Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Owner Mode Reveals Bedroom Antics And Bikini Swapping

A new trailer for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 takes a look at the voyeuristic Owner Mode, where players will watch the girls on Zack Island work, play, frolic and get comfortable in their own private living quarters.

If I had posted this article a few hours earlier it would have been a trifecta of thirstiness that would have complimented the Dragon’s Dogma nude mod and Street Fighter V alternate garbs that dropped all sorts of upskirt shots, panty shots and more underboob than an aerobics workout video from the 1980s.

Nevertheless, this news is a day late to the thirsty party but it still brings in plenty of fan-service to satisfy eager gamers. Gaming Conviction spotted the new trailer that was aired during a Koei Tecmo live-stream. You can check out the video below that was posted up on the Gematsu YouTube channel.

Essentially, in the Owner Mode gamers will have to manage Zack Island – the exotic getaway retreat that only the girls of DoA were allowed to visit. So how does the management work? Well, they reveal some of the features in the trailer, such as watching the girls work or relax. It will be the job of players to ensure that they stay satisfied to make them happy and unlock new treats and goodies.

I’m not entirely sure what working does or how it advances the game, but at the end of the day it’s possible for players to visit the girls while they’re in the bedroom. And if that isn’t enough, you can shower them with your gifts… actual gifts. You purchase said gifts and give them to the selected character, and it can either raise or lower your affinity with the selected girl. If you have high enough affinity or the girl is “Satisfied” enough, she’ll even change outfits right there while you’re in the bedroom.


Depending on whether or not the character likes the outfit or item you get for them will determine how you make progress with that character.

There’s also a photo mode where you can pick the girl you want, the outfit you want and the location and snap photos to your delight.

According to Gematsu there’s also a Soft Engine Lite feature on the PS Vita that allows gamers to “flick” and “pinch” at the girls. Flicking allows players to blow up their skirts or sway their boobs, where-as pinch allows gamers to squeeze the character’s boobs together. Yeah… they went there.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 won’t be coming to America. The game will be available through import site You can expect the game to release on March 24th in Japan for the PS4 and PS Vita.


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