Titan Souls Complete Gameplay Walkthrough
Titan Souls

One of the more talked about indie games recently released is Titan Souls from Acid Nerve. The game is hailed as a 2D, midget version of the PS2 classic Shadow of the Colossus. There’s a neat little walkthrough available that gives you a great look at how to defeat each titan fairly easy without wrecking your brain over it.

There’s a playlist available covering each of the bosses in the game. In this case the walkthrough below, from Indie Gamer News, contains commentary because it’s kind of necessary for this game. Understanding how to beat each boss and the tactics involved requires some commentary. You can check out the playlist below.

For the basics, you can shoot an arrow with the ‘X’ button. You can call the arrow back when you want.

You can roll by tapping ‘A’ or running by holding down ‘A’.

For the tutorial phase… the first boss you have to shoot the heart out of the bouncing slime boss. Once the heart is out, shoot it and kill it.

The second boss is pretty easy – with the eye. Just watch the video to see it. It’s faster to watch it than for me to write a description of it.

The third boss is a little more tricky. The ice boss – you have to get the boss to press one of the four stone tabs on the floor to light the fire up in the middle of the room. Use your arrow to shoot it through the flames to melt the ice cube and when the brain is exposed you just shoot the brain to kill it.

The final boss in the tutorial phase is pretty easy to overcome, just wait for him to strike at you and shoot the heart within his cracked chest. After defeating the boss you’ll take an elevator to access a new area and that’s where the real game starts.

For the Knight Elhanan, you have to shoot his lightning arrow, which causes him to turn into a bloody skeleton. At that point, you have to shoot him while he looks like a used tampon.

Titan Souls

For the Kaiser Mimic, just shoot him in the mouth as it attempts to smash you on the ground. That’s it.

The rolling eyeball in the lava land is also pretty simple. Just shoot it in the eye when it slows down after it hits the wall.

The spinning mace boss seems difficult, but during his spin just shoot him in the back.

For Ms. Pac-Man Lava Girl, just get her shoot the explosive ball out and then lure her near the ball so when it blows up it exposes the crystal inside. Once the crystal is exposed just shoot the crystal.

When battling the Yeti, just shoot him in the butt after he hits the wall. If you time it perfectly you’ll blast his butt during the end of his spin. Just be sure to butt blast him hard before he starts rolling and throwing snowballs again. Don’t try wrecking his rectum with an arrow by calling it back because the arrow doesn’t have enough power when coming back to annihilate his anus. Instead, wait for him to roll and hit the wall and then crack his cheeks with a quick penetrating shot to his prostrate.

For the snow block titan, just have his lasers shoot his teeth and when it gets knocked out just shoot an arrow inside. Pretty simple.

Titan Souls

Many of the following bosses have a fairly simple pattern to follow, including the boss with the two fists who have to jam on the panels that opens up his chest. Just shoot the chest to kill the titan.

For The Souls boss, just shoot him when his corporeal body is outside of the spirit body. It happens quick, but if you do it correctly you should be able to pierce him and kill him while he moves between the spirit form and his other body. Once he’s dead gain The Quickening from Highlander and then it’s time to move on.

The Vinethesis boss simply requires that you shoot it in the face and when the petal opens up, shoot it inside once again. The only trick is learning the pattern and staying alive.

For the Truth boss, just shoot the one eye that’s purple. You can fend off the other eye by shooting them as well, but only the purple eye is the real eye. Strangely, the Truth boss is simpler to deal with than the mushroom and the yeti.

Titan Souls is available right now on Steam, PS Vita and PS4. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.


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