Hearthstone Nude Mod Becomes A Reality

Yes, everything gets a nude mod these days, even games that seem completely unlikely to have nude mods… like Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Blizzard’s popular trading card game. One gamer decided that the intense back-and-forth, turn-based gameplay wasn’t titillating enough and decided to spice things up by removing the clothing from characters on the cards.

Eddyboy from Undertow.Club let loose the latest update for the nude mod for Hearthstone, explaining…

“What I’ll try to change with it is basically turning every card possible into a NSFW version that still has a similar content to the original motive or otherwise fits the card name.
That means probably every female minion and most spells will be changed at some point. Basically it’s just for teh lulz.”

It goes without saying that the photos are NSFW and you can get sampling of what they’re like with the censored versions below.



It’s like Hearthstone: Dirty Old Man Edition.

The cards are actually recreated images of the characters from the game by various artists from around the interwebs. They make erotic art, so why not do it for Blizzard characters?

The mod is a free compilation of these works that adds a lot of sugar and spice (mostly spice) to the play arena of Hearthstone. Some users reported having some troubles running the mod, but as suggested in the installation process you’ll need to have the graphics set to medium or high. The installation process is quite easy, with EddyBoy laying out the details in a eight-step process:

  1. Do NOT unzip the zipfile you download here!
  2. If you haven’t used it yet, download Umod v1 (r44) from Downloads – texmod – Universal Modding Engine – uMod games on the fly! – Google Project Hosting
    IMPORTANT: Make sure you get the right version (uMod_v1_r44.zip). There are newer versions, but those don’t work for me, and my mod probably won’t work with them.
  3. Start uMod, click Main -> Add Game
  4. Browse to your hearthstone folder and select the Hearthstone.exe
  5. Activate “Use Global Hook” under “Main”
  6. Start Hearthstone normally (via Bnet Client)
  7. Hearthstone should now show up as running in Umod. There, Click “Open Texture/Package” and select either Whorestone 1.3.zip or Whorestone 1.3 light.zip
  8. Make sure you have your ingame Graphics options set to “medium” or “high”. It won’t work on “low”!

You can download the Umod from the Google link.

And in case you were wondering, no other people won’t see your custom decks. The mod is designed so that only the person with the mod activated will be able to see the custom cards with the scandalous designs. Although, I’m sure some of you would probably love to be able to smack your opponent with a big ‘ole NSFW card… especially while they’re playing in front of their parents.

You can also learn more about the nude mod for Blizzard’s Hearthstone by hitting up the Undertow.Club.