Just Cause 3 Cheat Trainer Features Infinite Tethers, Bullet Time
Just Cause 3
(Last Updated On: June 19, 2016)

Cheat trainers are available a dime a dozen. A lot of them work, some of them don’t. In the case of Just Cause 3, after one of the most anticipated cheat trainers fizzled out like a Pepsi locked in a dry cabinet for a couple of months, a new cheat trainer appeared that allowed for even more destructive, creative and silly antics, including being able to use infinite tethers and slow the down the game with bullet time.

YouTuber RGAMEZ spotted the newest updated trainer for Avalanche Studios’ open-world action game, featuring the ability to add infinite health, infinite ammo, no reloading, no recoil, rapid fire, and lots more. You can see how the trainer works in action with the video below.

A word of warning: If you connect more than 10 tethers to an object on the screen at once, you will start to see graphical glitches and artifacts appear. As pointed out in the video around the minute mark, you can see the screen start to flicker and some object artifacts begin to appear.

The video also gives gamers a look at how the infinite vehicle health works, but only cars are affected. So if you plan on using planes, trains and boats to do something that would require infinite health… you might want to switch those plans up the way the Obama administration switched up the whole free health care plan.

Just Cause 3

The controls for the cheat trainer are below.

Num1 – Inf. Health
Num2 – Inf. Ammo
Num3 – No Reload
Num4 – Inf. Explosives
Num5 – Super Accuracy
Num6 – No Recoil
Num7 – Rapid Fire
Num8 – +10000 Challenge Times
Num9 – Freeze Challenge Timer
Num0 – One Hit Kill
Num . – Inf. Tether
Num + – Inf. Oxygen
Num – – Inf. Vehicle Health
PageUp – Super Speed
PageDown – Bullet Time
HOME – Disable All.

You can download the trainer made available from FLiNG at the Chinese gaming hub 3DMGame by downloading the 15+ trainer from over on the Filehosting website. It’s only half a megabyte large so you don’t have to worry about making room or clearing anything out to get it to run.

Sadly the trainer is only available for PC gamers, so if you’re hoping to cheat on the PS4 and Xbox One as bad as Bush did during the 2004 elections… well, tough luck.

Just Cause 3 is available right now for home consoles and PC.

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