DiRT Rally’s Let’s Play Gameplay Videos Look Intense

DiRT Rally has recently been released on Steam’s Early Access. The game has been picked up and played by various YouTubers. There have been some various gameplay sessions showcasing how the game handles with controllers, racing wheels and across the various tracks that are both thrilling to in what they have to offer and difficult to master for the drivers.

The first video comes from YouTuber Luetin09. He does a fine job of breaking down the details of the game and what it has to offer while in Early Access. It’s impressive how good the graphics look so far and oh man do I love, love, love the dust plumes coming off the turns. Check it out in the video below.

It’s a short and sweet video but we get to see a little bit of the snow effects in play, as well as the Mini Cooper taking turns like a boss. We get to see how easy it is to lose control and how difficult it is to regain it.

The video above, however, is absolutely child’s play compared to what you’ll see below in the 25 minute session from Jeff Favignano. Warning: he doesn’t mince words or curtail language for snowflakes at heart. In other words, he uses plenty of NSFW language but the video is amazing. Check it out.


Talk about righteously intense. That was a serious thrill ride. You get a feeling of that tension that Luetin mentioned in the first video. The sort of nervous, frantic micro-moments that make up for each of the rally races. That’s not to mention that those tracks are really freaking long. It’s not just a measure of skill getting through the tracks but an equal measure of patience required for it as well.

There’s also another lengthy playthrough available from Jimmy Broadbent, offering his viewpoints on the game while giving gamers plenty to soak in from Codemaster’s new racing title that slithered onto Early Access like a water snake taking a trip down your swim trunks while you take a dip in a murky swamp. Check it out below.

If that’s not enough, there’s also a really cool, three minute video benchmarking the game on the ultra settings. The video benchmark comes courtesy of Next Gen Gamer UK. It’s a little unfortunate it takes place on a muddy track so you don’t really get to see the kick-up of the dust behind the car, but it still looks gorgeous nonetheless.

There’s a very nice color tone and proper light saturation that permeates throughout the game’s visuals, giving it a more relaxed, realistic look as opposed to some of the more high-reflection, overly glossy shaders used in other games that makes everything look like plastic. See it for yourself in action with the video below.

The game is still in Early Access, as every single YouTuber has brought out above. If you’re okay with that you can pick up a copy from Steam for $34.99. If you’re not okay with paying for games in Early Access, you can still wait it out and see how the development unfolds as the game slowly moves toward a full release.

For more information on DiRT Rally you can feel free to pay a visit to the game’s official website.


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