Princess Evangile Launches On Steam, Tackles Gender Integration Issues

So what happens when a lone boy is forced to attend an all-girl school where 99.9% of them don’t want him there? Apparently a lot of fervid gender interactions that eventually lead to licentious behavior. Because… why not?

The game recently launched on Steam, taking the form of the typical visual novel route; focusing on creating interesting story arcs and delving deep into challenging character development.

The description of the game paints a picture about reform for equality and overcoming the obstacles of gender bias, stating…

“The girls are so sheltered, that they actually run away screaming at the sight of him!
Our hero needs to befriend them if he wants to stay, but the situation’s looking grim…
The sole girl in favor of reform looks to our hero with hope in her eyes.
Thus, he must fight — to convince the few neutral parties at the school, his childhood friend… and even those who show him open disgust!”

It’s like a single moderate #GamerGater trying to have a conversation on Twitter with a hundred Aggros. How will he fare?

Moonstone Studios and MangaGamer apparently fared pretty well out of the whole ordeal because the early reviews for the game are coming in hot and heavy with Epicurean levels of fondness for the title.

Illya gleefully wrote…

“Gives me a reason to be happy when i am alone at home ;)”

Steam user Codegears was a lot less subtle about his intentions for diving deep into the bosom of interactivity offered by Princess Evangile, writing…

“Last week my girlfriend broke up with me.


“Joke’s on her, now I can have all the girlfriends I want with this game.”

I don’t know how a visual novel beats a real life girlfriend, but if the lewdness brings a lighthearted smile to Codegear’s face, who am I to get in the way of his pity-fapping?

The visual novel is rated ‘T’ for Teen but it contains sexual content, violence, humor and a bit of blood. Given the themes of the game, I’ll let you use your imagination about that last bit. I just keep thinking about Maxi or Always commercials.

Anyway, the NSFW version is available over on the official website or you can pick up a digital copy from the Steam store. The visual novel carries a fairly heavy price-tag of $34.99.


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