Sakura Swim Club Complete Walkthrough With Uncensored Patch

There’s an 18 video playlist featuring a start-to-finish playthrough of Sakura Swim Club from Winged Club and Sekai Project. The playthrough features the uncensored patch available for the game, so you get to see how some of the scenes would play out with the patch applied. Additionally, there’s a 19th video that features all of the 18+ CG pictures and sequences in Sakura Swim Club.

YouTuber iAddict00 was doing some serious work for a few gamers out there looking to snatch a look at one of the most talked about visual novels that have recently released on Steam. While the consensus is that the story and multiple choices aren’t very rich or filled with a lot of depth, there is strong agreement amongst most gamers that this is probably one of the most visually tantalizing and aesthetically engaging visual novels released to date.

The story is about a young teen who ends up meeting two beautiful young girls on a swim club. Things start out tense but eventually a budding romance takes place. The story isn’t very deep but the action is. You can check out the video series below.

Things don’t really pick up until the second video gets underway, but for the most part it’s a reading adventure with a few choose-your-own path segments sprinkled in between.

The one video that had plenty of others cheering and yelping for joy was the all-CG video, featuring the naughty sequences that helped give the visual novel such high rating on Steam.

It should go without saying that the following video is easily not safe for work and should be watched only when you feel comfortable that no one will barge into the room asking why you’re trying to fumble around with only one hand at the computer.

The game has been raking in a lot of popularity on Steam and it’s available for $9.99 on the Steam store. A lot of gamers have been wondering about the patch that adds the additional scenes to the game featured in the CG video above that were removed from the Steam version.

Well, user Sanahtlig has a complete step-by-step walkthrough on how to acquire the patch and how to apply it to the Steam version of the game to upgrade it from the censored version to the uncensored version.

You can grab the uncensored patch from over on the official Patreon page for Winged Club’s Sakura Swim Club.