GTA 5 Online Patch 1.23 Glitch Lets You Duplicate Cars

Looking for a way to duplicate cars, sell them and make unlimited cash in the recent patch 1.09 for the Xbox One and PS4 and patch 1.23 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of GTA V? Well, following the recent patches that Rockstar rolled out, some gamers have been hard at work at finding glitches that allow you to duplicate cars and sell them for some quick cash.

YouTuber RatedLive has a quick video showing how the glitch works, all contained within four miuntes. You can check it out below.

So basically, you host a solo game in GTA Online and start up the mission “Meth’d Up”. The reason the mission is suggested is because while performing the glitch you won’t get a wanted level or attract the attention of the cops. This should allow you to perform the glitch repeatedly without getting in any trouble or worrying about having to dodge cops.


What you’ll want to do is grab the Panto compact and jam it in the corner next to the dumpster just outside your garage, exactly how it’s shown in the video. The idea is that both doors will be blocked so as to allow you to instantly click inside and out of the vehicle at the press of a button.

Grab another vehicle and drive it up to the garage door but don’t actually go inside. Get out of the vehicle and then shoot the front hood until it catches fire. From there, you’ll want to get back inside of the Panto vehicle after the map flashes and it will teleport you in the garage.

You can proceed to head to the customs shop and sell the vehicle for some coin.

Of course, there’s the issue with the 45 minute wait. YouTuber MajesticHD offers a solution for the wait time by explaining how to bypass the wait. Check it out below.

The downside to the video above is that it isn’t solo.

As he mentions, though, it requires a lot of patience and proper timing. Both videos warn that it may not work the first time around, so you’ll have to repeatedly try it until you see the flash of the mini-map and then proceed to get into the Panto (or whichever other vehicle you’re trying to duplicate) until it teleports you into the garage.


Both videos also mention that while these glitches/cheats work for patch 1.09 for the Xbox One and PS4, it’s not always reliable. So the results may vary. For sure, though, the glitch seems to work quite easy for the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of the game.

I’m sure Rockstar is already hard at work on patching out the glitch as they’ve done with so many other money cheats and glitches in past updates for GTA V.


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