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YouTube Preemptively Censors Interview With Inside #GamerGate Author
YouTube Censors GamerGate

James Desborough, the author for the recently released book Inside GamerGate, was set to partake in a live-stream interview on…

Mic, Millennial SJW Website Lays Off 25 Staff Members
Mic Downsizes

Mic, a self-proclaimed millennial website that caters toward “progressive” topics and attempts to court Social Justice Warriors, is laying off…

CBC’s The Current Misidentifies #GamerGate As A Harassment Campaign

An episode of The Current from CBC Radio, featuring Anna Maria Tremonti, purposefully misidentified #GamerGate as a harassment campaign during…

Kotaku Apologizes To SJWs Who Harassed Their Writer
Kotaku Apologizes to SJWs

Social Justice Warriors unequivocally excoriated Kotaku, their writer Laura Kate Dale, and John “TotalBiscuit” Bain, recently. Why? Laura Kate Dale…

SJWs Attack Kotaku Writer For Interviewing TotalBiscuit

[Update: Kotaku has issued an apology to the SJWs who attacked and harassed their writer] [Original article:] Anita Sarkeesian led…

Inside GamerGate Interview: Media Lies, Gamedropping And Culture Wars
Inside GamerGate

Inside GamerGate: A Social History of the Gamer Revolt is currently available right now on Amazon for $4.99. The 202-page,…

Inside Gamergate: A Social History Of The Gamer Revolt Book Is Now Available
Inside GamerGate

James Desborough’s Inside GamerGate: A Social History Of The Gamer Revolt is currently available on Amazon right now for $4.99….

Polygon Suspends Nick Robinson Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations
Polygon Nick Robinson

[Update 8/11/2017: Polygon has fired Nick Robinson for flirting on social media.] [Original article:] Polygon’s editor-in-chief Chris Grant posted a…

Vice Lays Off Waypoint Gaming Journalist Mike Diver Amid Restructuring
Mike Diver Waypoint

Vice Waypoint is the video game arm of the online website Vice. The media publication has about 3,000 staff across…

Destructoid Lets Jed Whitaker Go Following String Of Controversial Articles
Jed Whitaker GamerGate

Jed Whitaker recently took to Twitter to proclaim that he was “fired” from Destructoid. He claims that the new owner…

#GamerGate: Destructoid Updates Article After Misreporting Alex Mauer DMCA Case
Alex mauer GamerGate

Destructoid’s Jonathan Holmes originally had a story published on the front page entitled “River City Ransom: Underground Taken Off Steam…

Engadget Defends CNN, Misinforms Readers About #GamerGate
Engadget CNN GamerGate

Engadget’s Jessica Conditt penned a piece entitled “Here’s why CNN isn’t ‘doxing’ anyone”. It was published on July 7th, 2017….

IGDA Executive Director And Anti-#GamerGate Critic Kate Edwards Steps Down
Kate Edwards IGDA

Kate Edwards became the International Game Developers Association’s executive director back in 2012. Over the last five years Edwards has…

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