Metal Gear Solid 5: How To Easily Beat The Kill Count FOB Event

Konami is currently running an FOB event called “Kill Count” in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The event will run from October 27th to November 5th. Players are tasked with infiltrating a special base development platform to complete a special mission.

There’s already a video up showcasing how to infiltrate the base rather easily, avoid the guards and cameras and how to get to the exit to finish the mission in style. The video is from none other than the CBC information source during #GamerGate, LunarArchivist. Check it out below.

Basically, the only tricky part about the map is watching out for the cameras. It requires a bit of stealth and timing, but so long as you know how to exercise some patience and put the right foot forward at the right time, it shouldn’t be too difficult getting through the base to the target.

The main thing to look for are guards who overlook areas where there’s little or no cover, you’ll find yourself being exposed like boobs in a slasher flick or a dong in an all boys dormitory. The video showcases Snake staying low and keeping close to walls to minimize his appearance and presence as much as possible.

If you’re good enough you won’t even have to fire your weapon. It’s mostly about using your surroundings to your advantage. In the case with the video above, there was a brief alert period, but the guard was taken care of quicker than someone carrying a briefcase-sized clock into the airport.

Near the end of the mission can get tricky, but patience and timing is key.

The good part about this mission is that it takes place as part of an event where you only have to rely on your own skill and wits, and not have worry about dealing with hackers, cheaters and scallywags.


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