Homefront: The Revolution Video Previews Motorcycles And Shotguns

Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios released the full GamesCom 2015 video for Homefront: The Revolution. The video demonstrates a brief slice of gameplay featuring the open-world antics that will be present in Homefront: The Revolution, this includes a brief look at the motorcycle, remote controlled cars and some classic shotguns blasting down some baddies.

IRobotGaming spotted the video from over on the official Homefront YouTube channel. The video is only six minutes long but it offers more of a look at the gameplay over the two minute gameplay demo that was previously going around. Check it out below.

The video gives gamers an idea of how the open-ended structure of the missions work in the world of Homefront: The Revolution. Instead of having a campaign screen or a cinematic giving players express instructions on what to do and how to do it, the mission is rolled out right there within the game world. Players then have a choice on what route to take and how to execute the mission.

We see that in the one mission where they attempt to ambush the Korean convoy it’s possible to manually attack them and attempt to gain access to the vehicle, or use the already established trap, which consists of explosive barrels rolling out where players will shoot them and blow up the convoy.

It’s kind of a sexy hit-and-run style mission where it’s about making a mark and getting out before reinforcements arrive. I like the immediacy of that particular mission and the ramifications of having to react to the AI’s reaction. I really hope that’s not just some scripted segment but that the AI actually sends in reinforcements when necessary and ramps up their aggressiveness as players encroach on their bases.

Homefront: The Revolution

We also get a brief look at how the open-world can be traversed using the motorcycle. It was cool that there were these meta segments happening throughout the world but the player was on a dedicated mission so the focus was on getting to the sniper nest and taking them out. We could see that there were other convoys around and that the player-character could have stopped to lend a hand in a few segments. It reminded me of a more team-oriented version of Far Cry.

The video ends with the player storming into one of the enemy nests and blasting them down with the shotty after distracting them with a Molotov cocktail. The shotgun makes quick work of the enemy but the AI didn’t look particularly impressive in that segment, especially after the one guy eats a shotgun blast to the chest and then just stands there looking off into the distance as if he just took an LSD trip to a rainbow paradise, all while his friends burn under the fiery wrath of that cocktail,.

But it’s early goings so hopefully Dambuster will improve the AI by the time the game is ready to release next year for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Need more info on the game? Feel free to hit up the official website.


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