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CNET Publishes Misinformation About #GamerGate, Staff Defends Falsehoods
Donald Trump GamerGate

CNET published a screed against the gaming community and against #GamerGate, a 2014 revolt against unethical journalistic practices in the…

The Last Night Dev Apologizes To SJWs For Criticizing Anita Sarkeesian
Tim Soret

Three years ago Odd Tales’ creative director Tim Soret criticized Anita Sarkeesian for radicalizing and mobilizing Liberal Social Justice Warriors…

Geek.com Apologizes To #GamerGate Over Far Cry 5 Controversy
Geek.com GamerGate

#GamerGate took the blame for yet another controversy (even though it takes the blame for just about every controversy these…

Archon Convention Cancels #GamerGate Panel Following SJW Complaints
Archon 41 GamerGate

The Archon convention set to take place later this year at the end of September in St. Louis, Missouri was…

Feminist-Themed Report Shows How Selective #GamerGate Citations Can Spread Misinformation

The Data & Society network published a report recently by Alice Marwick and Rebecca Lewis on May 15th, 2017 entitled…

Kotaku Apologizes For Publishing Fake News About Trans Troll Hoax
Vivian James Pissed Off

Activism in place of journalism has been a cornerstone in the continuing decline of news media over the past years….

Inside #GamerGate Wants To Offer A Gonzo Social History Of The Event

James Desborough from Andover, U.K., wants to do something bold: he wants to contribute to history to thwart the ideological…

Huffington Post’s Ian Buckingham Posts Factually Inaccurate Article About #GamerGate
Huffington Post GamerGate

Ian P. Buckingham recently published a piece on the Huffington Post boasting a number of claims with no citations, and…

Palmer Luckey Smear Campaign Was Fake News, According To UploadVR
Palmer Luckey

Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus and former front-man for the VR company (which is owned by Facebook), recently left the…

Snopes Fabricates Lies About #GamerGate Without Citing Sources
Snopes Debunked

Snopes has been selected by Facebook as an official “fact checker” for helping determine when a site is publishes an…

Huffington Post Forced To Apologize For Racist Propaganda; Editor-In-Chief Resigns
GamerGate Huffington Post

Retribution has been paid to the Huffington Post in the form of the editor-in-chief of the South African division resigning,…

Man Loses Job For Exposing Huffington Post’s Unethical Racist Agenda
Huffington Post Ethics

Marius Roodt is the real name behind the pseudonym Shelley Garland, a fake philosophy student who the Huffington Post gave…

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier Attacks Polygon Over Horizon: Zero Dawn Drama
Kotaku vs Polygon

Polygon’s Ben Kuchera decided to do an article about how developers mocked an article on Kotaku from writer Jason Schreier….

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