Rise Of The Tomb Raider Complete Gameplay Walkthrough
Rise of the Tomb Raider
(Last Updated On: June 26, 2016)

Crystal Dynamic’s Rise of the Tomb Raider has launched for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The PC version is set to arrive after the new year and the PS4 version is set to arrive a year from now. In the meantime, gamers who either need help getting through some of the tombs or help getting through the main campaign, can check out some complete gameplay walkthrough guides offering hints and tips on how to get through certain segments of the game.

YouTuber PlanetGamesHD has a walkthrough of the Xbox One version of Rise of the Tomb Raider, not just covering the game but many of the side-quests and missions as well. You can check out the playlist below.

The first major puzzle in the game is reading a Greek monolith in the center of a tomb, it requires reading the various murals around the room first before being able to translate it. It’s a hitn of things to come. The near entire first hour of gameplay is a string-along session to help familiarize players with the game world and gameplay mechanics.

You can use Lara’s dubstep abilities to find where to go on the map and how to access mission waypoints.

Animal hunting plays a much larger role in this game than in the previous Tomb Raider reboot. You can’t fight many of the animals head on if they’re dangerous predator types. For wolves, snow leopards, bears and other dangerous types of animals, be sure to use the poison-tipped arrows to stun, slow down or kill the animals. The wolves are especially fast in the game and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by them, so shoot the poison arrows at the ground to create some distance.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

There’s a tricky segment when you get into one of the tombs called “The Voice of God”, where you will have to deal with various counter-weights and a door. You’ll need to lower the door you entered, climb up the door and get to the other side where there’s a mural on the wall and a counter-weight dangling.

If you have the Xbox 360 version of the game RaZorUnit has a 21 video playlist that you can check out below.

After you get to the part where the mural is, break through the wall that leads back to the door you came through. Raise the door to lower the counter-weight. Head back to where the mural is and shoot an arrow to attach the counter-weight to the wench. Use the pick-axe to release the wench to cause the counter-weight to break the ice. You’ll then be able to open the door on the opposite end of the cave.

When trying to get into the temple where the door can only be accessed by the crane, there’s a tricky puzzle where you’ll need to use the bucket at the bottom of the crane to break the crane and use the broken crane to get across to the temple with the information about the Divine Source. You’ll need to push the cart down toward the bucket and align the cart with where the water is falling. Shoot an arrow at the bucket and pull it so that it begins to fill up with water. You’ll know it’s filling up when you see the water coming out the leaky holes on the sides. After it fills up enough the crane will break and it can be used to get to the doorway.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Most of the game from here on will hand-hold you through each segment and how to complete it. Just use Lara’s “Survival Instinct” ability to spot where you go next. By the time help the villagers at the tower and seek out the Atlas, after getting the grappling hook and moving through the Cliffside Lookout checkpoint, you’ll need to head to the Cathedral. However, in order to get there you’ll encounter a new type of Trinity soldier.

Some of the armored Trinity soldiers have masks that prevent them from taking forward-facing headshots. You can kill them with one shot to the head from behind. If you’re attempting stealth then bide your time and wait for them to move into position so you can sneak up from behind.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

In the section when you’re in the cathedral and Lara needs to tip the statue over, you’ll need some Greek fire vessels. To do so you’ll need to clear out the Trinity soldiers, and climb up to a section where the water runs down a small canal, there is a Greek fire vessel distributor just above the opening where the water is coming out from. Use the bow to open up the latch to release a fire vessel.

You’ll need to blow open the first barricade by letting the vessel run into it and then shooting it. You’ll need one of the vessels to fall down and blow up the support beams holding up the statue. You’ll need to release another fire vessel and attach it to the post on the side of the canal. When the vessel shifts closer to the left side, clear of the flames, then cut the rope to send the Greek fire vessel down the small waterfall and toward the statue’s support. Blow it up once it reaches the statue to knock out the support.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

You’ll also need to perform a similar task on the opposite side of the structure. There’s another latch containing the Greek fire vessels near a crane opposite of where the canal is. You’ll need to release two Greek fire vessels, and attach one to each side of the crane. You’ll then need to swing the crane around until one of the fire vessels is on the platform that leads toward the statue and its support structure. Once the fire vessel is on the platform then cut the rope and bump it to roll it down into the water toward the structure.

Near the end of the game when it’s time to fight the Deathless Ones, they’re pretty difficult to fight head on. However, explosives usually do the trick. There are plenty of Greek fire vessels around the area that can be used to lure them in and then blow them up. Additionally, the shotgun directly to the head seems to do the trick if they get too close.

On the Citadel stage, one part that could be tricky is the part with the Citadel gate and trebuchet. You’ll need to use the catapult to break down the gate, but first you’ll need to clear the front part of the trebuchet before it can be used. Simply climb up onto the trebuchet and use the crank to move it in front of the post with the rope on it. Jump across and attach the rope to the debris blocking the catapult. Go back onto the trebuchet and rotate it around to face the gate — in doing so the debris will be removed and the trebuchet can then be used to destroy the gate.

If you’re only interested in the game’s collectibles and how to find them, YouTuber Centerstrain01 has a playlist featuring a walkthrough of the game for finding the collectibles. You can check it out below.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is available right now for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. It’s going to have a tough time finding a solid sales slot with Fallout 4 on the market. Nevertheless, if you only have a PlayStation 4 you’ll have to wait until late in 2016 to get your hands on the game.

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  • Disqusted

    I got around to trying this game out over the last few days. Holy f**k it is bad. I can’t believe how bad it is.

    1. Confusing/convoluted controls.
    Why does she only sometimes go into a crouching/stealth walk? Why dd I sometimes switch between melee weapons without realizing it? Why are there two buttons for crafting? Why is there a separate button for special ammo? Why can’t I easily direct whatever light source she’s carrying?

    2. Really bad story with tons of holes, no sense of achievement.
    Feels like she keeps instantly finding undiscovered tombs, with no build-up. Her dialogue to herself is kinda annoying. She keeps constantly saying “Dad was right!” and “I wish dad could have seen this!” but it’s obvious her dad DID see everything, or else how did he know everything? And there’s no lead-in to the “trying to prove her dad correct” thing, it’s just suddenly there from the beginning.

    From what I gathered of the “Trinity” thing from the beginning, they’re some kind of Knights Templar thing that survived to present day. Can’t help but feel that’s been done, or is just cheesy, going by the name.

    It’s implied someone was in her apartment at the start, implied they got in through the window, and you expect them to still be in there, but they must have somehow left at some point.

    The whole thing with the guide being “paid better” makes no sense. Whoever was in her apartment knew where she was going. Even if they didn’t, they could have found out her destination in so many other ways. And the Prophet’s Tomb was clearly visible from the sky, and there’s even a scene where the enemy flies through it as you move through it.

    She’s still constantly getting seriously injured and doesn’t care. Loses all her gear and doesn’t care. Just immediately instantly finds a tomb instead, and doesn’t even think twice about charging in after sustaining serious injuries, with no gear and seemingly no way to contact anybody even though she’s alone in the middle of nowhere. This all just takes away from sense of survival.

    Note that I played the story for about an hour or two and didn’t encounter a single enemy or camp site. As a result, I never got to use the upgrade system, either.

    3. Not much freedom in general.
    Story is literally a linear theme park ride, trying desperately to constantly pump adrenaline into the viewer/player. There’s no sense of exploration, no build-up. Just constant OMG! OH SHIT! OMG! OH SHIT! OMG! OH SHIT! And when you do get to open areas, what you need to do next is often extremely vague.

    This is on top of requiring the player to keep entering Tomb Raider vision mode, or whatever it’s called. I couldn’t figure out how to keep that mode on, it auto turns itself off. You know a game has bad design when it needs to literally tell you where to go next constantly, and you STILL get stuck.

    And the story mode keeps locking off controls, preventing running/jumping, or forcing you to trigger traps that you could probably easily avoid if you could actually move, or even see them in the darkness. When the game wants you to jump, it’s often vague about it, and I died many times by accident.

    Her abilities are often very inconsistent, like you can only scale walls/ledges that the game wants you to, even though it often looks like you could easily get where you want to go if you could just climb the stuff right in front of you. Really frustratingly bad design.

    I tried the zombie mode and survival mode. Couldn’t figure out how to get enough resources to survive and light a signal fire in Survival Tutorial. Zombie mode required shutting down a tower in the most convoluted way I’ve ever seen/heard. “Look for a thing that may look like this or not, and it may be like this or not, if not then look for another thing that may or may not look like this, or not” and it didn’t seem to write the objectives on the screen afterwards.

    I just ignored the objectives and intentionally triggered the alarm over and over. Turns out you don’t need to do anything to shut down the tower, it magically shuts itself down if you just trigger the alarm 3 times. Bad design.

    4. Weird/loose animation blending.
    Her movements in general don’t feel tight enough. When climbing the ice stuff, you can spam cling/drop and she goes into this weird mid-air flapping thing. There’s a part in the temple where you can dive into thin air and swim in mid-air briefly.

    In general it seems very easy to break the story mode when you do stuff you’re not supposed to. The previous Tomb Raider had the same problem. Do anything that isn’t scripted, and chances are the game will break.

    5. Convoluted upgrade system.
    Looked through upgrades and didn’t see anything I actually wanted. It looked like it had some kind of hierarchial unlock system, but no tree. The order of the skills seemed really random, too. What a mess.

    At least the interface had less of that obnoxious motion-sickness inducing high tech glitching/flickering 3d rotation nonsense that felt SO out of place in the previous game.

    6. Lack of feminity (aside from her constant moaning/wheezing carrying over from the first game).
    I can’t believe she has 27 outfits and not a single one shows leg. Even a guy character would probably at least have some kind of shorts outfit, especially if you’re trekking in the middle of a hot desert somewhere.

    They can’t even say it’s to prevent her from being “objectified”, because she’s often wearing that tiny tanktop, and her pants are often tight as shit, showing off her ass.

    And the game isn’t even moddable because of Denuvo. Or maybe nobody cares. After searching, it seems like only one person started to make a nude texture hack, and then lost interest. You know a game like this sucks when people can’t be bothered modding for it.

    I keep thinking, “imagine how many more copies Tomb Raider would have sold if there was even just one sexy-ish outfit”. Western companies keep constantly going way out of their way to minimize their own sales and audience, for the sake of social justice. It’s utterly ridiculous.

    Looks nice, plays like shit, terrible story. No sense of challenge or achievement or anything. Lara still feels like an invulnerable superbeing with complete disinterest in petty aspects of basic mortal survival, but constantly moans and wheezes like a winded damsel in distress. And her face still looks both so different and generic in every iteration. Not recognizable at all.

    • I heard this game sold decently. I wonder how many people even finished it.

      White Knight sales, discounts, and lots of spamming during discounts and whatever. The platforming was at least slightly more challenging/different than Uncharted 4. Talk about a slog fest… UC4 was just a bore, and they didn’t even both with trying to blockbusterize it the way the other games were.

      You’re right about most of the other stuff, but I didn’t think the controls were that bad, just limited. You couldn’t do a lot of stuff that you should have been able to do easily. I can’t even remember, but can you blind-fire in the game? I remember there were a lot of basic things Lara just couldn’t do that frustrated me.

      The thing that really pissed me off, though, was how stiff and unacrobatic Lara was. It was one of her defining traits and they took that away, like WTF?

      And yeah her short-shorts outfit and big boobs are gone for good. It’s not feminist friendly. Funny because 9s from Nier Automata shows more boy-leg than Lara does.

      • Disqusted

        I don’t know much about Uncharted 4, but I felt bored to hell trying to go through Uncharted 1 several times and gave up.

        I don’t think you can blind fire. If you can, I didn’t figure it out. I couldn’t tell if I was actually able to crouch using the controls or not, because she would sometimes do it, and sometimes wouldn’t.

        When I wanted to craft a specific type of ammo and use it, I really had to fiddle with the controls and kept doing something else instead by accident, which is pretty annoying in a game where you’re trying to conserve resources. You could tell they were trying to be like The Last of Us, but I never had any problems with the controls or GUI in that game.

        Oh yeah, and invulnerability while slowly choking enemies in the middle of a mob of enemies is really silly.

        In Survival mode and sometimes in Story, I’d see scalable stuff that just didn’t lead anywhere, or the game would point out stuff that I couldn’t seem to interact with. Maybe they expected me to laready know how to, from somewhere in Story mode.

        Overall it didn’t feel intuitive, it didn’t feel like there was much point to giving the player control if her range of movement/actions/interactions are so limited and specific. I gave up when I couldn’t figure out the double raft/water puzzle in the tomb. It totally looked like she could just climb the damn gate. That’s where I found I could dive and swim in mid-air.

        Before that, I got stuck for a while because I saw items on the ground to collect and thought the exit was around there somewhere. Turns out I was supposed to jump onto a broken pillar on an upper floor, even though it looked like I could easily scale the wall next to the items (but couldn’t because that’s how the game is made).

        I only played some of the original Tomb Raider 1/2 and I remember getting stuck on where to go next in those games too, but at least you had freedom of exploration with random enemies lurking about, and without story crap heavily limiting the experience.

        Something else I forgot to complain about was the silly language proficiency thing. She just glances at stuff and can understand it, and you get a level up for that? She’s not even referring to documents or anything.

        A similar thing is when you gather food in Survival mode, she never actually eats it. It just magically fills her hunger meter or stocks. It’s probably the first game I’ve seen that uses food but never shows it being eaten.

        Maybe it’s just me, but I also thought it was kinda strange that the prophet soldiers decided to make a burial tomb at the site of a battle, even taking the time to paint pictures on the walls. Then again, I didn’t bother reading or listening to the story stuff in the tomb. Was already very jaded.

        Hollywood are one of the biggest virtue signalling SJW pieces of shit out there, and they didn’t mind having Angelina Jolie wearing the classic shorts outfit in the original movies. I think that proves there was never really a problem, they just created one recently.