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PS Plus Subscribers Grows To 26.4 Million Despite Offering Lots Of Lackluster Games

The PlayStation Plus subscription numbers have topped out at 26.4 million as of the last quarter. That’s up by 27%…

Fox News Misrepresents Venezuelan Protests Amid Increasing Tensions
Venezuela Protest - Carlos Becerra Amnesty International

Fox News recently published an article detailing the protests taking place in Venezuela at the moment. The article is titled…

Wargaming Threatens Copyright Strike On World Of Tanks Video, Claims It’s Not Censorship
World of Tanks

YouTuber TheFochYou had one of this videos threatened with a copyright strike over content he did criticizing Wargaming.net’s latest tank….

Platinum Games Working On New IP Following Success Of Nier: Automata
Nier Automata Yorha Commander

During the BitSummit Platinum Games studio producer Atsushi Inaba revealed that they’re working on a new IP. They obviously didn’t…

UK’s Conservative Manifesto Wants To Censor Internet Porn, Hate Speech, Online Bullying
UK Censorship

United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Theresa May wants to roll out a new manifesto for a post-Brexit Britain that aligns with…

Nex Machina Dev Laments Lack Of Coverage From Politically Biased Gaming Media
Nex Machina

Last generation — before Anita Sarkeesian, Jonathan McIntosh, and other pseudo-academics attempted to co-op the gaming industry by turning the…

Nintendo Switch And NES Classic Outsell PS4, Xbox One; Horizon Falls Drastically
Horizon Sales

Nintendo basically dominated the NPD charts for April, 2017. The new report from Venture Beat has Nintendo cleaning up the…

Mic Publishes SJW Tirade Against #GamerGate To Defend Mass Effect Andromeda
Mass Effect Andromeda

Mic writer Alex Borkowski recently published a tirade against #GamerGate. The article was recently published on May 17th, 2017, featuring…

The Witcher Netflix Show Announced, But CD Projekt Has No Involvement
The Witcher Netflix

Netflix has teamed up with Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski to develop a limited run streaming series for the online service…

Feminist-Themed Report Shows How Selective #GamerGate Citations Can Spread Misinformation

The Data & Society network published a report recently by Alice Marwick and Rebecca Lewis on May 15th, 2017 entitled…

Black Panther & The Crew, SJW Comic Cancelled By Marvel After Six Issues
Black Panther and The Crew

New reports have come in that Marvel’s comic book division is currently starting to clean house when it comes to…

77% Of E-Sports Fans Are Males; 61% Are Millennials
esports gender demographics

Nielsen Media’s latest U.S. Games 360 Report for 2017 sheds a lot of light on the current state of the…

Square Enix Severs Ties With Hitman Developer
Hitman IO Interactive

IO Interactive are now free agents in the development space. The Danish studio is no longer housed under the Square…

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