The Witcher 3’s Launch Trailer Shows A Lot Of Skin

If you were looking for a bit of a tantalizing taste of The Witcher 3 before the game official launches on May 19th, look no further than the very titillating launch trailer featuring Geralt versus a very seductive and yet deadly vampire.

It should go without saying that anytime someone begins to undress and limbs begin to fly, the trailer is automatically going to fall within NSFW territory. You can check it out below but be warned, make sure your boss isn’t nearby to catch you watching this (unless, of course, you are the boss).

Nudity and violence aside, there’s a very interesting series of conversations that spawned from this cinematic trailer. I know, I know, it seems crazy given the nature of YouTube, but that’s exactly what happened.

A massive discussion broke out about fan-service for non-hetero gamers. This turned into a debate about whether or not CD Projekt Red should consider adding in more gay sexual content to The Witcher 3. The debate eventually turned into whether or not Geralt should be made gay, at which point most fans became incensed and told the people suggesting that to “stick with Dragon Age”.

Another interesting conversation broke out about the context of the trailer’s depiction of the Witcher versus the monster. There were some comments about how in the world of the Witcher. Someone with a Japanese name that contains characters not suited for the containment of a WordPress blog, stated…

“Do you think Geralt would have hunt her down if he wasn’t paid? Its quite clear that Geralt and the girl knew each other for a long time. Maybe they were even friends. I doubt Geralt would have done anything had she not have a price on her head. Looking at it this way, you could say that Geralt is a man that would kill his friends for gold.”

As you can imagine, there’s a whole existential debate about humans, monsters and the right to live that centered around that particular comment. Actually, many of the comments on the YouTube video are kind of thought provoking, which is unique for that platform since it’s not often known for fostering good discussion.

Anyway, The Witcher 3 is due to drop on May 19th next week for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Pre-loads are available right now for the more than 1 million people who pre-ordered the game. Early reviews are mostly positive with the exception of Arthur Gies ragging on the game because he wasn’t very fond of the boobies and butts on display… apparently not enough tattoos and piercings?


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