GTA 5 Online Heist: Humane Labs Raid Walkthrough Guide

One of the GTA V online heists is the Humane Labs Raid. It’s a rank 12 heist with five different parts. It’s not an easy as you might be thinking so you’ll need to hunker down and utilize some serious teamwork to get through each segment.

There are a couple of walkthrough videos but they may require a bit of skipping through for the parts where they fail or get stuck. XpertThief’s single video that spans the likes of three and a half hours. You can check it out below.

The first part – meeting with the contact – all comes down to how you setup your defense when the FIB come to raid the contact meeting. It starts when have to meet a contact downtown to get the Humane Labs codes. When the FIB raid the meet, be sure to have a few people on the roof to cover both the alleyway and the street. A grenade launcher or rocket launcher is essential for wiping out the large groups. Someone with an assault rifle or minigun to cover the alleyway would help while someone covers the street.

The second part of the heist includes stealing the experimental 4×4 armored vehicles called the Insurgent. The vehicle is almost mirrored after the experimental armored truck from the movie Tango & Cash. It’s a standard smash-and-grab mission so just go in, snipe off the guys in the quarry and steal the vehicle.

The third part includes stealing a Hydra jump jet for its EMP. You have to commandeer a boat and take it way out to a military aircraft carrier where the Hydra is held. It’s another smash-and-grab mission.

The only difficult part is dogfighting the other fighter jets. You’ll need to do some Top Gun, Tom Cruise-style, to get out of the area. Clear out the fighters, head to the airfield where the Insurgent is kept and park it in the hangar. Only one person needs to land the Hydra successfully, so don’t worry about having everyone try to land on the runway, especially if some people are noobs and can’t fly right.

The fourth part of the Humane Labs Raid includes stealing a Valkyrie helicopter. You have to travel to the Los Santos Navel Port to get your hands on one. The Valkyrie is at a dock yard. The best way to get in is to use a smaller, armored vehicle that can barrel through and squeeze through some of the obstacles leading up to the helipad on the dock. The only thing you have to do is move in fast and grab the helicopter before reinforcements arrive. Kill the pursuing helicopters and get it back to the airfield.

You can check out an alternate playthrough courtesy of iCrazyTeddy. The entire heist clocks in at just over three hours long. Check it out below.

The fifth part of the Humane Labs Raid includes strapping the EMP to the Insurgent LAPV 4×4 and sneaking it into Humane Labs. Unfortunately you only get to use the LAPV without the turret gun for this particular mission. The difficulty of the mission comes in the form of having to sneak past all the guards. This is probably one of the harder missions since it’s like Splinter Cell. You only need to clear a path where the Insurgent needs to go, so avoid getting into firefights or alerting any of the guards or scientists.

Make sure you get the Insurgent in before the patrol vehicle exits the facility, otherwise it’ll spot the Insurgent.

In order to clear a path for the Insurgent you’ll need to synchronize your kills on the guards and scientists to avoid anyone being alerted. Additionally, take out any of the floodlights to further mask your antics. Tandem stealth kills is how you get through the segment.


As for the grand finale… you have to sneak into Humane Labs, trigger the EMP, use the night vision when the power goes out, have one team hold off the attackers using the Valkyrie and then swoop in to pick up the ground team when it’s all said and done. Sounds easy right?

The only thing you need to keep in mind is bring plenty of armor, plenty of rebreathers and plenty of snacks to replenish your health. If you have the AA-12 that will also help a ton when you’re going through the corridors of the lab.

After that you just have to survive the helicopter onslaught after escaping the lab and from there, you just have to land at the meeting point in one piece.

GTA V is available right now for the Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The PC version is due for release later this spring.


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