Sakura Santa Video Unlocks All The Naughty CG Images

Winged Cloud and MangaGamer’s Sakura Santa continues the tradition of the ecchi-style visual novel. It’s light on story, heavy on visual plot, and contains lots of naughty but teen-friendly images of the three main female characters in the game.

There’s a video from YouTuber MR Gaming that contains all the CG images for Sakura Santa. It’s a three and a half minute long video featuring each of the scenes. And despite some community complaints about Sakura Santa, it’s still a visual novel that seems to be getting a lot of attention despite the weak story and recycled character dynamics. You can check out the images in 1080p HD below. They’re very much not safe for work.

Players assume the role of a lonely kid named Koji who makes a wish at the local shrine to have someone special to spend Christmas with. Cue the three hotties featured in the video above, all willing to offer Koji some warm holiday cheer.

Now if you actually are interested in the game’s plot beyond the skimpy attire some of the characters don, there is a complete gameplay walkthrough of Sakura Santa provided by YouTuber Fatal Ferret. He offers up a five video playlist of the visual novel from start to finish that you can check out below. I mean… that’s assuming you want a bit of context for the risque images above.

Despite the game’s dedicated fandom and Winged Cloud’s positive review ranking on Steam, there are parts of the community who are no longer as enthralled with the panty shots and polished pompoms on the posh pretties featured in visual novels.

What happened? Well, even though some gamers still can’t stop thinking with the wrong side of their head, others have realized that a lot of Winged Cloud’s Sakura titles aren’t that good. The plot is shoddy, the characters are shallow and the themes are all kind of recycled. The only thing that keeps gamers coming back are the well drawn CG images.

Sakura Santa

Ultimately, Winged Cloud’s fans want something more than just shallow stories. They’re starting to feel as if the developers are just cashing in on a quick buck. There are some developers out there who take visual novels very seriously and offer long, winding stories with complex characters and unpredictable plots.

Nevertheless, some people don’t need a whole lot to get invested in some fanciful images on-screen. In the case of MangaGamer and Winged Cloud, the offerings they’re putting out in the Sakura franchise appears to be enough to win over gamers willing to keep the whole venture profitable.

If you want Sakura Santa, you can pick up a digital copy of the game from the Steam store for $9.99. There is no uncensored, 18+ version of the game (so far) so you’ll just have to settle for the images depicted in the videos above.


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