Fallout 4 Mod Lets You Play As Jennifer Lawrence

Modders love adding things to games that otherwise would never be included based on the original development roadmap… such as game-breaking nukes, giant dinosaurs or the ability to fly around like Superman. All of that is possible in a game like Fallout 4. Other modders decide to bring more realistic elements into the game, like mod that allows you play as a nude Jennifer Lawrence.

Yes, the same J-Law from The Hunger Games and the blockbuster X-Men movies can be playable in Fallout 4. Nexus Mod user St0nemason took it upon himself to set about the taxing task of bringing Jennifer Lawrence, the Hollywood star, into the world of Fallout 4 via the character creation utility to make a decently crafted 3D rendition of the actress. Check out the image below to see how the character looks.

Fallout 4 - Jennifer Lawrence

I can only see some slight similarities to the real-life counterpart of the thespian, but the fugliness of Fallout 4‘s graphics kind of masks the potential realism of the face.

Nevertheless, making the popular sweetheart of America wasn’t done just using the basic character creation utility in Fallout 4. St0nemason took the time to do so using the CBBE female body conversion mod for Fallout 4, also known as Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer.

The CBBE modification allowed for Jennifer Lawrence to be captured in Fallout 4 with all her curves intact. I’m sure St0nemason used a lot of pictures on the internet to get every inch right. I’m sure some of those images from The Fappening leaked onto 4chan really came in handy to help with the late-night research sessions.

You can get a brief glimpse of how she looks below, fully figured. The uncensored version of the Jennifer Lawrence pictures are in the 18+ Flickr folder. It’s obviously NSFW.

(In)conveniently enough there are no full figured photos of the Jennifer Lawrence mod with clothes on. The screenshots aren’t afraid of nudity and that’s the only way to see her from top to bottom. So you’ll just have to judge from the images in the folder if she fits what you imagined her to look like.

Additionally, modders have been making more of the Fallout 4 female outfits compatible with the CBBE mod so you can get the most out of the different female body builds and all the different clothes featured in the game. That means armor can be thin, sculpted for bodybuilders or designed to fit around fat characters.

You can download the Jennifer Lawrence save file right now from over on Nexus Mods. I imagine St0nemason will be getting a lot of traction out of that save file.


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