Metal Gear Solid 5 Lets You Unlock Silver, Gold Skin For Quiet

If you wanted to customize the silent sniper, Quiet, to cover up her skin a bit more and stop making your eyes play a lonely tune of guilt, you can actually alter her outfits so she’s showing less flesh-colored skin. In fact, you can unlock outfits that don her in silver and gold.

Cram Gaming posted up two videos showing off Quiet in an all silver and all gold attire, known as the Naked Silver Q and Naked Gold Q uniforms. You can unlock both uniforms by increasing your bond with Quiet and paying out a hefty 500,000 GMP. Basically, anyone who wanted to see what Metal Mario looked like with boobs, your fantasy has come true.

You can check out both outfits in the videos below from Rob Cram.


By taking Quiet out into the field and successfully completing missions with her, you can unlock new animations and raise the bond level between the two of you.

The bikini outfit really rustled a lot of jimmies because some people were really on edge about a sniper wearing a bikini out into the battlefield.

[Spoilers below]

The reason for the bikini is because Quiet can’t eat or drink like a normal person and she has to breathe and absorb nutrients through her skin. If she’s covered up then she’ll eventually suffocate… or so, that’s how it goes in the story.

[Spoilers finished]

MGSV Quiet Silver

Alternatively, there’s a Sniper Wolf outfit available for Quiet if you feel the bikini getup is just too lewd for your tastes. There’s a quick guide on how to unlock the Sniper Wolf uniform from Gearnuke. Basically you can do so by completing mission 40 and defeating Quiet. Check out the outfit in the image below.


And finally, if you’re still in the mood for some Quiet action… she has a special surprise for you on your birthday, as spotted by Twinfinite. You can check out that video below.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is available right now for the old-gen systems, the current-gen systems and for PC. So far gamers really seem to be enjoying it and games media seem to be completely hung up on Quiet’s teetering torso towers.