Criminal Girls Invite Only PS Vita Gameplay Walkthrough

Criminal Girls Invite Only is currently available for the PlayStation Vita. The game was the subject of a lot of controversy and continues to be the discussion amongst a lot of gamers over some of its risque material. However, if you find yourself stuck on any segment or any of the bosses too hard for your liking, there are a few walkthroughs available.

The game drew a lot of criticisms over the BDSM elements where players are required to “motivate” some of the girls by spanking them, touching them and doing the typical stuff found in most of the niche Japanese titles that would make most priests wince if you played it on the big screen at your local parish… unless, of course, they’re into the kinky stuff.

Criminal Girls

The general objective is to take control of the souls of the girls and help them get through the layers of hell and reform and revive them. This is done by defeating “convicts” throughout the various layers, all of whom are monsters of some sort.

You can check out James Limie’s walkthrough of the game. Keep in mind that there is commentary over the videos and some of the videos are still labeled as private as he updates his 45 video playlist (at the time of the publishing of this article, anyway). You can check out James’ playthrough below. If you have any trouble at all learning or understanding the game, he does a fine enough job of introducing newbies into the action.

It’s funny because the girls are in jail for crimes they haven’t yet committed. They’re sort of sitting at the bottom of hell waiting for reform to avoid ending up being the criminals they turn out to be in the future.

James Limie best sums it up when he says…

“You’ve put them in hell for thought-crime?”

The insanity of the situation is actually somewhat hilarious.

Criminal Girls

Outside of the game’s kink factor (which was severely toned down for the North American release) the gameplay is terribly crude. The combat system is one of the most rudimentary setups I’ve ever seen. Skill and tactics are pretty limited and it’s almost impossible to lose a battle if you just manage to pay attention and don’t dose off.

The main thing is that a lot of the game’s function seems to center around the whole BDSM subtext. While the feature was highly censored in the North American release, there’s a playlist of videos featuring the borderline NSFW spanking/reward mechanic compiled courtesy of Dizzy Ziddy. That poor kid had to go through the painstaking task of putting the following videos together.

The only challenge in the game is choosing the right “options” in the dialogue sequences.

Nevertheless, if you have trouble beating any of the bosses in the game, YouTuber Ricardo Cordova de la Cruz has a collection of just the game’s boss fights. So if you’re having trouble beating any of the game’s bosses you can check out the video NSFW playlist below.

Criminal Girls Invite Only is available right now in North America for the PlayStation Vita. I haven’t read any of the reviews but I doubt the review scores are anything worthwhile from critics and users alike, I mean, just judging it from the gameplay alone… it’s barely there, almost like the girls’ clothing during the “motivation” sessions.

Even still, if you’re looking for a game that puts its foot in the door of slightly perverted but then avoids stepping inside for fear of fully offending anyone, Criminal Girls Invite Only seems to be that title. It’s just enough to make you feel embarrassed playing it in public throughout the afternoon, but not enough to leave you feeling guilty playing in private until the next morning.

Need more info? Feel free to visit the game’s Official Website.



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