Sakura Beach 2 Complete Walkthrough With Picture Gallery

Winged Cloud’s latest interactive visual novel is called Sakura Beach 2, it’s about a boy named Seiji who goes on vacation to meet up with some old friends and new faces. It’s less of a game and more of a reading experience with a few multiple choices tossed in to give the player some alternate endings and different story outcomes. Well, there’s a complete walkthrough guide available for Sakura Beach 2, including all of the different endings, and CG pictures in a video gallery.

Now if you’re looking for a hardcore type of adventure like Sakura Swim Club, you’re barking up the wrong tree. There’s no obscene nudity or graphic sex depicted in Sakura Beach 2. There is, however, plenty of fan-service and ecchi images to give gamers enough workout material to keep their hearts racing and their wrists shaking for hours on end.

YouTuber LudaAaGames has an impressive 17 video collection of Sakura Beach 2, going through the complete game in about four hours and 34 minutes. You can check out the full gameplay walkthrough below.

Of course, some people come for the plot, others come for the pictures. If you’re only interested in the artwork that Winged Cloud’s visual novels are known for, there is a complete video gallery featuring all of the artwork that is used in Sakura Beach 2.

LudaAaGames has an impressive 13 minute video covering just the images in the visual novel, all of which you can check out below.

Some of the images can definitely be risque, so if you plan on watching the videos at work, take note that they really do borderline at times on being not safe for work.

Of course, as mentioned, there are no actual nude pictures in the game. It’s all obscured or it comes just close enough to push the boundary without going over the top. Sakura Beach 2 is meant to titillate and tantalize, not traumatize.

Sakura Beach 2

Of course, if you want the full experience of Sakura Beach 2, the complete playlist gives gamers everything they could want to see of the game from start to finish, along with each and every single ending in the game. This includes the endings for the Harem, the Ayumi ending, the Momoko ending and the Nene ending.

Each of those endings are near the end of the playlist and start on video 12. You can check out the full playlist below.

Sakura Beach 2 is available right now in case you want to see some full-screen, HD renditions of the images and gameplay instead of a highly compressed series of pictures on YouTube.

The visual novel is available right now on Steam for $9.99. The first week of the game being released sees it discounted by 25% off the normal price. You can check it out over on the Steam store or learn more by visiting their official Patreon page.


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