Tekken 7 Opening Cinematic

Bandai Namco Games dropped the official opening cinematic for the upcoming Tekken 7. There are two versions available of the opening, one in Japanese and the other in English. Most of the opening is a retread of the teaser footage we saw of the game way back when it was first announced.

The video clocks in at just under two minutes with five seconds to spare before hitting the two double-O mark. There’s nothing especially unique or eye-opening about the opening cinematic… it’s just Kazuya and Heihachi doing their thing while surrounded by a fiery volcano that’s kind of angrily going through a lava-filled menstrual cycle around them. You can check it out below courtesy of YouTuber yahiro.

With the volcano’s upset stomach working as a great backdrop to the action, it’s all just part of an underlying story about how Kazuya’s mother has to put an end to the raging Mishima destruction.

This whole angle was made known back when the game was first announced, last year.

We’ve been getting some teases and hints about the gameplay, but many of the commenters on the YouTube page for the video were psyched about the game’s story mode. It’s an interesting state of affairs.

Compared to Mortal Kombat and King of Fighters, Tekken’s story never quite came up to par. By the end of Tekken 3 things were interesting, but Tekken 4 through 6 seemed to sleep walk through events, or retread old stomping grounds. Then again, I suppose you could almost say something similar about the newer King of Fighters titles. Mortal Kombat seems to be one of the few fighting games where the story actually gets better with age.

Anyway, Tekken 7 will make a big splash this year, especially at EVO 2015, where arcade cabinets will signal its tournament presence.

Given that Namco will have to follow behind NetherRealm Studios’ Mortal Kombat X, I’m terribly curious to see which of the two fighting games will capture the attention and retention of the FGC. I guess we’ll find out as 2015 rolls on.

You can learn more about Tekken 7 by paying a visit to the official website. The game is due for release on home consoles, with rumors swirling that a PC rendition is also in the works.


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