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XOXO Droplets Is A Comedy Dating Sim Featuring Insufferable Fops
XOXO Droplets Otome

It’s not often that a dating simulator within the Otome sub-genre decides to go out of its way to make…

Silent Voices, Romance Visual Novel About Warring Countries Lands On Kickstarter
Silent Voices Visual Novel

A psychological Otome visual novel called Silent Voices is currently seeking funds over on Kickstarter to finalize development and go…

Collar X Malice, Otome Visual Novel Arrives In North America July 28th
Collar x Malice

The PlayStation Vita visual novel from Aksys Games and Idea Factory called Collar x Malice is set to make its…

Panzermadels, Shinobi Buster Uncensored Versions Arrive On Nutaku

Several adult games in all their uncensored, not safe for work glory have launched recently on Nutaku. The company announced…

Vampire Idol, Otome Dating Sim Launches On Android
Vampire Idol

Avocado Entertainment recently launched Vampire Idol for mobile devices. The visual novel dating simulator centers around a popular boy band…

The Last Birdling, Visual Novel About Inter-Species Friendship Gets Greenlit For Steam
The Last Birdling

Developer InvertMouse recently announced that Valve has approved their visual novel, The Last Birdling, for publication on the Steam store….

NEKO-NIN exHeart Arrives On Steam; 18+ Uncensored Patch Available For Purchase

The new adult-themed visual novel from Whirlpool and Sekai Project called NEKO-NIN exHeart has officially launched on Steam for $9.99….

2064: ROM Devs Apologize To Trump Voters After Game’s Metacritic Score Tanks
2064 ROM Donald Trump

Developer MidBoss, maker of the visual novel 2064: Read Only Memories, had taken to Twitter back on January 29th, 2017…

The Last Birdling, Visual Novel About Friendship And Race Wars Lands On Greenlight
The Last Birdling

The humans and the birdlings have been at war for for a while, and the war between the races have…

Army Gals, 18+ NSFW Visual Novel Adventure Arrives On Nutaku
Army Gals Visual Novel

An 18+, NSFW visual novel adventure game from Dharker Studios called Army Gals has launched on Nutaku for $13.00. Ads…

Nightshade, Visual Novel Now Available For PC Via Steam

Folks who enjoy playing visual novels and like the story options that the genre offers will be able to find…

World Of Horror, Junji Ito-Like Game Lands On Greenlight
World of Horrors

A new mystery game that pays homage to the very grotesque yet creative horror manga artist Junji Ito, comes a…

Karmasutra, Erotic RPG About The Atferlife Lands On Nutaku Uncensored
Karmasutra Visual Novel RPG

After being crowdfunded on the adult-themed site Kimochi Redlight, the visual novel RPG from Top Hat Studios called Karmasutra has…

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