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Die Young Showcases 20 Minutes of Survival-Horror Gameplay

Die Young, developed by Indie Gala, is a first person survival horror game. The story follows a spoiled rich girl…

Outlast 2 Was Censored To Receive R18+ Rating, Suggests Ratings Board
Outlast 2 Censored

Outlast 2 was recently unbanned and rated in Australia after originally being refused a classification by the ratings board in…

Sapu, Magical Horror Game Adds Some Spice To RPGs

Ende Games recently slapped Sapu onto Steam Greenlight. The game is a top-down survival shooter with horror elements. There’s a…

Outlast 2 Denied Rating In Australia Despite Demo Receiving R18+ Rating
Outlast 2 Banned

Red Barrels’ Outlast 2 won’t be released in Australia for home consoles and PC. The game was refused classification by…

Phantom Halls, Papercraft Horror Game Features Ash From Evil Dead 2
Phantom Halls

Incendium announced that Phantom Halls, the side-scrolling, 3D papercraft horror title, has officially entered into Early Access on Steam. Ads…

Outlast 2 Composer Talks Shaping The Sound Of Horror
Outlast 2

I managed to get in time talking with Samuel Laflamme, a French-Canadian composer from Montreal, Canada. We talked about how…

P.A.M.E.L.A. Enters Into Early Access With Mixed Reactions

The sci-fi horror title from NVYVE Studios called P.A.M.E.L.A. has officially entered into Steam’s eEarly Access. The game is available…

Outlast 2 Launches April 25th On Xbox One, PS4, PC
Outlast 2

Red Barrels announced on Twitter recently that Outlast 2, the horror game set within a cultish farmland, will be releasing…

Dying: Reborn Gameplay Walkthrough
Dying Reborn Walkthrough

Dying Reborn recently launched for the PlayStation 4. The game is currently available for the standard PS4 and the PlayStation…

Agony Trailers Feature Jiggly Demon Boobs And Flayed Bodies
Agony Game

MadMind Studios released some new trailers for the Unreal Engine 4-powered horror game, Agony. Ads (learn more about our advertising…

System Shock Pre-Alpha Footage Shows Weapons And Enemy Freezing
System Shock Remake

Nightdive Studios rolled out some new pre-alpha footage for System Shock, the remade reboot of the classic System Shock 1….

Scorn Will Be Part Of Humble Bundle’s Debut Publishing Lineup

Fans of Scorn should be happy to know that the game is now part of Humble Bundle’s debut publishing lineup….

Perception, Echolocation Horror Game Coming Soon To Xbox One

Deep End Games has partnered with indie publisher Feardemic to release their echolocation-themed horror game Perception onto the Xbox One….

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