between the writer and the subject of an article, recusal may be put into effect for that writer.

All review and preview codes used for the purpose of coverage will be disclosed.

Right to reply

For articles that some content makers, publishers, manufacturers or developers feel are not accurate or unfairly portrays their content in the public sphere, there is a no-contest right to reply option available for editorials or news posts.

Preview/Review Policies

We may on occasion have reviews or previews posted that are done with a review copy or code provided by the publisher or developer, and done with their consent. These reviews will contain clearly marked disclosure either at the top of the article or within the body of the article, letting readers know if a review copy, key, or code was provided for the contents of the article.

Unverified Information and Anonymous Sources

Anonymous sources may be used for some articles if the information they provide can be vetted and verified as factual and irrefutable. Anonymous sources may be used for making statements if the sources have verified their identity but wish to remain anonymous for the purpose of protecting their identity, livelihood or other disposition that may be affected by exposing their identity.

If information provided by anonymous sources cannot be verified, a secondary source will be sought or additional corroborating information may be used for verification or to establish authenticity. Information without corroboration or without additional sourcing or verification may not be used unless under extreme and specific circumstances. Fact-free rumors and damaging hearsay without additional sourcing will be avoided at all costs.

If there is anything that needs to be clarified, feel free to drop a comment using the Contact page.