#GamerGate: NeoGAF Owner Outs Himself With Misogynistic Behavior

Battling against sexists; fighting for equality; stomping out misogyny; quieting harassment; confronting abuse. Those idiosyncratic principles are usually what make up for what we consider to be those who fight against social injustice(s). Usually, we revere those who take a stand against the aforementioned cruelties of today’s society. However, it’s hard to dump praise on someone who purposefully goes out of their way to use “social justice” as a blanket to hide their own spiteful agendas.

If the lede feels convoluted and vague, don’t worry. I’ll fill you in.

First, you need to know what #GamerGate is. There’s a brief time-line of events in this article here. You can get caught up on most of the relevant happenings in this fast-moving social movement.

Now on to the good bits.

NeoGAF is the internet’s premiere forum board for video game industry employees, enthusiasts, fans, gamers and journalists. NeoGAF became its own entity in 2006 and is currently owned by Tyler Malka. It takes quite a while to get accepted into their fraternity, and waiting times can be anywhere from days up to several months. In short, it’s kind of a prestigious forum club for the gaming industry.

Well, in the embroiled battle over the soul of game culture, the majority of the outspoken members of the NeoGAF community have actively sided against the #GamerGate movement. Their motives are entrenched in the belief that those supporting #GamerGate are pushing a blinded, misogynistic agenda and that #GamerGaters are being manipulated by those from 4chan. This article here explains exactly what #GamerGate is about as well as adhering to how the movement originally started and who was involved (using facts, not presupposition or presumptuous conjecture).

NeoGAF has allowed for the discussion of #GamerGate on the forums, but they’re doing so with excessively strict moderation. As noted in the screenshot below.

NeoGAF has always had a reputation for handing out bans, but some believe that they have gone to the extreme since the #GamerGate movement has kicked into full gear, as evidenced in the screenshot below…

This has created a somewhat openly hostile environment toward anyone supporting the #GamerGate movement who participates in discussions on NeoGAF.

However, what’s interesting is that the owner of NeoGAF, Tyler Malka, seems to have his own issues with dealing with the opposite gender he and his site supposedly are white-knighting to protect against harassment and abuse.

After first making it known that he was against the #GamerGate movement, as evidenced in the Tweet below…

He managed to find himself pelted by those who did not agree with NeoGAF’s stance or their abrasive treatment toward anyone who didn’t align with their radical views.

In fact, Twitter user Miss Crocodile had tweeted displeasure at the whole anti-#GamerGate group, posting the following messages…

Miss Crocodile then proceeded to directly address Malka after he dismissed #GamerGate as not being about ethics in games journalism or the corruption and cronyism that has taken the industry by storm. Despite the fact that there are already substantial allegations of racketeering as well as former games journalists who have come forward to decry the state of games journalism.

Nevertheless, here’s how Malka – a supposedly avid champion for social justice, judging by the way NeoGAF is being steered in their narrative discourse – responded to Miss Crocodile [Tweet links]. [Warning for those who may be sensitive to crude and/or vulgar language.]

That’s not even the worst of it.

A blog post captured images of Malka (known on NeoGAF as “EviLore”) making crude, sexist and disparaging remarks in a conversation with a female forum member.

I’ll link the image below so you can see it in its entirety. You can judge whether or not NeoGAF has true intentions for championing feminism and true social justice advocacy for yourself.

For those who don’t want to click the link, here’s the significant statement that Malka makes in that thread…

“Sexual objectification is great. Harassment is not.”

Remember, #GamerGate has no leaders; it’s steered by pure conviction from gamers the world around to heed the gaming industry away from corruption and politically motivated agendas levied against the hobby. Consider what Malka stands for and who he is as an individual, and question how someone like that could represent equality and progressive statures when he himself is an advocate of the behavior his forum supposedly despises?