GTA 5 Realistic Mod Pack V1 Puts Sexy Cars All In One Pack

Modding in cars in GTA V is no longer as simple as it used to be. Not all the mods work properly and making changes can sometimes be a hassle. Well, thankfully someone decided to take all those sexy-arse, realistic cars and texture mods that beautify GTA V beyond it’s normal self, and compile them into one big, awesome mod pack.

Version 1 of the GTA V realistic mod pack has gone live courtesy of YouTuber SteamLOL. The pack contains Mustangs, Cameros, Fords, Chevies and everything else in between. You can check out a video below showing off all the cars included in the modded, courtesy of Slovakian website

Keep in mind that this mod is no laughing matter. It contains replacements for various cars in GTA V along with backups so you can easily restore the game to its original state. The car mods have been made possible thanks to a Zmodeler3 plugin and starting at the end of August model swaps were made possible in GTA V . The mod clocks in a close to 1gb, totaling 860.8mb. The mod contains 43 different vehicles, ranging from helicopters and motorcycles to SUVs and sports cars.

SteamLOL makes it known, however, that he doesn’t own any of the mods fetaured in the video above, he’s just featuring them on his channel and has a collection of them in the Mega file. However, he does credit each of the authors in a pastebin file.

You can download the realistic car pack mod from over on Mega right now.

In order to install the mod you will need to use OpenIV, the tool that allows you to import and export assets in GTA V. The latest version of OpenIV now allows for audio editing and audio exporting, so it’s completely possible to have custom car sounds for the vehicles. Expect to hear more real life engine sounds in GTA V car mods. You can download the latest version of OpenIV right here.

Unfortunately the iCEnhancer still isn’t ready so the cars don’t quite look like path traced renders… yet. Expect some advancements to be made with the shaders soon enough, though. Boris Vorontsov already released a preliminary ENB mod for GTA V so it’s just a matter of more tweaks and advancements being made before those realistic cars above look just like real life.

GTA V is available right now for PC and home consoles, but you’ll really want the PC version if you want a true and through experience that isn’t gimped by middle-of-the-road hardware. The only thing you have to watch out for is Rockstar dropping the banhammer on you for using mods in GTA Online… otherwise you’re good to go.

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