Tekken 7 Tournament In Japan Features $82,000 Reward

Bandai Namco Games have announced a new cash prize tournament: the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2015. Yep, with e-sports becoming a major component of the FGC and the scene growing larger and larger each year, Bandai Namco is officially stepping in with their own tournament in Japan with rewards reaching up to 10 million yen or approximately $82,000.

PSU caught wind of the news from over on the official Tekken website, where they revealed a trailer containing some new gameplay footage and the announcement that the tournament will take place around the Osaka and Tokyo areas, with the grand finals also taking place in Japan between November and December later this year.

You can check out the recently released short trailer that skims the details of the tournament, below.

It’s really cool to see the major companies step in and get involved in the FGC like this. Bandai Namco will be working with local organizers within the region to help setup the tournaments and ensure things go smoothly. It doesn’t say exactly if the event will be broadcast through Twitch or YouTube, but hopefully they set something up so gamers who can’t attend can at least see what the tournament scene looks like Japan for Tekken 7.

The game is also scheduled to make an appearance at this year’s EVO series, where the actual arcade machines will be brought in for people to play on. That should be very interesting.

Tekken 7

With Street Fighter V on the horizon and Super Smash Bros constantly surging through the scene like white powder through the nasal cavity of a young Hollywood star, it looks like the FGC and the general e-sports scene are constantly growing and expanding with their presence. So long as the SJWs don’t come in and ruin anything, I think we’ll see big things from the fighting game community over the next couple of years. Now if only SNK Playmore can pump out another award-worthy King of Fighters title.

You can learn more about the Tekken 7 tournament by visiting the official website.


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