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Nier: Automata Tops Steam’s Sales Charts While Modders Offer Resolution Fix
Nier Automata Resolution Fix

Platinum Games and Square may have had a tough time getting out of the starting gate with Nier: Automata on…

Runeyana, Fantasy Action Game Graduates From Early Access On March 21st

The 3D hack-and-slash, action-RPG from developer Blackturn Studios called Runeyana, is gearing up to finally and fully release starting March…

Mass Effect: Andromeda Finally Does Something Right, Will Have Free MP Maps
Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Maps

The marketing for Mass Effect: Andromeda hasn’t been so great. It’s no shock that a lot of gamers are left…

Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer Won’t Have Face Customization
Mass Effect Character Customization

The single-player portion of Mass Effect: Andromeda will feature the ability to shape and mold the Play-Doh faces of the…

Full Nudity, Softcore Porn Promised For Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Unattractive Characters
Mass Effect Andromeda Nudity

BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn took to Twitter to talk about the ESRB rating for Mass Effect: Andromeda and the…

Nier: Automata 9S And A2 Gameplay Walkthrough
Nier Automata - 2B Dies

Nier: Automata is one of the rare games where the first eight hours or so of gameplay is actually just…

Unworthy, Action-RPG Enters Steam Greenlight Seeking Votes

Everyday and every second steam Greenlight can see more septic waste flowing through its pages than a sewer system, and…

Mass Effect: Andromeda Goes Gold; PC Requirements Revealed
Mass Effect Andromeda

BioWare announced on Twitter recently that Mass Effect: Andromeda has gone gold. That means that development is done and finished….

Nier: Automata: How To Remove 2B’s Skirt And Access Her Leotard Thong
Nier Automata 2B Thong

Leading up to the release of Nier: Automata, a lot of gamers have been talking about the protagonist… 2B. The…

Nier: Automata 2B Gameplay Walkthrough
Nier Automata Walkthrough

Platinum Games’ Nier: Automata has become available for PS4 owners and will be available soon for PC gamers via Steam….

Gamers Feel Mass Effect: Andromeda Characters Are Ugly
Mass Effect Andromeda Ugly

Leading up to the March 21st release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, there appears to be a lot of pings coming…

Mass Effect: Andromeda Features Five Different Weapon Types, Multiple Sub-Weapon Types
Mass Effect Andromeda Combat

You’ll be able to master in using pistols, shotguns, assault weapons, sniper rifles and melee weapons in Mass Effect: Andromeda….

Mass Effect: Andromeda Screenshots Feature Fugly Ryder Family

It’s hard to get over just how fugly the main characters look in Mass Effect: Andromeda, papa Ryder looks like…

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