Zombie Army Trilogy Complete Gameplay Walkthrough
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army

One of the more bizarre games that managed to become very popular is the zombie rendition of Sniper Elite called Nazi Zombie Army. The game managed to receive additional DLC content that was also very popular, and Rebellion thought it wise to go ahead and release the previous games as a remastered edition for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC and call it Zombie Army Trilogy. If you wanted to get a few hints and tips on how to overcome some of the more difficult segments or check out a full gameplay walkthrough, a few are now up and available.

One thing definitely worth noting is that Zombie Army Trilogy definitely acts like a remastered game. A lot of the special effects look ripped right out of the early days of the Xbox 360 and PS3, and the gameplay is still the standard-fare third-person, snipe-and-walk gameplay you may have become accustomed to in the series.

The story is pretty basic – a standard zombie survival campaign with various objectives set around a zombie-infested warzone. The gameplay attached to the story is very similar to the Left 4 Dead games, with various stash points and safe zones available for players to replenish their goods and swap weapons. You can check out a full gameplay walkthrough from TheRelaxingEnd. It contains all the walkthrough parts for each of the episodes, along with the zombie horde mode extras. Check it out below.

That soundtrack seems like it comes right out of a 1980s slasher flick… I love it.

It’s light on the synth but still makes it apparent enough that you can tell the kind of era they’re trying to rekindle.

If you’re looking for a slightly alternate walkthrough, one focusing more on episode 3, you can check out Rangris’ playlist of Zombie Army Trilogy below, which includes the showdown with the final zombie boss. Check it out below.

Opposite of TheRelaxingEnd, the videos from Rangris are a bit shorter and snappier, where-as the former gives you the entire episode in one massive video, with the playlist containing hours upon hours of content. In fact, the first two videos in the first playlist will see you clocking in close to five hours worth of game time.

Anyone worried about the price of admission for the amount of content you get need not worry because there’s a ton of replay value contained in the game, assuming you’re a-okay with the basic third-person run-and-snipe gameplay. There aren’t any complex mechanics to master and maps and layouts are fairly straightforward. You can melee enemies you get too close or switch to the secondary weapon or pistol for CQC firefights.

Again, this is very similar to a World War II, third-person rendition of Left 4 Dead, where there’s a strong focus on sniping instead of spraying and praying.

The game supports up to eight players in co-op mode, and if you want a few extra pointers or visual tips on how to utilize some fast-firing sniper skills, GameKiller346 has a neat video worth watching below.

If you really want to get in on the cooperative sniper fest, be sure to pay a visit to the game’s official website to learn more, or you can pick up a digital copy for the Xbox One, PS4 or PC.


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