For Honor Gameplay Video Details Combat Mechanics, Win Conditions

How do you win in Ubisoft’s upcoming For Honor? Well, if you think it’s just a standard deathmatch or another Dynasty Warriors affair, you’re a wee bit off the marker. A new video from IGN previews the win conditions for the game as well as how the combat works.

IRobotGaming spotted the video on YouTube and posted up a small story about the new gameplay elements that are discussed for the game, as well as how the competitive elements work. You can check out the seven minute video below.

The video gives us a bit more in-depth look at the way the battlefield matches play out. While Ubisoft did the typical PR spiel to explain the game it’s always better when you can see it in action without all the guardrails and cordoned off segments that are usually present during E3 demonstrations.

So first up, we see how the attacking and blocking actually works in the game. Players will have to attack or defend from high, low, left and right. Successfully counter-attacking or blocking will keep your character alive.

It’s described in the video as being similar to Fight Night – where both the analog sticks are essential in forming attacks and formulating defensive measures against attacks. They didn’t really go too far in depth but it was mentioned previously that the idea was to keep the controls as simple as possible so that it would be based more on players reacting quickly as opposed to trying to remember complex button combinations and input sequences.

As for the win conditions… it’s really cool. It’s similar to the old Star Wars: Battlefront games insofar that you have to take over all the bases and when that happens the opponents no longer have a way to respawn. Once you kill them they die for good if they have no place to respawn to. It’s definitely better than the typical deathmatch setup because it means players who may not be entirely skilled in the one-on-one combat can still utilize their wits to get bases, utilize artillery or catapults and work with the NPC infantry to help out.

So far, For Honor sounds like it’s shaping up to be a pretty cool game and I love the way the game looks. The animations are great. I can’t wait to see how the samurai and vikings play. Please Ubisoft, just don’t screw this up.


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