HuniePop Hard Mode Walkthrough

One of the more popular puzzle games with visual novel elements that is probably best categorized as a dating simulator is HuniePop, from HuniePot Studios. A very appropriate name for a game very appropriate game… for singles. Some gamers looking to conquer the title on the harder difficulty settings may be finding themselves in a bit of a pickle. Well, there’s a walkthrough for that.

Sore Thumbs Bill took on the arduous task of playing through HuniePop on hard mode. He opts to woo over each of the ladies in the game and shows exactly how gamers can win over the ladies with the wooing ways by completing puzzles and buying gifts. Check it out below. Some parts are quite obviously NSFW, so watcher beware.

The walkthrough is somewhat tedious, but the game has turned out to be extremely popular… for obvious reasons. And if you don’t know what those obvious reasons are… well, how about you just skip to part 14 at the 11:20 mark, or better yet… part 18 at the 14:29 mark. The game lives up to its overwhelmingly positive review fame.

Majority of the game is picking the right questions and doing the puzzle segments properly to excite the girls until you score… more than enough points to proceed to the next segment.

The game fuses in traditional visual novel eroge with new-school, brain-twisting puzzle solving in the form of a crude and derivative but equally addicting Bejeweled clone. Scoring enough pleasure points will put you over the top with certain women, while buying gifts and talking it out with others will net you a night of celebration.

There’s no one single trick to conquering HuniePop, but if you’re looking for the “right way” to score with the ladies in the game, Sore Thumbs Bill offers you that opportunity. He didn’t get those sore thumbs for nothing.

You can pick up a copy of HuniePop right now from over on Steam, or pay a visit to the game’s official website to learn a heck of a lot more about the game’s highly praised plot.


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