Black Desert Online: How To Hire Workers, Make Beer And Setup Nodes

Part of the appeal of Black Desert Online is in the mini-games, character micromanagement and establishment macromanagement. The latter is what this guide will cover in regards to hiring workers, setting up housing and work stations, as well as how to setup nodes and craft beer for your workers.

YouTuber Pvt Wiggles has been consistently pumping out new videos for Black Desert Online as the game moves through the closed beta phase. The videos cover a wide range of different topics in Pearl Abyss’ graphically mouth-watering MMO. One of the videos is about the workers, nodes, beer and housing. You can check it out below.

Players can hire workers at just about any time from a worker supervisor NPC in any major town. You will need to fulfill a couple of requirements in order to actually hire said workers, though.

So first up you’ll need a lodging for your workers. They can’t just work for you without any shelter or a place to sleep. So before you can purchase workers you’ll need to have a place for them to stay. It’s similar to bringing in settlers in a settlement in Fallout 4 – how they need housing in order to stay in the settlement. So yeah, you’ll need to go to the town and purchase the blue houses on the map for Lodging, which is where the NPC workers stay, a Storage unit for keeping resources and supplies, and a Work Station, which is where items are crafted. You’ll also need a Residence, which is where your player-character will stay.

Once you get the necessary housing, lodging and stations purchased, you can then head to a worker supervisor NPC and purchase your workers. Different workers have different stats and traits, as well as proficiency in some areas while lacking in others. You’ll have to carefully gauge their stats to find the worker that won’t become an expense while you’re trying to build assets. Careful, though, cycling through workers will cost you 5 energy, so don’t spend too much time being nitpicky.

Black Desert Online

If you need to acquire more workers you may need to upgrade your Lodging to house more workers. In fact, you can upgrade each building. Storage upgrades allows you to store more items. Upgrading Lodging allows more workers to stay there. Upgrading Work Stations allows for higher quality items to be crafted.

Now that you have housing and workers, you’ll need to put them to work at various nodes throughout the map. In order to send them to nodes you must first activate those nodes.

Nodes are activated by speaking to a node manager NPC. You can put an attribute point into a node point in order to access that node after speaking to a node manger NPC. You have to connect each node to the town where your workers live. This will allow the workers to travel to the nodes to perform their duties.

Additionally, you need to keep your workers fed in order to perform well in their duties. Workers can be “refreshed” by living off of beer. Yep, they’re practically medieval fantasy versions of Homer Simpson.

You can make beer by collecting potatoes. You need to collect potatoes from farms. In order to collect potatoes you’ll need to purchase a hoe… and no, it doesn’t mean you’ll become a pimp. You need the other hoe… for farming. You’ll have to purchase one from a tool vendor.

Black Desert Online - Cooking Supplies

Beer requires a cooking utensil to brew the beer by placing the utensil down in your Work Station. You’ll also need ingredients to make it.

To craft beer, it requires: 5 potatoes. 2 leavening agents. 1 sugar and 6 water.

Click on the worker icon at the top left hand corner of the screen and when your workers are getting fatigued just refresh them with some nice brewed beer. That’s how you keep your slav– ehh, workers well fed and working hard.

Black Desert Online is currently undergoing closed beta testing in the West. You can keep an eye on the official website for news about the official open beta test.


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