Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Topic Censored By Forum Mod Because SJWs Are Marginalized
Dead or Alive 3 Xtreme Censored Due To SJWs

Across the gaming sphere various websites, chat portals, discussion boards and forums have been rallying in support of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 after Koei Tecmo revealed that it wasn’t coming to the West due to all the inflammatory gender politics invading the media at the moment. Well, some moderators are not even allowing people to do that.

One group on the Phantasy Star Online World forum wanted to show their support for Koei Tecmo by rallying and organizing ways to get the word out about the title by not coming to the West due to the increased hostilities aimed at developers who don’t kowtow to their sociopolitical stance shared by the colloquially named “Social Justice Warriors”. These same individuals dominate Western media outlets and will not hesitate to run smear campaigns against those who don’t share their political ideology.

Well user Chidori posted the following message on the PSO World forums in regards to the game not coming to the West, writing…

“[Unfortunately] because of feminazis and SJW’s (Social Justice Warriors) we might not get this game to come to the west


“This is a mistake. The puritan sensationalists are nothing but a self-glorified cabal of bullies and narcissists who are vastly outnumbered by their critics, most of whom are core gamers. The idea that any game should be withheld from its audience because of fear of depicting the female body is so outrageous that it should be called out and challenged wherever it is condoned, lest we give ground to the hackneyed pearl-clutchers who would put the world in a bottle if they had the power to.


“[…] I cannot accept this. I won’t live in a world where the comfort and happiness of a human being can be so effortlessly taken away from them by outside influences. For our lives and our hometowns, we must resist. Please, help us bring joy back to our industry and to our hobby.”

The topic was filled with those rallying in support of Koei Tecmo with a link to the petition.

Most linked to videos by AlphaOmegaSin and ReviewTechUSA, decrying the Social Justice Warriors as “bullies”.

The thread was picking up steady steam until it was cut short by a mod who felt as if Social Justice Warriors and Feminists are marginalized groups and “attacking” them and saying mean things about them are not allowed on the Phantasy Star Online World forums.

The mod, who goes by the handle of Outrider, posted the following message before closing the thread…

“Just to make sure we’re clear here: PSOW is a safe space. We don’t tolerate behavior that’s meant to ostracize people, especially those who are already given unequal treatment within places such as the gaming community. Complaining about feminists or SJWs? Not acceptable.


“If this were a thread about how much people love the Dead or Alive games or a mature discussion about the way sexuality is portrayed in games, it would be fine. It was neither of those things. Turning it into a bash fest while using terms popularized by a literal hate group in an attempt to mock marginalized groups? Not okay.”

This kind of behavior is not uncommon. Recently the Anime News Network forums underwent a certain kind of authoritarian promulgation where the mod stated that users weren’t even allowed to use the acronym “SJW” or the phrase “Social Justice Warrior”. According to the mod at Anime News Network, Social Justice Warriors don’t exist… they’re just a “boogeyman” created as a way to say “people I disagree with”. Another similar thing happened when gamers complained about the censorship in Blade & Soul, which prompted the moderators to shutdown discussion about the topic.

Outrider, however, believes that Social Justice Warriors do exist and that they should not be maligned or attacked or derided in any way, writing…

“You can disagree with people who want a larger focus on social issues or who dislike content based on problematic content, but they have every right to be here. If you want all your games to be full of nearly-naked porcelain doll ladies playing volleyball, you’re also welcome (though that is a weirdly specific thing to want for all of your games. Maybe try playing a puzzle game or something?)


“(ALSO: if you’re going to try to latch onto such an obviously false story like the one about DOAX3 being blocked by “the SJWs” [insert spooky ghost sounds here], maybe spend the five minutes it takes to confirm that the reason it isn’t being published in the US is because nobody actually cares about the game enough to buy it, much less complain about its weird attempts at sexuality?)


“This thread is closed.”

Outrider is factually incorrect according to rough approximations from VGChartz, which indicate that Dead or Alive Xtreme and Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 both sold more in America than in Japan. So people do care.

Nevertheless, this kind of “wrong-think”-accusation has been prevalent in many gaming communities as of late. It was practiced heavily during the beginnings of #GamerGate over at Kotaku and Polygon, but spread rapidly to sites like Giant Bomb, Ars Technica, Engadget and other Gawker outlets. Unsurprisingly enough, it was majority of the sites who were on the Game Journo Pros list.

The interesting thing about this scenario is that no one was arguing with anyone in the actual thread. It was a rally thread and one to prompt for awareness of why a game was not coming to the West.

According to Outrider, he dictates that forum users are no longer allowed to think negatively about “Social Justice Warriors”, writing…

“If you want to keep complaining about feminists (read: people who want women to be portrayed the same as men) or “SJWs” (read: people who think things maybe shouldn’t be so sexist/racist/etc.), you’ve got two options:


“1.) Wise up and stop complaining about people trying to drag popular video games into the 21st century. Accept that maybe, just maybe, the fact that people want better representation in games doesn’t somehow mean you’re going to lose your sexy anime games, it just means that maybe there will be more games for other people. Deal with the fact that it’s possible some games you love have problematic content (and that it’s still possible to enjoy the game while also acknowledging its problems).


“2.) Wait an hour and then try to do the above again.”

Perhaps there isn’t a problem with a game like Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 anymore than there’s a problem with Otome visual novels like The Men of Yoshiwara, which is about a romance fantasy involving male prostitutes. It seems contradictory and hypocritical to lambast one side of the argument and praise the other for doing the same thing.

Anyway, if you want to help push for supporting the fight to bring Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 to the West, and a fight against the censorship that the Social Justice Warriors want to instate, you won’t be able to do it on the PSO World forums.

The game is available for pre-order via import-only through e-tailers like Play-Asia.

Big thanks to CG Saturation for the news tip.


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