Censorship Watch Steam Curator Highlights Censorship In PC Games

Censorship in gaming is one of the facets that #GamerGate rallied against – or rather, it was more-so for the developers to have freedom of expression without being pressured into altering their art at the behest of cultural critics. Well, there are two new Steam curation groups that point out cases of censorship in PC games.

Kotaku in Action recently pointed to two new groups that monitor censorship on Steam. The first group is called Censorship Watch, and the second group is called Cut-Content Police. Both of the curators were made based on inspiration from John “TotalBiscuit” Bain’s The Framerate Police, which is a pro-consumer group that informs gamers about whether or not a game has a 30fps hard-lock.

The Cut-Content Police is described as the following…

“This Curator is made with the sole intention of warning users of games that have been in some way censored due to cut, edited, changed, or overall modified content that is not simply a change in vision.”

They have 23 games in the list, as of the writing of this article, and a description of what’s been cut and how it affects the game.

Censorship Watch is slightly newer than the Cut-Content Police, but their goal is still the same. Their slogan is a lot simpler than the Cut-Content Police, which simply reads “against games that have been censored”.

Both groups have descriptions of cut content that I didn’t even know was cut in some games. It’s amazing to learn about what was removed or why. Games like Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII make the cut, along with Cho Dengeki Stryker and regulars like HuniePop and Loren The Amazon Princess.

I’m also kind of shocked about the game Cinderella Escape managing to escape with an R12 rating after reading about what was featured in the game. I completely missed Cinderella Escape when it launched back in mid-November of 2015. It was pretty under the radar.

Heck you can get a glimpse of some of Cinderalla Escape’s content in the video below from KKWX. I think you could label the following video as NSFW.

Some 12-year-old is going to go ask his mom why Cinderella has a ballgag in her mouth, and his mom is going to have to explain to him not to go into mommy and daddy’s role-play chest.

Anyway, these groups will help gamers find out what games have been censored and why. To the common games media that controls what most people know, they don’t consider any of the games on the lists as being censored… they call it “localization”.

You can join the curators and help bring more awareness to what’s censored by joining Censorship Watch and the Cut-Content Police.


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