4chan Censored From Discussing #GamerGate

Just when you think you’ve made progress here comes the Radical Justice Police to put everything back into perspective and make you realize that this is going to be one long, hard-fought battle of attrition. If that all seems vague and ambiguous, let me lay it out for you like this: The centripetal force of momentum that helps keep #GamerGate on-rails and moving, has been hit hard with censorship. I’m talking about the internet’s anonymous meeting ground, 4chan.

Things are really taking hard turns here in the gaming industry as the powers-that-be are attempting to enact silence any and every way they can. 4chan, the imageboard that allows people to post just about any and everything anonymously across various boards, has been the meeting ground for a lot of the #GamerGate initiatives after Adam Baldwin coined the term and got the ball rolling following the Internet Aristocrat’s videos.

Gamers, fans, enthusiasts and activists have been using the /v/ and /pol/ threads on 4chan to coordinate and organize efforts to bring down the gaming journalism oligarchy. The Ivory Tower must fall, but in order to do so specific plans must be enacted, this included propagating browser add-ons that auto-archive articles from websites on the black list, as well as organizing efforts through a Corruption in Journalism Facebook page. The only problem with the latter is that it’s hard to really organize anything and is more-so an information and news repository for everything happening within the #GamerGate movement.

Nevertheless, after WikiLeaks offered support to the #GamerGate movement following an embarrassing display of censorship on the side of Reddit’s administrators, things seemed to be looking up until websites and users posting anything about #GamerGate on 4chan were met with instant bans. As displayed below.

The bans have caused widespread panic amongst pro-#GamerGate advocates, as 4chan was the one place where anyone came to discuss this industry-wide issues that continue to escalate nearly a month after gaining traction due to a games journalist’s impropriety. Even developers used 4chan to show their support and affiliation with the movement, even though they were doing so under the guise of anonymity.

The censorship isn’t new, though. This has been going on since the very start, with many major websites enacting a media blackout on the situation and attempting to censor any discussion across the entire web. The procedure instantly backfired.

Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos is attempting to contact the owner of 4chan, known as Christopher “Moot” Poole, in order to find out why the sudden change of heart and why all the censorship?

Social Justice Warriors who oppose the #GamerGate movement have taken the opportunity to attack gamers and rub in the setback that the movement is facing now that the central battleground for planning and congregating has been compromised, writing the following messages on Twitter…

These attacks against gaming culture will not go unanswered. The community will continue to stay riled as they rally forces to break through the gates of censorship and get the movement the widespread mainstream coverage it deserves. The cronyism must come to an end and the fire that rises with burning passion in the hearts of gamers will not lay down and die at the feet of fascists.

Many of those who used 4chan are now migrating to The Escapists’ #GamerGate forum. As mentioned in the post below…

Right now, the Escapist is one of the last frontiers holding down the fort of the #GamerGate movement outside of Twitter. There’s also an MMO-Champion thread that’s trucking along quite well with some decent support from the moderators and is well worth checking out.

I think this whole thing is summed up rather well by one Escapist user who wrote…

“There is no reasonable explanation for why there is at this point practically only one forum on the entire Internet where this topic can be discussed. The people trying to make gamergate look unreasonable keep trying to get you to forget this, but right now, you can go to a dozen forums on the Internet, and talk about an almost infinite number of socially unacceptable things, up to and including pirating software, committing crimes, or the craziest of crazy conspiracy theories, with no censorship whatsoever. Mention this topic though, and BANNED. That is insane. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking it isn’t. Right now, it is easier to talk about ways to thwart the NSA, and commit treason, than it is to talk about accountability and ethics in the game press. Seriously, that is insane.”

It is insane and that is why those supporting the movement must move forward to get any and everyone involved.

A former games journalist came forward to offer words of wisdom to #GamerGate, with writer Oliver Campbell taking to Twitter to explain that the narrative is dictated by propaganda, writing…

“Propaganda. Think back over the past century with World War I & II. Propaganda DROVE those wars. And right now, the thing that #gamergate is fighting against, controls the narrative because they CONTROL the outlet.“


“That’s like the Axis trying to get a fair shake on American television, JUST TO USE AN EXAMPLE. This is why I recommended OTHER media for your message and starting your own blogs/journo sites; change the narrative.”


“But this isn’t a thing that can be won like a classic Anon[ymous] battle. The people you’re opposing have faces. And if all the OUTSIDE world sees is “anonymous people attacking these poor NOT-anonymous people”, you look like cyber bullies.


“You shouldn’t be afraid to put your face on the thing that you LOVE. We all love gaming, and you don’t have to hide it.”

Some people are doing just what Campbell suggested, starting a multicultural annexation to #GamerGate called #NotYourShield, which features people of color, women and those in the LGBTQ community.

Remember, the games journalists are attempting to use the suppression of facts and truth to create their own narrative; they are attempting to persuade any and all that they can to shutdown discussion in order to hide their own indiscretions and ties to corruption. For this very reason, #GamerGate cannot fail and must push through the fascists propaganda to get the word out. Once people see the truth for what it is there won’t be a cultural war… there will simply be gaming and a historical footnote about the people who tried to destroy it.

[Update: You can also join the 8chan #GamerGate threads where the admin says that there won’t be any censoring.]


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