How To Level Up Fast During Prydwen Quest In Fallout 4

With multiple ways to level up fast in Fallout 4 comes another method. This time around, this cheat will give you 390 to 400 plus XP depending on your intelligence, which can be initiated on the Brotherhood of Steel flying ship — Prydwen — during the Learning Curve quest.

For those that need well over 300 XP while doing a mission in under two minutes, you might want to consider doing the Learning Curve quest given to you by the Brotherhood of Steel. Now, I would consider this method of getting quick XP an exploit rather than a glitch, but whatever you want to call it this method will net you over 300 XP under two minutes.

And yes, without a doubt, this video comes from Outside The Box. This time around, the glitcher found a quest given out by the Brotherhood of Steel while inside their airship, better known as Prydwen. The quest will net players some quick XP simply by heading in between some barrels and near some rails to snipe off the designated targets assigned to you.

To start this quest — which you you can infinitely redo — head to Proctor Quinlan who will give you a mission that will have you dive into a deadly area to take out some enemies. Upon doing the alternate way, get a sniper rifle that has some good stats on it, the gun doesn’t have to be too fancy or anything, but enough to kill the targets quickly.

Once you head down the steps on the outside part of Prydwen, you should pass some steps on the side going down the cat-walk, go to the second pair of steps on the side of the pier, which will give you a nice view of your targets. Upon killing them will depend on critical damage and your sniper rifle, but it should take anywhere between two to four shots to kill them.

However, something that you should do, wait a couple of seconds in between every shot while ducking. Every time you shoot at the target it will say that you are detected, and if you shoot too often and get up, the Brotherhood of Steel will detect you. So it is advised to wait a little while when shooting at them and after you are done assassinating the targets.

To get a better peek at this method, you can watch the glitcher himself, Outside the Box, perform the Fallout 4 XP exploit in his infinite XP video.

And that’s all there is to this exploit. And lastly, if you have Idiot Savant, you will randomly gain XP from any action. The lower your intelligence is with this perk it will grant you a higher chance of gaining more XP, which should help with this exploit.


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