Subnautica: How To Build A Cyclops Submarine

One of the newer features in Subnautica, the really awesome deep-diving, seafaring game from Unknown Worlds. The game looks gorgeous and it’s already garnered quite a bit of popularity for its unique take on exploration and adventuring. However, if you need to know what you need to build the dual-decker Cyclops submarine there’s an easy-to-follow video featuring what you’ll need to get started.

As pointed out by YouTuber BestInSlot, once you get a blueprint for the double-decker sub you’ll need the following items to build the Cyclops:

  • 2 Copper
  • 6 Metal
  • 4 Glass
  • 2 Gold

Use the constructor to put together the items and give it a few moments and the Cyclops will be built, plopping down right in front of you. Check it out in the video below.

You can dock the Seamoth into the Cyclops by driving it underneath the Cyclops and clicking on the icon to dock the Seamoth into the bigger sub.

The whole thing is really, really, really cool. It has a sexy look to it and the sci-fi design gives it that sort of Mass Effect laboratory look with the arched curves and muted colors.

The video is a little long in the tooth, but as showcased you can build everything you need within the Cyclops to store your items, make a workbench and essentially evolve your underwater adventuring with your own sub station. You can also move some objects around to place them exactly where you want.

The game is still in Early Access and is frequently being updated. In fact, following on the sea-base release, Unknown Worlds recently added a new crash site to the game for dedicated gamers to explore. I think I like the look of this game a bit more than Stranded Deep.

If there’s one drawback it’s just that you can’t explore the ocean floor with a friend or two. Co-op would make this game gold!

You can learn more about Subnautica by paying a visit to the game’s official website. Additionally, if you want ot get in on the Early Access (though the game is still unfinished) you can pick up a copy for only $19.99 from over on the Steam store or through the Xbox Store.