GTA 5 Online Heist: Prison Break Walkthrough Guide

GTA V‘s online heists have gone live and a lot of people are already loving the game. If you’re having some troubles with the prison break heist and need a bit of help getting through rather quickly (whether you have good teammates or not) there is a neat walkthrough to help you out.

GameRiot has a series of videos for the prison break walkthrough, as well as the newbie tutorial heist. The playlist for the heists is below, but if you need help with a specific part the individual videos are also available for your viewing pleasure.

There are three parts to the prison break: Get the police cruiser and steal the schedule, steal a plane and get a prison bus.

The plane isn’t that hard to get. Just pin down the guys shooting at you and have someone sneak into the hangar and grab the plane. One way to clear out the runway is to have another teammate either ram the cars out of the middle of the runway or blow them up. It’s preferable clear them out so the plane doesn’t get snagged as you try to make the escape.

The part with the bus is also pretty simple if you know how to stop it. The best way to get the bus is to pull in front of it and shoot the driver. Make sure the door to the bus isn’t blocked or obstructed in anyway, otherwise you won’t be able to get inside. Also, don’t shoot the tires or you’ll really put yourself in a really bad way.

Stealing a police cruiser is pretty easy. As showcased in the walkthrough video (playlist above, video below) you can simply dial 911 on your phone and call the cops to your location. Kill a cop; get the cruiser; lose the cops; drive to the station; get the schedule. It’s really that easy. From there you just have to torch the cop car and get back to the apartment.

Next part of the mission is more advanced and only unlocked after you complete the first three segments. It includes killing the lawyers at city hall while also killing the business partner in Richmond Hill.

It’s pretty simple – you just climb up to the roof and snipe the targets. If you really want to avoid getting killed have someone pull up an armored vehicle to block the pathway for the cops as someone runs up to grab the deposition from the lawyers.

The final part is bringing it all together.

For the final part of the mission… if you can avoid getting spotted by the guard on the left after you get into the prison, you can avoid the alarms going off early. The longer you can stealth and avoid the alarms going off, the better it’ll be for you and your teammates.

Getting Fake Walker White out of the prison is basically pick-and-roll, whack-a-mole gameplay. Go for the head, stay low, use cover and don’t go Rambo.

The final part of the mission sees you having to get into a plane after escaping in the armored truck and you have to fly up to the designated target area. As depicted in the video below.

Talk about some high-end intensity, eh?

GTA V and its online heists are available right now for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and the PS4. The PC version is a bit waylaid bit it’ll arrive… eventually.



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