How To Play Free Web Browser Games On Xbox One

A lot of people might have a new generation home console and assume that it’s only good for playing the blood and guts, Hollywood-blockbuster, Michael-Bay-regurgitated shooter games, annual sports titles and oddball resolution mech games running at 792p on the former NSA Spybox. However, there are some interesting games that old-schoolers, families and young kids can play on the Xbox One, too; including, a bunch of web games made available, completely free, right from the comfort of the Xbox One’s dashboard.

So, in case you didn’t know, Microsoft changed a lot of their big policies this year, as far as usability and paywall effacing is concerned. The company removed the need to have to pay the Xbox Live Gold subscription fee for tertiary apps on the Xbox One (many of which were locked behind the paywall, even ones that are free on every single other device the world around… such as YouTube).

With the removal of the paywall process and the accessibility for apps like Internet Explorer made free, the Xbox One opened itself up to a plethora of possibilities, including the option to play free web games. That’s right, free web games.

More than a dozen HTML5 browser-based games are available right now via a site called They’ve been up and around for a while but not everyone may have known how to access the site or what it was about.

Simply enough, the first step in using your Xbox One to play browser games is installing Internet Explorer from the Xbox One’s app store. It’s free to download, free to install and free to use.

Once Internet Explorer is installed go ahead and open it up and press the right menu button on the Xbox One controller. This should bring up the address bar. Highlight the address bar and type this in:

After typing in the above, you should be taken to the page containing the PlayBoxie games. Many of these are free-to-access and enable you get in some quick game time, maybe in between watching TV on your TV or waiting for another AAA title to install, because we all know that it takes the Xbox One about as long to install games just the same amount of time it took an IBM PC from 1993 to load a single level from Hunter Hunted.

The sexy part about it is that you can snap PlayBoxie for dual-screen support or you can pin it to your homepage for easy access.

My favorite is still Super Breakout. Man, I used to play that game all the time way, way, way back in the day. The ability to play multiplayer just adds tons of value to the feature, too, and man it’s so easy to get stuck playing the game for hours trying to bust through some of those levels. The skill and reflexes require. Okay, okay, let’s not let nostalgia get the best of us.

If you have an Xbox One and an internet connection you can get in on the PlayBoxie games right now. Be warned, though, some games will require you to register or sign-up. The best way around this is to sign-up on PC and then put in the login information on your Xbox One when the time comes.

Need more info? Feel free to hit up the official PlayBoxie website.


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