Xenoblade Chronicles X Breast Slider Removed From North American Version
Xenoblade Chronicles X Boob Slider REmoved
(Last Updated On: December 3, 2017)

If you’re really into creating your own characters in RPGs and customizing them from head to toe, you might be disappointed to learn that one aspect of the character creation in Xenoblade Chronicles X has been cut from the North American version of Monolith Soft’s upcoming role-playing title.

DualShockers picked up news from a video by GameXplain that shows the difference between the North American and Japanese release of Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U. The differences between the two versions aren’t drastic, save for one under-aged character named Lin Lee no longer having the option to wear revealing bikinis and that when it’s time to customize your character you can no longer alter the chest size of the female characters. You can see the video below.

Female characters have their chest sizes fixed to around an ‘A’ cup. In the Japanese version it’s possible to shrink or enlarge the chest of the women from being completely flat to being pretty big.

The response from the community has generally been negative with a few exceptions. Nevertheless,
Vigilanteblade noted that the removal of the feature doesn’t seem fair to women who want to create characters that they feel best represent them, writing…

“I’m not sure how I feel about this. The best slider, as much as I don’t think I would have used it anyways is “technically” a removed option. What if female players actually wanted to replicate their body type? I personally don’t see the slider as sexist at all. I don’t complain that you can make males huge and buff.”


“To be fair, as a male, I also had this problem with games like XCom where all I could play was a very muscular dude. I like options, but yeah, third wave feminism is hurting gaming if it’s the effect it has on it.”

Some defenders tried to state that it was good the breast slider was removed, and that if they add a breast slider they should add a penis slider. However, there was a penis slider in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV. But that’s a false equivalence. The equivalent of a breast slider for women would be a chest slider for men… and those are usually always in a game, enabling men to either look like Bruce Lee, Jason Statham or Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. EA Sports UFC even had jiggly muscle physics for the men and women, which was obviously more evident with the men since they were wearing less than the women.

Nevertheless, these examples are usually always overlooked or ignored.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

However, not everyone is arguing about the removal of the feature on the basis of “sexism”. Some people are okay with the feature being removed because they just don’t like fan-service. UncleFriis states…

“I really fail to see what the big deal is. I want to play the game because it looks awesome, not so I can gawk at bewbs. Why would I spend 60 bucks on fan-service when I can just hop on Google Image and find hardcore porn of these characters for free? Also, to those bent out of shape that you can’t see Lin in her underwear; she’s fucking 13!”

There was actually another comment that worked as a counter to what UncleFriis pointed out. JustASubscriber wrote in reply to a similar comment about what’s so bad about censoring this kind of material…

“Because they’ll continue censoring material? Because it’s a slippery slope that will not end well? Because people have principles?”

John Wedig didn’t really mind, though, and was only concerned if it was story related content being censored, writing…

“Huh. When I heard people were so up in arms over the censorship, I thought it had to do with making the story less dark/serious or something like that. This isn’t really too big of a deal, just some understandable censorship of a character depicted as a minor and the removal of breast size augmentation, which isn’t the most important customization option anyway.”

Actually, some of the story related content was slightly altered to fit Western sensibilities. As noted in the DualShockers article, with author Giuseppe Nelva explaining how an acronym was changed from its Japanese meaning to something different for the American release…

“the meaning of the “BLADE” acronym was originally “Beyond the Logos Artficial Destiny Emancipator,” indicating the emancipation of humanity from the influence external factors like the divine (which is a common topic in the Xeno games), has been changed to a much more innocuous and generic “Builders of the Legacy After the Destruction of Earth.”

Sergio Arevalo wasn’t concerned about any of it, though, and actually stated that it was “sad” that people would even be concerned with these things, writing…

“If people are really complaining about not being able to see cleavage of a young girl or about not being able to change bust size that’s just sad”

Wrench Man, however, explained that it’s not just about the feature being removed but what it means for more features that politically correct authoritarians want censored or removed from other games as well, writing…

“It’s trivial censorship like this that REALLY makes me dislike Nintendo sometimes. All this needless censorship is utterly pathetic. I’m scared that they’re gonna censor or even remove the romance feature in Fire Emblem Fates now…”

It’s a possibility.

Speaking of Fire Emblem there was an outcry earlier this year over mistranslated dialogue in Fire Emblem: Fates regarding “gay conversion” that was covered quite extensively over at Niche Gamer.

Is it possible that they could further alter the game to suit the sensibilities of the now culturally authoritarian West? Maybe… maybe not. We’ll see.

This is all started to boil over with the rise of a new wave of political correctness here in America, with many of its figureheads affecting games from top to bottom and causing the core audience to become highly frustrated with the results.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is due for release in North America on December 4th, exclusively for the Wii U.

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